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What Is Tenacity?

Tenacity, like patience, has never been my strongest suit.

One of the keys to succeeding at reaching the destination of any given path, though, is tenacious resolve.

What does it mean to have tenacity?  It is best described as the ability to stick-to whatever you are trying to make happen.  I often picture this as a dog with her jaws fastened to a stick she just will not relinquish.  She would rather hold onto it then let it go, even to be thrown.  That is tenacious resolve.

TenacityIn the steps of conscious reality creation (thought, feeling and action), tenacity is particularly important to feeling.  This is where unwavering resolve in feeling the desired goal, as though it is already complete, is so incredibly important.

Most of the great inventors who have changed the world had a singular vision.  They saw the thing they wanted to create.  Maybe they knew how it could come about, but likely they didn’t.  Still, they believed.  They felt it in their soul as being real.  Nothing would derail them from their feeling that they could make their invention happen.  That’s what it is all about.

Manifestation of anything we desire begins with thought.  I have this idea.  Then, we have to give that thought feeling.  It feels amazing to see this idea become reality.  Having the idea in my possession improves my lifeThis idea makes me happy.  Yes, the initial feeling is going to likely look ahead.  But visceral feelings in the here-and-now are how we consciously create reality and make the idea manifest.

From the thought and feeling there will be intentional action.  I am making a list of all the cool things the idea, manifested, will let into my life or I am inspired to take this action for the idea.

Tenacity is the difference between “Try” and “Do”.

How often do I refer to this quote from Yoda?  “Try not…do, or do not…there is no try!”  The reason Yoda tells Like this is because he needs to fully believe in no other outcome but what he is aiming for.  To mentally prepare to try can leave room for doubt.  Try is soft, and opens us up to letting go.  Well, I tried becomes an excuse to quit.

Doing is much more solid.  I did it is a bold, solid statement.  Even if it takes multiple attempts, I did it a dozen times before I got it done is still completion.

Even if, at the conclusion, you didn’t get the end result you intended, you did the thing.  Failure still teaches.  Yoda states this rather plainly, too.  “The greatest teacher, failure is.”  Often we learn more from failing than we do from succeeding.

How does that work?  When I started working after college, over my career I have worked for a lot of different companies.  In multiple instances, I watched them make mistakes and do things poorly, so I was unsurprised when they failed.  It is my belief that I learned more about how to run a business and manage people by seeing how NOT to run a business and mange people.  Those failures were excellent teachers.

Still, for a long time I continued to bounce from job to job.  Often something about a given job just wasn’t the right fit for me.  I recognized that I should probably be my own boss.

Over the years I played with numerous business ideas.  I even started a small business for a multitude of small business consulting options.  I can come up with a lot of reason why it didn’t work out, but the truth is – I lacked the tenacity.

Tenacity gets the job done.

Because I didn’t give my business the attention it deserved, it didn’t go anywhere.  It didn’t fail, it just didn’t do anything.  I had a job here and there, but I didn’t push.  There was some attempts to promote and market myself, but in truth all I can say here is that I tried.  And because that was all the energy I gave this idea, and I didn’t just DO for my business, it faded out.

It has now been six years since I began Pathwalking.  This has caused some very positive changes in my life.  Yet I am still not exactly where I want to be.  Why?  Tenacity.  I try a lot, but I don’t do as frequently.  This inaction keeps me where I am…not quite where I want to be.

I have the thought.  I know how it should feel.  That is where I get stuck.  Sometimes this is self-sabotage, rooted in my long-time fear of abandonment due to success or failure.  There are times I lack the necessary ambition to push when I know that I should.  There are as many excuses as drops of water in the ocean, but the truth is I need more tenacity.

To that end, I am blogging here three times a week, and have redesigned the concept of the entire blog.  Every other week I am writing up some sort of blog post to my author website, too.  Still, I could be writing more than I am, and researching options to better promote and sell my novels.  This is where I need to work on being more tenacious.

If I am going to walk the path to becoming a best-selling author, I know what I need to do.

