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Month: January 2012

Pathwalking 4

Sometimes, you reach a crossroads.

The path winds and wends, you see all sorts of oddities and sights and such, and then, all of a sudden, there is not a single path anymore.  There are a whole bunch of paths.

Crossroads.  Ah yes, time for some more confusion.

As we walk our path, we will inevitably come across this.  Not only is the path of life not straight, but it is also not singular.

Choices effect which path we place ourselves on.  Similarly, NOT making choices has this effect as well.

Do I choose to take the job, or avoid the risk?  Date the girl, or stay single?  Drive instead of walk?  Stay in bed or get up?  Respond in anger or respond calmly?  Do I stay put, or move forward?  Left or righ

Some of these are very small…yet can have amazing repercussions.  And each will take us to different places, for different reasons.  And sometimes the most seemingly insignificant choice has the most significant consequences.

This is where consciously walking the path makes a major difference.  If you walk along, oblivious to the path itself, the crossroads can represent unexpected change, unwanted confusion.  It can take you by surprise, and completely throw you off.  It can derail everything, catch you off guard, and leave you disconcerted, and lost.

But when you are aware of the path itself, and conscious of your surroundings, the crossroads is far more likely to represent opportunity, rather than distress.  When you are aware, you are less surprised by the unexpected, less unprepared.

Certainly there are times we all feel we should have zigged instead of zagged.  North instead of south and such.  The key is not to go back to analyze the past choice, but instead to think about what we learned from the choice, where it took us to, and what we get from that.

One of the biggest problems I encounter as I try to be conscious of my path is exactly this.  The here and now is a result of PAST action, past thought.  Dwelling on it, focusing on it, brings more of the same to us.  And while understanding how those actions of my past brought me to the present are important, letting go of them and focusing more closely on what I want next is difficult.

Everyone walks paths – not everyone pays attention, or chooses the specifics of their path.  But when you do choose, the crossroads will represent change, opportunity, and excitement.  That’s what I seek.  I make myself conscious of my path, and when I reach the crossroads, I am better prepared for what will come next.


This is the fourth in my weekly posts. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Thank you for joining me.

Pathwalking 3

There are good days, and bad days.

Some days I feel excited.  I am exhilarated by the possibility the new day represents.  I am looking forward to what lies ahead.  I am ready for anything.

And then, some days, I am exhausted.  My energy is sapped, my mind wanders easily.  I don’t want to do much beyond bum around, maybe sleep.  I can barely concentrate, I don’t want to think or do anything.

Those days it is hard to stay on the path.  Those days are the days when I feel disconnected, when I am lamenting my finances or my fitness.  They are days when I look at where I am now, and get frustrated because I am not certain how this is where I came to be.

That’s one of the larger factors in this process.  Walking along the path, if we are less conscious of the path, this is how we wind up in the places we do not WANT to be.  This is how we get into ruts, into depression.  Because we see the effect of the past thought, of not consciously choosing how we walk the path…and that is how we are here, today.

This is one of the key aspects of what I am getting at with regards to these weekly posts, and the entire concept of pathwalking as I am explaining it.  We all walk paths, certainly – but how many of us consciously choose our paths, observe what we have along the path, versus lament what we left behind and worry or focus exclusively on what is ahead of us?

That’s the problem I have all too often.  I am caught up in the things that are less-than-desired in my life, and let them upset me.  I focus on them, give them attention – and then wonder why I am struggling to make more money, get into better shape, find job satisfaction.  Because while I have chosen the path I wish to walk now…I have been less diligent in choosing previously.  So here I am, today.

Now this…the here and now…is a MAJOR aspect of the path we walk.  We cannot ignore it.  Neither can we change how we arrived at it.  But what we can do is choose, from here, where we go.  We can select from this point where we will go on the path.

You can’t ignore the past nor the present, or be overly focused on the goal, either.  Which, admittedly, makes this a VERY complicated concept.  In especial living as we do in this instant-gratification-have-it-all-now world.  But you can work to strike the necessary balance, reconcile the past, present and future with the path you walk…and, I believe, we can go where we want to go.

