We are stronger when we work together than when we work apart.

Pathwalking may be an individual act, but that does not mean it happens in a vacuum.  Humans are social creatures.  We have people whom we interact with every day on every imaginable level.  Working with each other instead of against one another can take us even further than we might hope.

Work TogetherModern society has an unfortunate tendency to work from a divide-and-conquer approach.  We are inundated with messages of lack, insufficiency, and competition.  We are divided along every imaginable line, from race to gender to height to religion to nationality to education, and any other trait you can conceive of.

Because of the pervasive messages of greed and hoarding, we find it increasingly hard to believe that this is an abundant universe.  When we are told over and over again about how we need to take for ourselves before this, that or the other thing runs out, we become divided further.

I have written before that Pathwalking is not a selfish act, but every path we may be taking is unique to us as individuals.  My paths are not your paths.  Certainly there might be similarities, but they are still not the same.

Most importantly here, though, is recognizing that as we walk our individual paths, and work towards our specific goals, we aren’t denying anyone else theirs.  Me acquiring the things I want from life doesn’t prevent you from doing the same.  That is what living in an abundant universe is all about.

Because we are stronger when we work together, we have the ability to offer each other assistance, support, and love along the paths we traverse.  This empowers all of us, and that is good for everyone.

Work together as individuals.

Celebrating our diversity is a good thing.  We are, each and every one of us, unique creatures.  We look different, we think, feel and act differently from one another.  Yet we are also social creatures, and we are abundant across this planet.

Our diversity is not something that should tear us apart, it should help us to work together.  Celebrating what makes us each unique is an opportunity to learn from one another, and to grow not only as individuals, but as a society.  Celebrating our diversity will let us work together more, and develop abundance.

We will always find things to disagree about.  Again, this is part of human nature.  Empathic people think, feel and act differently from non-empaths.  There are people who work from the heart, and people who work from the head.  People can be emotional, logical, illogical, and everything in between.  The number of things available to separate us are stunning, but are not greater than the number of things that bring us together.

How is that possible?  Because this is an abundant universe.  There is more than enough of all the things we desire.  Lack, greed and insufficiency sells better than abundance and prosperity for all.  I believe this is why we are so frequently bombarded by such.

I wrote about community recently, and how important it is to our wellbeing.  One the biggest and most important communities in my life has experienced matters that made us work together, and soon after new matters that tore us apart.  The former was empowering, despite the sadness and grief that brought everyone together.  The latter stoked anger, division, and intolerance, disempowering us.  Two extremes in far too short a span of time.

It is during these types of situations that we are sorely tested.

Work together as communities.

Why did we form a given community in the first place?  Yes, there are communities we are born into and others we move into.  But there are also communities we choose for ourselves.  Whether it’s a religion, a fandom or social community, those which we choose are chosen because they provide us with something we need or want.  That can encompass a lot of different things, of course.

No matter how much we hold in common, we will have disagreements.  People do stupid things.  Everybody, and I mean everybody, is perfectly imperfect in their own way.  There are times when it is necessary to counter things that happen, and demand action.  So long as there is inaction, protest and positive resistance are called for.

This can take time.  This can divide our communities in unexpected ways.  As such, it’s imperative to be mindful of our words, our thoughts, and our actions.  When we work together we can build better.  When we break apart, everything can, and probably will, crumble.

I am not in any way advocating for accepting something you disagree with.  What I am suggesting is that we need to be more mindful of dividing and tearing ourselves apart.  When we allow ourselves to be broken, we make it ever more difficult to empower, and to build greater things.

Is there a way to work together for change rather than be torn apart?  This is something all-too important that we do not give sufficient energy to.  Consciousness creates reality.  When we are aware, we can manifest almost anything we can imagine.

Be mindful.  Remain aware.  Work together when you can with as many as you can, and we can change the negative messages and make this world a better place for everyone.

Work together to raise frequencies.

The collective consciousness can draw in people who are not conscious creators.  That’s how we manifest things we don’t want, because our focus and attention is to negativity.  When we work together, we can build anything we can imagine.  Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. change the message of racial hatred and intolerance with division?  No, he did it by bringing people together.  Buddha and Jesus advocated inclusion and love for one another.  These greats recognized that when we work together, we can make the world a better place.

Choose wisely when you are faced with difficulties, no matter what they are.  Don’t let yourself be divided and conquered by life.

Who do you choose to work together with for the paths you are walking?

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