No room for doubt, be tenacious!

Recently, I completed a 21 day course from Jen Sincero for changing a habit.  As she points out, 80% of the people who pay for such a course do not complete it.  Why?  They do not use their tenacity to see it through.

Pathwalking to achieve conscious reality creation requires a lot of stick-to-itiveness, or rather, tenacity.  Recognizing this, I can see what more I need to do to manifest my desires.  I know where I need to focus my feelings with more willfulness.

I am writer.  Which means that I need to work on everything that will hone my craft.  Tenaciously.

What have you pursued tenaciously?


This is the three-hundred-seventeenth entry in my series. These weekly posts are ideas for, and my personal experiences with, walking along the path of life.  I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.

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What Am I Thinking?

I am always thinking.  But then, really, who isn’t?

Our entire reality as we perceive it is based on thought.  We see this life in our own, individual ways, which differ as they do because of our thinking.

ThinkingWhile it’s true that at our core, we are all energy, and thus all the same, as I have been writing about this week both in Positivity and Pathwalking, how we think defines our individuality.  Not simply what we think, but how we think.  And this is the single most variable thing between me, you, those people, and the often referenced “them” and “they.”

It’s not just a matter of the what of our thoughts.  That’s complicated enough as it is.  HOW we think, the manner in which we begin our thought process, is dramatically different.

Take clouds for example.  I might look up in the sky, see a triangular cloud, and think, oooo, Star Destroyer.  You might see the same cloud and think, cool, racing horse and rider.  Another person might see race car raising dust behind it.  Someone is going to see it and think, huh, cumulous. Same cloud, completely different perspectives on it.

This is where the difference between conscious and subconscious thought comes into play.  When we are more aware in the here-and-now, we become conscious.  Once we are conscious, we are more aware, and being aware we can take control of our thinking.

The subconscious also is built on thought.  In some respects it’s easier to let the subconscious do the driving.  Unfortunately, when we do, often we will find dissatisfaction in where we are, because we didn’t do all we could to control that.

Is conscious thinking harder to do than subconscious thought?

Simple answer – no.  More complex answer, and given my deep and abiding love for all things Star Wars, let’s borrow a quote from Yoda.  It was about the Dark Side, but it also could be applied to subconscious thinking.  Luke asks, “Is the dark side stronger?”  Yoda replies, “No.  Quicker.  Easier.  More seductive.”  Subconscious thought is just like that.  More seductive, simply because it is easier to just fall into the pattern and routine of the subconscious.

We do more subconsciously than consciously.  Breathing, blinking, swallowing, etc.  Thinking also happens subconsciously, because we are always thinking.  Conscious reality creation is a matter of choosing how we think.

I am at an interesting place in my life right now.  I know what I want to be doing.  Crossing the bridges between the worlds I live in and the worlds I create is important to me.  I am aware of my own tendencies to self-sabotage, get in my own way, and let completely intangible fears derail me.

When I was almost five years old, Star Wars came out.  Yes, I know it’s now referred to as Episode IV – A New Hope – but it was and probably always will be The Original Star Wars for me.  There are a lot of missing memories from my childhood, but I remember watching that Corellian Corvette flying past, pursued by a Star Destroyer, lasers blazing back and forth.  I was instantly hooked.

To some degree, Star Wars inspired me to become a writer.  I spent a lot of hours creating my own adventures for the heroes of the Rebellion in my backyard with my action figures.  From there, I began to create my own original stories, and my love of science fiction and fantasy blossomed.

I am always thinking of new story ideas.

There is a near-constant stream of characters, starships, swords, sorcery and ideas careening through my thoughts.  When I went on my first hike through Sedona, I took pictures of rock formations that instantly sent my brain to fantasy worlds or far-away planets.  One of the things I most love about a good hike in general is discovering unusual landscapes to inspire me.