Without a doubt, my whole concept is abstract.  But that’s part of this entire process, and the weekly posts about it.  I want to quantify, explore, and understand this idea.  It’s an abstract concept in my head…and I need to get past the abstract to make it work for me, as I believe in my heart that I can.

Others have put this out in different terms, colored by their own belief systems.  The Secret, the Law of Attraction, Consciousness Creates Reality…it all comes back to this same place.

I know the path I want to talk.  I work, daily, to choose to be on that path.  There are good days, and there are bad days.  But I strive to find more good days than bad.


This is the third in my weekly posts. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Thank you for joining me.

Thoughts on Taking Back our Government

What happened to us, America?

I mean, seriously – when did the election cycle become so incredibly long, convoluted, and all-encompassing?  When do these ‘representatives’ actually have time to represent, between campaigning?  When did we get reduced to ONLY two parties, both of which are more-or-less wholly owned by their corporate overlords?

There is a supposed ‘election’ in 10 months.  I say supposed because, really, what role do WE, the Average Americans, play?  We have, for the president, a choice between a Republican and a Democrat (and thanks to the Electoral College, that really IS the only option) who straddle an invisible line, one leaning to the ‘left’, the other to the ‘right’.  And our congress is a bunch of incumbent, grey-faced, corporate owned suits who do nothing that might adversely effect their job security.

Is this REALLY what this country is supposed to be about?

Those currently in power are taking some bold, scary actions to keep their power, and silence those of us who do not pay for their continued exalted positions.  The NDAA will let them arrest us without the CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED due process, if they deem us to be committing a possibly terrorist act.  SOPA and PIPA are thinly veiled attempts to censor the internet, letting the government exert control similar to what we hear about in China.

And why?  Because they are afraid.

This is where the next ‘revolution’ will begin.  It is the place they cannot control – the internet.  Right now, they have managed, through corporate ownership, to gain control of the ‘major media’ outlets.  But they do not control blogs, they do not control this mode of FREE SPEECH.  And that frightens them.  Because they know this is where the threat will come from to their power.

Right now, to get elected, you need both an obscene amount of cash, and the ability to raise even more obscene amounts of cash.  That is what the two parties are doing, more than bothering to govern the people.  They are seeking all the money they can to grab and hold power.  And they dominate our entire political landscape.

I believe, though, that there is another way to get elected.  A way without the money and party sponsorship of the Democrats or Republicans.  And they know it.

The internet, my friends.  This is where someone with a good idea can have a voice, free of the ludicrous amount of money normally required to run for office.

Please note – this DOES NOT apply to the presidency.  Let’s just face the fact that, until the Electoral College is eliminated, the President will be a member of one of the two parties.  Period.  But Congress – congress is another story.

The President cannot make laws.  He can sign or not sign laws that the Congress makes.  So arguably, that is where the majority of the ‘power’ in our political system lies.  Those in the Congress are well aware of this.  So it behooves them to keep their power, if they do not aspire to a supposedly ‘higher’ office.

But the Electoral College does not elect congress.  WE do.  Our votes.  This is where the election process is literal.  And it is here, working within the existing system, we can begin to make a change.  They are well aware of this, too.  As are their corporate sponsors.

So let’s say you have REAL, actual ideas for governing the people, but are not a member of the parties, and have not sold your soul to a necessary corporate entity yet.  You don’t have millions of dollars to your name, nor the fundraising savvy to acquire that kind of cash.  But you have the desire, the drive, and a message.  So how can you get heard?

The internet.  This is the place you can be heard, where you can be seen – and without the obscene money normally required to run for office.  It can begin with something as simple as social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a blog.  All you need to do is spread your message, get your friends to spread your message, and really hammer on the work that the mainstream candidates ignore in favor of attacking one another.  You can start a movement, you can do a viral video, a viral blog, you can get your name and your face out there.

