Change is complicated.

First, it is imperative to acknowledge this statement:  CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.  Things change, because that is the nature of the Universe.

Because time is an illusion, how we perceive change varies.  Some change is quick and hard to miss.  Some is so glacially slow that we don’t realize that change is happening at all.  But everything changes, whether animal, vegetable or mineral.  Everything evolves, shifts, and transforms.

The desert was once a sea.  Seeds grow into plants.  Caterpillars become butterflies.  Children become adults.  Change is inevitable.

For many, this is not a good thing.  They get comfortable with how things are, the life they know, the people they keep around themselves and so on.  Change means that the familiar can be replaced by the unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar represents uncertainty.  Uncertainty leads to concern, to distress, to fear and even worse.

I have written about this many times before.  One of the reasons for this is because Pathwalking is about finding and claiming your own destiny, about making your own way in this world rather than letting it be made for you.  But even when you succeed, change will continue, and you will find yourself needing to change and adapt as well.

Pathwalking, therefore, seeks to effect change.  When you make choices for your own life, you choose how things will change, rather than simply having them be sprung upon you.

Yes, I know that some changes are not desirable.  Nobody likes to lose a job, a relationship, a financial investment and so forth.  Aging can be disturbing and scary; and don’t even get me started on our society and some of the madness going on out there.  But we still have the ability to be in control of our own lives, and our own journeys along our given paths.

One issue a lot of us face is the ease of complaint.  It is so very easy to complain about this, bitch about that, whine and snark with our friends about other people, places and things.  It’s particularly insidious when we are not directly complaining about our own lives and situations, but rather about other people and instances we’re experiencing.

I know that I can get caught up easily in a good snark fest.  Talking about those guys and the things they are doing that are annoying, infuriation, or simply foolish among your friends can make you feel like you’re getting it off your chest…but in truth we are perpetuating it, and taking it to new heights.

What has complaint got to do with change?  Simple – Consciousness Creates Reality.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t care what you are focused on, it will simply take that information and work to give you what you are telling it that you want.

A lot of what we complain about in other people is change.  We see them behaving badly, or otherwise contrary to what we thought we knew of them.  We may be disappointed, we may be confused, or we may simply be amazed by the change we see.  But the thing of it is, this is change which we cannot control.

I can only change things about myself.  I can change my style, my body, my job, my friends, my location, my choices.  All of these things will change, no matter what happens, sometimes subtly and other times abruptly.  I can choose whether to foster changes, or let them sneak up on me and just happen.

Change is complicated, but largely due to our beliefs that we can do very little about it.  In truth, we can create our own changes as we desire, on many different levels, and we can use that to our advantage on any path we walk.

Unhappy with your weight?  Change it.  Displeased about your hair color?  Change it.  Miserable at your job?  Change it.  Finished with your partner?  Change it.  You have the power, but only you can choose to wield it.

I am working on making changes that I feel will help me to not only walk the paths of my choosing, but also to leave me a happier, healthier, better prepared and capable person.  I have decided to not let change just happen as it will, but to consciously take control and effect those changes to get the outcome I desire.  Since change is inevitable, I might as well use that to my advantage.

We all evolve.  You can disbelieve the science all you want, that doesn’t make it any less true.  Evolution is change.  Humans have more power to choose how they change than any other creatures we are presently aware of on this planet.  I believe that if more people realized this, rather than allow the undue influence of certain parties, we would all be happier, more complete and certain that the Universe isn’t out to get us, but does in fact love us.

Change is complicated, but largely because we make it so.  What change do you most want to control?


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