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Explorations of Conscious Reality Creation and Other Matters


Welcome to the Ramblings of the Titanium Don.  I am MJ Blehart.  As a kid I put pen to paper regularly.  I began writing fiction when I was 9.  Tech changed, I changed…now it’s fingers to keyboard.

I am a thinker.  I am a dreamer.  Here I share my thoughts and dreams, and hope I might even inspire.  Or, better yet, cause YOU to think and dream!  There are too many powers-that-be that would prefer we NOT think, we not question, we not observe.  I believe that we need to empower ourselves, and remember to keep learning.

Consciousness Creates Reality

I believe that Consciousness Creates Reality.  What that means is that we have the power to make our lives into whatever we believe we can.  Three times a week I explore this.  On Mondays I offer some much needed Positivity and the empowerment we can derive from it.  Wednesdays, my longest running posts, Pathwalking – choosing the paths we want for our lives, and the trials and triumphs that we will encounter in that endeavor.  Fridays I get personal, Crossing the Bridges between the different forms I write in, and taking a close look at my own efforts in conscious reality creation.  Within each of these topics I offer insight and tools for manifesting lives we will find fulfilling and worthwhile.

I have some other websites.  My writing site:  I share a couple of novelettes of mine, poetry, links to my freelance journalism, photographs and more.

I have published the first year of my Pathwalking series, plus extras, in book (or Kindle) form.  Additionally, there are my novels and other works published on Amazon.

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