To go forwards, you cannot go backwards.

There is a push by reactionary conservatives to take us back to a simpler, more naïve time (that never ACTUALLY existed) – and they are pushing through laws and ideas that are, simply, backwards.

The ‘personhood’ issue in Mississippi.  The repeal of the criminalization of domestic violence to save money in Kansas.  Dismissing unions and their place in organized labor all across the country.  Suggesting the uninsured should be allowed to die.  These actions are receiving next to no attention in the media, but are a serious issue that is being ignored.

You cannot move forward by moving backwards.

John Lennon was a smart man.  “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.  You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.  I hope someday you’ll join us…and the world will live as one.”    He had a vision of mankind as a unified entity – and it’s an inspirational vision indeed.

What has happened to us?  When did we get so very divided, so very split apart from logic and forethought in the interest of so-called ‘morality’ and ‘religion’?  When did the greedy get to control the marketplace and the political landscape so thoroughly?

Religion has NO PLACE in politics, NO PLACE in the making of laws.  The ‘Personhood’ bullshit in Mississippi, which is part of a movement intent on spreading throughout the US, is an unacceptable measure that takes us backwards in ways I don’t think anyone is grasping.  Really, people?  Why are you not more outraged by this?

Decriminalizing domestic violence is not just a blow to women’s rights – it is a blow to logic and intelligence.  Are you serious – you want to save money by allowing people to suffer?  What is wrong with you people?

WAKE UP!  We are being overrun by stupid, unreasonable, uneducated fools intent on making us a ‘Moral, Christian’ nation in their own warped image.  They are not preaching reality – they are taking us away from science, from reason, from logic, from wisdom, and returning us to the dark ages of Europe.

SPEAK UP!  Make them hear us!  They are the MINORITY!  The majority has been silent in our complacency for TOO LONG – and we need them to SEE US, HEAR US, and react to us!

We are not far from waking up to a world where a woman is subservient to her husband and his abuse, birth control AND abortion are illegal, labor has no voice, and there is no middle class – only the wealthy, and the poor.  Didn’t we fight long and hard to leave that world behind?

We are entering an age where information is at our fingertips, technology connects us to each other instantaneously – and yet we are more disconnected than we have been since the so-called dark ages.

We have to work together, the silent majority, to make OUR voices be heard!  The middle class cannot be ignored and destroyed – we need to STAND UP!  We need to take back reason, we need to take back the power that is being stolen from us – and we need to remind these people that WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

If you agree – please spread this.  We really need the voice of the majority to be LOUDER than the overpaid, obnoxious voices currently shouting from the mountaintops.  We need to be heard.  We need to stop ignoring what is going on and stop being ignored!

I know I am not alone in this.  Join me – let’s make them pay attention, and stop moving us backwards instead of forwards.