The Occupy Wall Street movement may not make sense to everyone.  But I think the one, simple point they are making needs to be spread far and wide.

Wake up!

That is, I believe, their primary message.

Are We, the people, actually in control of this nation?

The answer is simple.  No.

And that is the point of this movement.  Wake up and see who is in charge!  It’s not the government, it is not the people – it is Big Business.

Don’t believe that?  Has any legislation that would benefit the poor or middle class been passed lately?  Or has only that which promotes and supports Big Business gone forward?

Did the Health Care Reform that passed benefit the people – or the Big Business of Insurance?

Has Congress offered a bail-out to the Average American who is suffering, or banks and automakers?

Is Congress willing to give more tax breaks to these mega-corporations – or make them pay their fair share?

The answer is always the same – Big Business gets what they want.  They own the government.  And they are in control.

And THAT is the point of this movement.  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) recognizes that THIS is what it is all about.  We have been overrun by special interests, corporations, banks and big-business.  THEY are in control of this nation.

That is the point of OWS.  They are taking advantage of a nation built on free-speech and revolution against tyranny and showing us that WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL.  And for their trouble they are being lambasted, derided, arrested, pepper-sprayed, and worse.

Wake up!  See this for what it is – and let’s find a way to TAKE BACK OUR NATION.

If you agree – please pass this on.  Let’s wake everyone up!

If you disagree – at least consider this: Do you feel that you have any say in how the government you vote for operates?  Isn’t freedom a central tenet that this nation was founded on?