Who you are is pretty amazing.

It does not matter what job you have or what categories you place yourself into – you are amazing.


Geek, jock, nerd, Gen-Xer, Millenial, man, woman, gay, straight, bi, trans, black, white, tall, short, fat, thin, American, Asian, Christian, Muslim…doesn’t matter, you are amazing.

We live on a planet with a rich diversity of ideas, of cultures, of traditions. We can communicate instantly across the globe with little or no effort. We can experience one another’s differences of opinion and idea and we can learn from one another too.

We get too focused on the negatives of our differences. The extremes, the minority that want to stir trouble and cause us to fear the differences between us. From utterly intangible differences like religion and nationality to the tangibles like skin color and gender a tiny group of very loud people want to divide us. Split us. They want to use the fear and anger over slights and differences to gain power and control that is utterly artificial.

When we begin to see how amazing each and every one of us is, no matter our perceived differences, we can build great things. We can create a world that can be full of hope and opportunity and peace.

The holiday season is an ultimate paradox. Greed and consumerism on one hand, peace love and joy on the other. Show love and affection for everyone around you, but buy all the toys! You have to spend the money to buy the joy, they try to tell us. I disagree.

There is no price in recognizing how amazing everyone is. But the value is incalculable. When we start to see what makes us each unique but similar we should celebrate that and learn from one another.


Fear destroys. The loud minority loves to use fear because it gathers followers who might otherwise be more rational and thoughtful if their base concerns were not being played.

Who we are, each and every one of us, is something to take heart with. Shaming and tearing down generates only negativity. We need to build more positivity in this world and recognize the exceptional aspects of our diversity. Who you are is pretty amazing, and so are those around you, near and far.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action. Knowing that who you are is an amazing person, you can also begin to look for and see the amazing in everyone else out there. When we acknowledge that we are all equal in our capacity to be amazing we empower ourselves. When we feel empowered, we often spread that feeling to others around us, and as such can build more positive feelings. We can use the positive feelings this generates to dissolve negative feelings. When we take away negative feelings, we open up space to let in positive feelings, and that is something we can be grateful for. Gratitude leads to happiness. Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude. Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.



This is the ninety-ninth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.