My fellow Americans.

It is time to take action.  We are under siege, and we are being terrorized.  Not by some foreign power, not by armed militias in the streets…but by our own President.

President Trump is unfit for this office.  If you do not see this for what it is, then I feel rather sorry for you.  This man is in a position of authority and power which he is not just unqualified for, but dangerously uninformed and unprepared to handle.

A President of the United States does not express the sort of things Trump has via Twitter, let alone legitimate media sources.  He is namecalling another world leader like a schoolboy bully on the playground.  Trump attacks allies as often as enemies, threatens, cajoles, coerces.  He makes inappropriate demands on people, and involves himself where no President belongs.  His blatant disregard for non-whites is outright shameful (see his appalling response time to the situation in Puerto Rico).

If you are not embarrassed by Trump’s actions, insulted by his support of white supremacists, terrified that he is going to start a pointless war, you may be part of the problem.  He is playing on ignorance, false patriotism, and the fears of people who feel disempowered.  Ironically, he’s one of the most disempowering figures the world has even known.

How do we take action?

We need to begin to remind Congress that they work for the American people.  Party should not be placed over country.  Again and again they have shown themselves beholden only to the money and the wealthy who can support their reelection.  We can do something about this.  They do not work for the big money in the end…they work for you and me.

We need to begin to write letters to the House of Representatives, and demand that they take action to remove Trump from the office, before he does irreparable harm.  He needs to be impeached, or removed under the 25th amendment.  They need to stop politicking and work to protect this democracy from this tyrant and his ego.  We need to remind them that that is their true duty in government.

Inundate them with letters.  Beleaguer them with phone calls.  Spam them with e mails.  Remind them that protecting the American people from all threats foreign AND domestic is their first priority.  Let them know that if they do not help us now, we will do everything we can to ensure that their terms in Congress come to an end in 2018.

It is our rights as Americans to not just protest horrible things, but to take actions and actively work on fixing them.  Land of the free means more than just kneeling during the National Anthem in response to injustice; or staging sit-ins to protest denying insurance to millions; or to march for science and women’s rights; it means we demand transparency from our government officials, and when they corrupt the system we vote to remove them from the office.

We need to work together to make this happen.

We need to stop letting Trump and his cronies and even Congress from dividing us as they are.  Divide and conquer is what they are doing.  We need to take a more active role in resisting that.  You have the power to take action.  Please don’t hesitate until it is too late.  Tell Congress to do their duty, act as the check for balance of government and remove President Trump from office.

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