And you don’t need to start this process NOW.  No, that’s foolish.  You don’t need to start more than a few months BEFORE the election.  Why?  Because its about name recognition, it’s about standing out.  Start now, the major parties can and likely WILL bury you.  But start just before we go to the polls – and you might just be heard above the din, the insanity that the two-party, disruptive, argumentative election cycle is.

THAT is what they fear.  That is how, they know, they might just lose their power, their position.  Someone like you, someone like me, with a goal, with a plan, with a voice, with the internet savvy and the connectivity they utterly lack.  Do you think your Congresspeople or Senators pay their mortgage monthly, juggle expenses, sacrifice fancy meals and vacations for clothing and necessities?  Of course not.  They keep proving again and again how completely disconnected from mainstream America they are.

If a man or woman popped up online, running for office, who held a normal day job, earned under $100k a year, and had really useful ideas to effect change were running for office…if they were addressing the issues we are all facing today – wouldn’t you vote for them, instead of these career politicians who care far more about holding office and representing their party than actually HELPING us?  I know that I would.

It is time to make their fear of the internet justified, I believe.  We need to take back our government from the corporations, and their bought-and-paid-for representatives.  We need to get candidates OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people past the two party blanket and INTO office.  We need to find and support people running for office who truly wish to govern, to effect change, and to improve the lives of the average Americans.

Think about it.  And then – let’s find those candidates, get their names and faces out there – and get them into office.  Let’s take back this country from the religious zealots, the corporate sponsors, and the two parties more interested in their own power than doing what is right for the nation.

This is what America was founded on – throwing off the yolk of oppression.  Freedom.  Thomas Jefferson, one of those founding fathers (and yes, I am aware he was an imperfect human being) said “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Think about it.

Pathwalking 2

Who am I?

I have been asking myself this question since I was fairly young. And the answer has constantly changed.

In elementary school, I was the teacher’s pet. I was more-or-less a straight ‘A’ student (except my elementary school didn’t use this grading scale) and did extra projects, worked for extra credit and LOVED school.

I was an outsider, though. This was never more evident than amongst the other kids at Hebrew school, and in the local Jewish community as a whole (that in particular would not change til college). I had one or two friends, and that was it. I spent much of my time, alone, with my imagination. I started writing sci-fi at nine.

In middle school, I discovered a group of people who welcomed me as a friend, and became a member of that group. Another face in a specific crowd, but this was something I wanted to be. I ceased to be that remarkable ‘A’ student because I enjoyed spending time with friends.

In High School, this continued. Different group of people, but same thing. I had a crowd I hung out with – a crowd of theatre and choir geeks. We played Dungeons and Dragons together. We went skiing some weekends. We spent the summer hanging out and just being part of a group.

Then I chose to go halfway across the country for college. For the first time in five years, I was on my own. No group to identify with. No history. It was a restart. And it was here I really began to ask the question – Who am I?

That was over twenty years ago, now. And the most fascinating thing I learned about that question is that the answer is not singular, nor simple. It is ever-changing, and fluid. But when I attempt to live intentionally, I have the best, most accurate answer.

I know that I am not alone in searching for a greater meaning to my life. Returning to the notion that I deeply desire to make a difference in this world, this particular question bears heavily on that notion.

As I walk along this path we call life, I have asked more than once this question. Who am I? And that answer has changed considerably over the years. Who I am now is not who I was in elementary school, high school, or even college.

The thing is – not everyone asks this question. Some people seem to be perfectly content to be defined by their job, their surroundings, their family and friends. Some people seem to utterly and completely not know the answer to this question.

They think they know. They believe they have an answer. But because they have not actually asked, they really don’t. At least, that’s the impression that I have gotten over the years.

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

– Polonius, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Who am I? If I cannot answer this question with any certainty, I cannot hope to make any kind of difference in my own life, let alone the lives of others.

