Surrendering to the Universe is not easy.

If, like me, you are almost obsessed with the how and why of things, then simply surrendering to the Universe is a particularly loaded concept.  It gets even more complicated if you are a skeptic or cynic.

What does it mean to surrender?  It means you have to have faith.

This, too, can be a really loaded concept.  We are frequently seeing around us people who are allowing their so-called “faith” to dictate any number of unsavory actions.  Intolerance, outright hatred, fear-mongering, terrorism and various other atrocities in the name of “faith” are all over the mediascape of the world.

Even more distressing, at least to me, are those who express so publicly their blind faith.  They deny science, they disregard certain aspects of modern medicine, they strive to force their “faith” into the public sector where it absolutely does not belong.  We are constantly exposed to these forms of so-called “faith”, which manages to cause chaos, discord and all kinds of negativity.

The difference between the faith involved in surrendering to the Universe and that espoused by those I mention above is tremendous.  They share a name, but they do not share the same intent, nor the same positivity and love.  That mentioned above is largely fear and lack based, but the faith of surrendering to the Universe is love and abundance based.

Yes, those who claim the kind of faith that allows them to deny science may think they are coming from a place of love, but in truth they are coming from a place of fear and lack.  Why else would they be so afraid that science may prove that which they believe to be wrong?

How does the faith of surrendering to the Universe work?  As I frequently write, consciousness creates reality.  You have a thought, you put your feelings into it, and then you take intentional actions.  Once you have done this…you let it happen.

This is the complicated part.  You’ve put the notion out there, you’ve felt it, you’ve taken actions…and yet there is still a waiting period.  This is where you have to surrender to the Universe, and this can be particularly challenging.

Surrendering to the Universe is not about just waiting for things to happen.  Yes, it may involve waiting, but it’s not like you are expecting money to rain from the sky or some other surreal, virtually impossible act to occur.  There is intent.  There is expectation.  There is belief and faith that what you have asked for, what you have set in motion will come to pass.

I have written before that there are no limits to the reality which our consciousness can create.  However, while there are no limits, there are our core beliefs, our current reality, and the shadows of our past that can and will affect our ability to work with this.

When I was severely injured, I thought only about being completely healed.  Yes, I knew the doctors were unsure just how completely I would recover, but I thought only about total and complete recovery.  I felt what it would be like to be whole and uninjured.  I took action, in pushing every single therapy session to and beyond my limits.  I knew it would not be instantaneous, so I surrendered to the Universe that it would be so, as quickly as possible, setting no expectation of time but that it would be how I expected it.  And it was.  And it is.

There is reality to this.  I had amazing doctors and therapists.  But even they were impressed by the speed and totality of my recovery.  I have some wicked scars, and my body looks funky in an x-ray…but unless you see that or I tell you about it, you’d never know.

I had unwavering faith that I would be healed in the end.  When I set that in my mind, I surrendered that to the Universe, and it was done.  This was in a dire circumstance.  Surrendering to the Universe does not have to be in response to something extreme.

Let’s say I want to acquire more money.  I need to think about abundance, and money coming to me.  I need to feel what it will feel like to have that money, and to do things with it that make me feel good.  Then I need to take intentional, inspired actions to set this in motion.  Surrendering to the Universe is not about expecting it to rain hundred-dollar bills, it is having that unwavering faith that your thoughts, feelings and actions will consciously create your desired reality.

If you are requesting creating a reality you do not believe to be realistic for you, surrendering to the Universe will do nothing.  You have to be conscious of your beliefs, and if you don’t believe that this can be done, well congrats, you are correct.  Skeptical about the conscious creation process?  Cynical that you can have what you desire?  No amount of surrendering will let this work.  You have the car, you have the key, but the battery is dead.  It may click, it may wheeze, but it won’t start.

Surrendering to the Universe is turning the key and knowing the car will start.  No hesitation, just power-up.  Yes, it is as easy as that…and at the same time, it’s not.  Until we gain real consciousness about the Universe being joyful, abundant and positive, surrender will be ineffective.  But when we do see the world in this way, when we do come to know at our core that this is how it works, we can build anything we want to.

My last thought on the topic of surrendering to the Universe is this: Why not?  I don’t want to live in a reality of lack, of intolerance, of fear and division and anger.  Despite happenings in the world at large, I believe, because I have made this happen many times before, that consciousness can create a better reality.  When my reality is better, I can help others to find a better reality for themselves.  I would rather believe that we can improve the world each individually than that we are trapped by our circumstances.  Silence the inner critic and surrender to the Universe.

What do you believe in strongly enough to surrender it to the Universe?


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