Be careful what you wish for; be conscious of your thoughts.

Consciousness creates reality. I have stated this here repeatedly, because it is a fact. I have seen proof of this in more than one instance, and I am acutely aware that you have to be careful what you put your focus on.

I know this. I am completely aware of it. When I have used it consciously, I have manifested amazing things in my life. I healed from severe injuries beyond the expectations of medical science, and acquired a car exactly as I envisioned it happening.

So how come I cannot put this to use all the time? Why do I still struggle using my own consciousness to create my reality? Isn’t that the whole point of Pathwalking?

There is a situation in my life at the moment that is not going as I would wish it to. I have fears and concerns about it, and they are dominating my thoughts and stopping my actions. Worse, I am finding my subconscious constantly refocusing on the negative possibilities of this situation, and getting upset and dismayed over things that have not happened, but could.

If I am not careful, my consciousness will create this reality. A reality in which I am forced to question my self-value and self-worth in a manner contrary to everything I write about in Pathwalking. A reality I do not want, a situation that will cause me a great deal of sorrow, anger, frustration, and quite possibly self-loathing.

This is the roots of depression. This is where the mind runs away, and I find myself questioning my ability to succeed in anything I do, my worth as a person, my value to those around me. If I allow this to take hold, if I let this root itself in my consciousness, I am in danger of making it my reality. And I cannot let that happen.

Since I began Pathwalking I have strived to grow as a person, to practice what I preach, to make my own choices, walk my own Path. I want control over my destiny. To some degree, I have it. But to some degree I continue to allow others that power, and I cannot seem to take it for myself.

Why? How come I am allowing myself to build this reality? Why won’t I let myself succeed? How come I am only capable of consciously creating my reality once in a while, but not always? How do I stop the negativity from overwhelming me, and how do I refocus my consciousness to create a better reality?

This has been the ultimate challenge of Pathwalking for me, all of my life, before I even gave it a name. I have lived in fear of failure, in fear of success, in fear of people thinking ill of me, in fear of doing harm, in fear of disappointing the people who count on me. I have often explained the dangers of fear, and how powerful it is…but that does not lessen my struggles with it.

Do I believe in Pathwalking? Yes. I find that I still allow myself to get caught up in mundane problems and I still allow outside influences to have an effect on my path more than I should. Moments of brilliance surrounded by long stretches of not choosing for myself and allowing my path to be dictated by others.

How do I break this pattern? How do I well and truly let go of the fear and walk my path? With the coming new year, I need to take new actions. I do not believe in resolutions – the idea is insufficient, there needs to be action to make it fly. I need to take the proper time to choose for myself, to take control of my destiny, and to build the reality I want.

It is never easy. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it would be if it were. But that does not make it any less possible. I know there are actions I can take that will allow me to truly walk the path I want to be on, and I know I can take ahold of my consciousness to create the reality I desire.

Knowing is the first step. Now I need to FEEL it. When I feel confident, when I let go of the fear and I flood my thoughts with love, with strength, with self-belief instead of self-doubt, then I will be truly aware of the Path I desire, and it will be my job to take action and walk it.

That is the final key. Action. I can think and feel the reality I want to consciously create, but if I do not act, then it does not happen. All the failure, all the things I fear take hold, plant themselves in my consciousness, and I return to this place of doubt and dis-ease Pathwalking was in part created to take me past.

It is time to stop wanting all the things, and well and truly choose the path I desire to follow. It is time to accept the doubt but let it pass, to face the fear and walk right through it, to hear the outside influences, judge their worth or lack but not let them dictate my actions. I can take control of my sub-conscious by being more aware, and turning my focus away from what I DON’T want, and instead see what I DO want.

There are thoughts. There are feelings. There are actions. I know this. As I move forward into the new year I will be sharing my personal process with you. With your support I know that I can take Pathwalking to the next level, and I can create my reality as I most want it. Maybe as I bring you come along for this journey I will help you to do the same for yourself.

What am I thinking? What am I feeling? Am I going to create a reality I want, or a reality I don’t want? What thoughts, feelings and actions will put me on the Path I desire?


This is the one-hundred fifty fifth entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog and share.  Thank you for joining me.

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