I feel as if I live in multiple worlds sometimes.

See if this is familiar for you in any way.

First, there is Professional Me.  I hold a job, I pay my bills, I do the necessary things one does to live in this society.  I also happen to be involved in civics, as I serve as President of a local Chamber of Commerce.

Second, there is Author Me.  I keep this blog, I write and edit novels.  I constantly dream up new and interesting worlds.  Then I strive to write them out.  Then I work on ways to promote and increase sales of my works.

Third, there is Medieval Me.  As much as playing in the SCA is a hobby, it still manages to occupy a large amount of my time.  Fortunately, it’s mostly weekends, save fencing practices.  Also, I will be taking on a new office soon that will require my attention.

Fourth, there is Social/antisocial Me.  Sometimes my friends and I get together to hang out, do crafty things, play games and such.  Further, I enjoy spending time with my spouse, watching TV or movies, goofing off online, going to the gym, meditating and reading.

Striking a balance between living in these worlds can be somewhat challenging.

I will be the first to confess that I have not always been the most organized person.  Despite being a Virgo, I tend not to make and keep lists, or place regular entries on my calendar and such.  So coordinating my worlds and giving them each necessary time can be tricky.

So I think the important question here is – how do I value my time?  I live in all four of these worlds, but I can only be in one place at one time, and certain things will take priority over other things.  I need to spend time in all four of these worlds, but how often and how much is something that I can quantify.

I tend to be awake from about 6am – 12,12:30am.  Yes, I know that means I generally sleep less than 6 hours a night, it works, thanks for asking.  Anyhow, this means I have about 18 hours a day to live in all these worlds.

Some of my time is non-negotiable.  For example, Professional Me.  I have to work 8.5 hours a day, Monday-Friday.  I also need to give a few hours to Chamber business a week and sometimes to my old job as well.  That’s a rather large chunk of my day.

This leaves me with about 6-8 hours a day I can use for my other three worlds.  Knowing this, how do I currently use that time?  What are my habits?  Are they good habits or bad?  If bad, can I improve upon them?


Right now I have a rather regular pattern.  I am going to focus on weekdays for the time being.  I get up in the morning, and usually go online and goof off.  I check my e mails, read posts on Twitter and G+, read posts and play a couple games on Facebook as well.  Sometimes I write one of the blog posts, or work on fiction.  Then I usually make breakfast and prep lunch.  Shower and go to work.  This is a 2 to 2.5 hour routine.  Then I am at work for the next 8.5 hours.

After work I either go to the gym or go home, though anywhere from one to three days a week Medieval Me goes to a fencing practice.  Generally after that I either spend an hour or two doing whatever, maybe engaging Author Me, or I simply go to bed.

This means I have from 1 to 6 hours for Social/antisocial Me and Author Me.  Frequently these two worlds duel with one another.  I want to give more time to Author Me, but sometimes I lack the necessary focus for this.  Then the best intentions leave me feeling as if I wasted more time than I should have on Social/antisocial Me.

As I analyze my patterns and the habits they’ve created, It appears to me that I need some new patterns and habits.  Author Me seems to be getting the least amount of time, and Social/antisocial Me too much.  Since I have stated frequently that I want to further Author Me, I need to give that world more time.

It is time to interrupt my pattern and change my habits.  And I have a plan to make this happen.

My spouse wants to hit the gym in the morning.  Both she and I are working to be healthier.  As a means to encourage one another in this endeavor, I intend to join her.  This means getting to work about a half hour earlier.  Since I cannot leave earlier, that means I take a longer lunch break.  This presents me with an opportunity to devote specific time, daily, to Author Me.

Why am I even writing about all this here?  Because in recognizing established habits in my day, I also can see those that don’t build more of what I want.  Social/antisocial Me needs time, that’s for sure…but he doesn’t need quite as much of my time as I am giving him.  Maybe, by making better use of my time and creating a new and healthier habit, I can build a bigger, better and greater life and balance of my worlds.

This is part and parcel with creating bridges between my worlds.  Let’s see what this does for me as I step across them.

Thank you for crossing the bridges between my worlds with me!