I have recently realized that there is tremendous importance in addressing and altering old, outdated, underlying beliefs.

Pathwalking addresses the idea of taking control of my own life and my own destiny, and choosing and walking my own unique path.  One of the key things I return to in this process is that consciousness creates reality.  It is possible to manifest an amazing life, if I take the time to think, feel, and take inspired action to make it happen.

What this does not address, however, is old, possibly buried underlying beliefs that may be counter to the new ones I am employing in the process of walking my chosen path.

What does that mean?  While conscious reality creation directly addresses what and how I am thinking and feeling and subsequently acting upon in the here-and-now, what it does not address is old, long-held beliefs which may be counter to what it is I am striving to do.

This is not an idea I came up with wholly on my own, let me put that out front.  I think I have made it pretty clear over the years that I have been Pathwalking that I have read or listened to numerous books on the topics of spirituality, productivity, self-help, and overall consciousness creating reality.  Two of the more recent works I have studied include Boni Lonnsburry’s The Map: To Our Responsive Universe and Jen Sicero’s You are a Badass – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.  The former is bit more clinical and sometimes a bit out there at times, while the latter is extremely earth-bound and highly informal.

Both, though very different in their styles, examine how past beliefs, often established in childhood or during early adulthood, get rooted deep into the subconscious, and if they are not addressed they can interfere with new beliefs you are working on planting consciously now.

For example: Currently I am working on manifesting more abundance in my life.  Specifically, money.  While I am striving to think, feel and take actions towards abundance, I often find that I cannot get past a certain point.  Something is holding me back, but while I have identified certain subconscious fears there is something more, something I am just not putting a finger on.

So I did an exercise from You are a Badass, and made an interesting discovery.  I hold onto certain beliefs, subconsciously, that I do not give thought to now.  But from past experiences, from lessons learned through parents and loved ones and even personal experience, I have some old beliefs still deep inside my psyche that I need to address and let go of.

Hippy-dippy mumbo jumbo.  This is all gobbledygook and existential garbage.  If, as I frequently postulate, consciousness creates reality – and all evidence I have in my life tells me that indeed it does – then I have been creating my reality all of my life.  Conscious thought, when prolonged, becomes sub-conscious, and that is part of how we manifest the things we want in life.

Let me illuminate this with something everybody has experienced.  Muscle memory.  How often does the phrase “you never forget how to ride a bike” get employed?  This is muscle memory.  Once learned, you don’t unlearn it.  Your body remembers.  You may need to alter your balance (in especial if you’ve gained height or weight since last you rode) but you still remember how.

I have been teaching medieval fencing in the Society for Creative Anachronism for more than twenty years now.  I frequently teach drills designed to develop muscle memory.  You learn stance, you learn footwork, you learn bladework that become second-nature over time.  I know instantly if I am within range of just extending my sword arm to hit an opponent, or if I need to take a step, or lunge to hit.  I also know my range unarmed, or with varying lengths of swords for that matter.  Muscle memory.

Well, consciously creating reality is the exercise of a muscle.  Work with this enough and you start doing it automatically.  Everybody knows somebody who is ALWAYS lucky and wins or succeeds constantly.  Everybody knows somebody who always gets parking spaces, green lights, or the short check-out lines at the grocery store.  They EXPECT that this will happen to them, and as such they have consciously created reality.  Coincidence is a one-time occurrence, beyond that you have conscious creation.

Because we are often disinclined to change, once a belief has been formed and becomes subconscious, releasing it takes more than a current, conscious creation.  We may need to go back, to really look at what that belief is, where it came from, and maybe even why it exists.  Then, we need to consciously choose to let it go.

As suggested in You Are a Badass, I gave thought to and wrote out some beliefs I hold about money.  Then I did some stream-of-conscious writing to dig into these, and in the process opened up some unexpected pathways in my subconscious.  Did I really allow that belief that was shared with me so long ago become my own?  Because that is where the sabotage and fear took root.

I have taken my old beliefs and replaced them with new beliefs, but not before figuring out why I have held onto what I hold.  Every single one of the texts I have read or listened to in my studies posits the same thing – the current circumstances we find ourselves in are the product of past thought, feelings and actions.  When we work in the here and now to consciously create reality, and we work on altering where we are and how we are working to get to the next point, we can manifest just about anything we put our mind to.

Pathwalking has altered my life in many positive ways.  I continue to strive to be clearer and more capable with every step I take.  There is something new to be learned and explored every day.

What old beliefs are buried in your subconscious?


GOAL LOG – Week 22:

Diet: I began my new, extreme diet last week.  I have successfully stayed away from carbs like bread and pasta, and also avoided sweets like candy and heavily sugary stuff.  I am already able to put on a pair of shorts I could not get into two weeks ago!

Exercise: Fencing happened twice last week, and I made it to the gym once.  I spent a day doing archery and walking all over the place as such, and have had two other days of extensive walking.

Writing:  Five days of at least some writing and editing happened.  Back in the saddle!

Meditation:  Five days of meditation, at least 5 minutes each day.

Gratitude: I wrote out 5 things to be grateful for every day last week, despite a day where the app on my iPhone crashed out.


This is the two-hundred thirty-second entry in my series. These weekly posts are ideas and my personal experiences in walking along the path of life.  I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.

Thank you for joining me.  Feel free to re-blog and share.

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