Nature is full of amazing beauty and surprises.

Pretty much every color you can imagine can be found in nature. There are insects, animals, plants, clouds and skies of any hue you can think of, and they are wondrous to behold.

Nature is an incredible source of positivity.

dragonfly leaf

When you are walking along a trail, or sitting out on a beach, or picking apples in an orchard the energy of nature can suffuse you with intense positivity. The sights, sounds, smells, colors and even the textures of the world around you can provide stimulation for all of the senses. Nature is the most intense root of positivity imaginable.

At night if you find yourself beneath the stars it is almost impossible to not feel a sense of awe. The poinpoints of light of different sizes and shifting colors are incredible. The phases of the moon offer an amazing backdrop no planetarium could ever truly imitate.

It is easy when we spend most of our time indoors to forget the power of nature. Little things like the intricacy of a spider web to the color of a dragonfly to a patch of orange pumpkins are not just beautiful, but they inspire a positive feeling. Sure, you might be afraid of spiders, but it is still hard not to see the beauty in their singular webs.

Why is nature a generator of positivity? Because nature is full of wonders, wonders that can have an effect on every one of our senses. Few things in this world have such power, and the most incredible part of this is that nature is utter simplicity. This is our world, and if you open yourself to it and its possibilities, you will be impressed by what you may find.

pumpkin patch 2

This is a very positive thing because through these wonders we have opportunities for growth. Growth allows us to gain more perspective, and these are all forces of positive energies. Nature may be concrete jungles or cultivated trees or virgin forests, but it is still a source of great energy.

The forces of nature can be rough, but nature itself is a bastion for positivity.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action. Knowing that you can step into nature to discover positivity through its myriad of sensory wonders, there are untold avenues for building positive emotions. There are many many places in nature to remove negative emotions. When we take away negative emotions, we open up space to let in positive emotions, and that is something we can be grateful for. Gratitude leads to happiness. Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude. Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the thirty sixth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.