This can be a very scary question. In especial if you have never asked it. The answer is, arguably, the ultimate answer. Who I am colors how I see this world, has an effect on my treatment of others, gives me my moral and ethical code, and defines how I choose to walk the path of my life.

Who am I? I am a constantly changing, ever evolving man, with huge dreams, complicated plans, lofty goals and ambitions. I am a lover, a fighter, a fierce friend, a word-smith, a dreamer, a cubicle philosopher, an old soul, perfect and imperfect, wise and foolish…but striving to be the best person I can be.

So – who are YOU?

This is the second in my weekly posts. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Thank you for joining me.

Pathwalking 1

How can I make a difference?

This question comes up for me fairly often. I want to help other people see the world in the way that I see it. NOT in a ‘my way is the one true way’ idea at all. On the contrary – I want people to disagree with me. I want them to consider these words, and reject them if they disagree. I want them to think, to consider, to ponder their own view on similar topics.

I think too many people fall into the trap of being swayed by outside voices. Sometimes it is just so very very easy to let the opinions of others carry us along. Sometimes, as adults, its really nice not to have to be responsible.

But this comes with a price. And that price is an increasing inability to be ourselves.

The irony of my idea does not escape me. I state in one sentence that I want people to be themselves and not be swayed by outside voices – yet what am I but an outside voice trying to sway people to my world view?

I am not trying to sway you to support me for an office. I am not trying to sell you something. I am not trying to convert you to anything. I am not suggesting you oppose the views of another. And that, my friend, is my point.

We get easily caught up in mundane issues. We have jobs to pay the bills to pay for our mortgages, cars, clothes, et al. We have routines that carry us through our days, weeks, and months. We live linear lives, sunrise to sunset, complaining about a lack of time, a lack of ability, and the things we do not have. We watch people with enormous monetary, political, military, and verbal power manipulating machines far beyond our own lives in ways that do and do not effect every aspect of them. Worst of all, this leads us to deny our own empowerment.

I am guilty of this. I let myself be carried along by the same forces of this world. I punch the clock, pay the bills, have the same complaints. Yet I see the possibility, the potential, the awesome power held by EVERY SINGLE PERSON, poor and wealthy, wise and foolish, weak and strong, to BE very much more.

We all fixate on the goal. Sometimes it’s a small goal, like the paycheck being deposited into the bank every two weeks. Sometimes its larger, like paying off the mortgage, getting a promotion at work, achieving the weight loss, etc. The problem here is that in striving for the goal, we do not see our path. We are carried along, focused on a single point…and we miss opportunities. We miss alternatives. Sometimes, we miss amazing things.

There is that song that brings a tear to your eye. That color that warms your heart. That memory that makes you smile. That person you miss when not with you. Sunset. Starlight. Incredible sex.

These easily dismissed, readily shunted to a corner of our mind things, often taken for granted, are actually far greater than any goal. These things make up our memories. These moments of time we set aside for seemingly more important things are really what define us as individuals.

An aspect of my desire to make a difference is admittedly selfish. I am not just putting these words here in order to help YOU see the world as I see it. I am also doing this to remind myself of my own view…especially when I, too, get carried along by the journey to the goal, and overwhelmed by the every-day mundane demands of my materialistic lifestyle.

Previously in this journal, I expressed my desire not to make resolutions for 2012 – but instead to take actions. And so – in an effort to practice what I preach, so to speak – I am taking a weekly walk along the path. On my weekly walk, I am going to bring you along. If you choose to join me.

Maybe, when I take this walk, I will make a difference. Maybe, when I make a difference, you will consider how you can make a difference. Maybe, just maybe, we can begin to appreciate the path for what it is.

And maybe making this difference will brighten our corner of the world. Maybe the corner becomes a room. Maybe the room becomes the home. And maybe the light will chase out the dark, and we will find true happiness.

Because, when all is said and done, when the day is through, when we close our eyes and rest…isn’t happiness, ultimately, what we REALLY want?

As one of my new actions for 2012, this is the first in new weekly posts. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Thank you for joining me.

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