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Pathwalking 26

I regularly use the phrase Consciousness Creates Reality.  The question you might ask is – what does that mean, and how does it relate to Pathwalking?

I borrowed this phrase long ago from my best friend, and find it is probably the truest phrase I have ever heard or spoken.  The meaning is both deeply simple and utterly complex.

Consciousness – this is awareness.  Awareness of the self, awareness of one’s surroundings, the general acknowledgement of being.

Creates – the process of creating.  To cause to come into existence.  To make, substantial or otherwise.

Reality – the world we all live in.

Ergo:  Awareness makes the world we live in.  Being aware of your thoughts, being aware of your surroundings and such causes to exist the world as you wish it to be.

To all intents and purposes, this is the whole point of Pathwalking.  On this path, I am seeking to create the way I live my life, and go as I want to go, be as I wish to be.

This is challenging, as previously mentioned, due to working against outside forces, keeping focused, feeling rather than just thinking – but when all is said and done, this is utterly worthwhile.

This notion has become increasingly popularized over the years.  Some have even achieved commercial success with marketing the concept.  You have probably heard of one or more of these: The Power of Positive Thinking, The Secret, How to Win Friends and Influence People, the Law of Attraction, etc.

No matter what label you choose, even if you chose no label at all, the gist of Pathwalking is to do exactly this.  Creating your reality consciously.

Certainly it is easier to just go with the flow of the day to day.  It takes no effort to just let whatever is going to happen, happen.  When all is said and done, letting life simply happen is easy.  I suppose, for some people, this is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle.  And I suppose, arguably, there needs to be people out in the world doing just that.   This would not work for me, but I suppose some might prefer simple, uncomplicated lives.

I find living that way to not only be dull, but to be tremendously unfulfilling.   I’ve lived that way for extended periods in much of my adult life, and spent large amounts of time thinking there had to be more…there was something beyond this simplicity.  At first I thought it was a matter of achieving some sort of fame or greatness…but then I realized that it was much more important to fulfill my own heart.  That is what truly matters.

I have made numerous attempts over the years to make my own way.  I have tried with limited success to choose and walk my own path.  This time, I am taking it to the next level.  This time I am putting forth this entire notion, and using my own consciousness to create the reality I desire.  And I am sharing my process with you with all of these posts.

Every week I am putting forth ideas for choosing the direction and doing the action of walking a path of my own choosing, and I share this to help myself succeed in this quest.  Applying consciousness to create this reality is a sometimes daunting, constantly evolving, never-ending task.

But everything I am encountering on this journey, every new discovery, every obstacle and opportunity I encounter as I walk this path is fulfilling that which I have been looking for, providing for that more interesting life I have always wanted to lead.

And not more interesting due to accident and coincidence.  More interesting because I am consciously working to create my reality.  I am making every effort to discover, and walk the path of my choosing.  Rather than accepting my “destiny”, I will choose it.

Am I aware of what I am thinking about, what I am feeling, and what my consciousness creates?  Are you?


This is the twenty-sixth entry in my series.  These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.  Thank you for joining me.


Working on the only thing we really have control over


That which does NOT divide us.


  1. When your conscious mind focuses on something, like a path to be walked, does that mean you cannot see changes in the path that might be ahead?

    • I think, for the most part, you can see changes. Remember – the path itself is not straight, nor necessarily singular. There may be some danger of becoming tunnel-visioned…but if you are attuned to the path you are choosing to walk, since the journey is equally if not more important than the goal, you will see changes as they happen.

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