With the completion of my recent move, I uncovered my old journals.  I started keeping a paper journal in 1992.  There are eight books full of my thoughts.  Some are pretty interesting, and some are just reflections of my struggles with depression.  Physical journaling gave way to LiveJournal, some of which I began to share, some of which was kept private.  Then I created this blog, and almost six years ago began weekly posts with the creation of Pathwalking.

While to some degree I write these things for my own edification, I also share them because I know I am not the only one thinking in these ways.  The how of our thought processes are different, of course.  Many of the actual thoughts are dissimilar…but if you are seeking to be more empowered, and to consciously create reality, then we’re going in similar directions.

It is all too easy to get discouraged.  Let’s face it, these are chaotic, surreal, frequently distressing times we live in.  Yet on the other side, there is unbelievable possibility.  We are capable of manifesting incredible things.  To do so, we have to be aware of how we are thinking.

We can control only our own thinking.

The single most important thing to remember about the idea of thought is that we can only control our own thinking.  We cannot think for anyone else.  We can tell people how to think, but they will only do so by their own choice.

So why bother sharing my thought processes with you?  I am striving to empower myself to manifest a better reality.  My belief that Consciousness Creates Reality is strong, and how I am thinking is constantly testing it.  I share because I know I am not alone with these challenges, testing my steps.  Maybe in sharing the journey, I can help you on yours.

We are always thinking.  Consciously or subconsciously.  If Consciousness Creates Reality, then we need to be more aware of how and what we are thinking.  Conscious thinking gives us more control, and with control we can manifest almost anything.  That’s what I am striving for.

As always, thank you for crossing the bridges between my worlds with me.


This is the sixty-fourth entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

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Positivity: The Future is Not Yet Written

The future is not yet written.

This is one of the most amazing, positive truths we can face.  Why?  Because it means that everything is still negotiable, and that even if we find ourselves on a less-than-desirable course, we can change it.

It is easy to get caught up in believing that the future is set in stone.  Lots of people work very hard to sell you on the notion that there are limited possibilities for the future, and that we have to accept the limitations associated with that.  Yet it’s totally not the truth, because the future is still ahead of us.


Always in motion is the future,” Yoda told us.  Because there are nearly endless possibilities for that which is coming up in our lives, this is totally the truth.

Because most of us are not so good at living in the now, we are constantly looking to the future.  We see where things are heading based on society, politics, world situations, and sometimes even vague and utterly untenable omens, signs and prophecies.  We keep looking ahead, thinking forward, and building expectations for the future based on frankly limited notions or ideas that are by no means set in stone.

Today we may find ourselves in situations we’d rather not be in, some within our control, some not.  We can only do so much to change the politics of the nation, and there is nothing we can do that will change how other people think, feel and act.  We can, however, choose for ourselves if we want to face a future of negativity or positivity, so why do we get so focused on futures we do not want?

Consciousness creates reality.  The Law of Attraction is clear: Think and get emotional about terrible things, horrible futures and that which you do not want and guess what you will get from that?  Prepare to be disappointed, because that is what you are expecting.  We all have the ability to choose what we focus on, and to work on seeing positive possibilities for ourselves in the now, and from there to develop a desirable future.

Today the world is full of division, fear-mongers, hatred, selfish leaders, greed and corruption dominating the conversation.  The future is not yet written, tomorrow we might be visited by aliens from across the galaxy who rid us of these awful things and cure all of our diseases and end poverty and take us to see worlds beyond our imagination.  It’s possible, because the future is not yet written.


The future is not yet written.  This is an excellent thing!

Finding positivity is not hard, but it does require action.  Knowing that the future is not yet written, you can work in the here and now to create something amazing.  When we recognize that the future is not yet written, we can take control of our here and now to build the best future possible, and in doing that we empower ourselves.  When we feel empowered, we often spread that feeling to others around us, and as such can build more positive feelings in the collective consciousness.  We can use the positive feelings this generates to dissolve negative feelings.  When we take away negative feelings, we open up space to let in positive feelings, and that is something we can be grateful for.  Gratitude leads to happiness.  Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the one hundred sixty-second entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.

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