Books make excellent gifts! Even eBooks!

Today (Friday 12/12) through Sunday (12/14), Seeker – The Source Chronicles I, is on sale for Kindle for just $.99.

I thought a holiday promotional sale was a good idea.


There is an element of Seeker I have not written about before – and that’s the human element. The world of t’Thera may be a fantasy world, but even the sorcerous are human. Like the people we all know, these humans are flawed. Perfectly imperfect. They make mistakes, they do foolish things…but they also learn from them. They grow and change and evolve.

I have worked hard to create characters that are unmistakably human. Whether noble or common, magical or not, these are people who are not just caricatures of men and women, but multi-faceted people.

I strived to make the people and world uniquely interesting, and I hope if you have read my blog you might find the fantastical characters I have created relatable, and realistic. I know that the genre of Fantasy has a lot of works within it, and that certain tropes are well worn and played a hundred different ways…but I think I have offered here some original approaches, and some pretty awesome characters.

Follow the link above and here to get your own copy of Seeker.

(Please note – $.99 sale may have been scheduled to launch at 8am PACIFIC time – so on the East Coast may not be live til 11am).

Thank you for your continued support!

Finder being edited


PS: Finder – The Source Chronicles II – is now undergoing its first round of edits. It is my intent for it to be available by November 2015.