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Joe/Jane Average American

123 Any Street

Somewhere, USA 00000


Senator/Congress(wo)man *insert name here*

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 July 14, 2011

Dear (Congress(wo)man, Senator) *insert name here*

I am a concerned, average American citizen, and I continue to feel that my voice is not heard.

“We the people” begins the preamble to our constitution.  And in theory, “We the people” elect you to your office every (2,6) years.  But if that is so, why does it feel like “the people” have no voice anymore?

We need jobs.  We need affordable health care.  We need to see that our economy matters.  We need to see you tax those who are paid astronomical amounts of money more than you tax the middle class.  We need education.  We need Social Security to be there for us.

The news keeps inundating us about the people who intend to run for President next year.  The media keeps reporting about the stalemate over taxes, spending cuts and the debt ceiling.  And through it all, we average Americans watch you fight one another, tow the line of your parties, but appear to do nothing that will make our lives better.

Did we elect you to represent only yourselves?  Did we elect you to subsidize big business, and pander to your wealthy contributors?  Or did we elect you with the notion that you are in Washington to represent us?

Please end the partisan politicking and the constant squabbling and work for us.  Please do things that will help generate jobs, spare Social Security, and make sense of the tax code.  Please think about the middle class when you make your decisions about cuts you want to make.  And think about the future, but don’t do so at the expense of the present!

Remember “we the people” rebelled against the tyranny of an Empire over 300 years ago, “in order to form a more perfect union”.  We sought to create a better nation to live in.  We did this to escape tyranny, be it a governing empire or a corporate empire.  Please take that into account before you continue to play your blame games, and pander to these entities.  Please think about the vanishing middle class, before you continue to destroy us, and take the United States of America out in the process.

Do your job.  Stop playing the political games you are playing and govern this nation.  Think about the now, and take care of business.  Do the job you are being paid to do.  Please.


With deep concern,

An Average American.