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Month: September 2011

Working together for the Greater Good

There is some scary stuff being talked about these days.  Class warfare.  Letting the uninsured get sick and die.  Cutting funds for education.  Cutting funding for disaster victims.  More and more it is obvious that the effort to separate people and put them at odds with one another is of greater import than bringing people together for the greater good.

Everywhere we turn we see division.  Red state vs. Blue state.  Democrat vs. Republican.  Muslim vs. Christian.  Rich vs. Poor.  Have vs. Have not.  We are being set-up to believe that we must be in constant conflict, constant competition.  Everywhere you look you see an Us vs. Them dispute of some kind or other.  And we are being forced to choose sides.

Some people argue that only through conflict can we evolve, can we grow.  Some people argue that only with intense, violent change can we move forward.  I disagree.

We all have a right to grow, and change, and move forward, beyond what violence can bring us.  We all have the right to peace, and with peace, prosperity.  And with peace and prosperity, ultimately, happiness.

We are now witnessing what happens when both sides refuse to compromise, refuse to try to agree.  Our US Congress is in an endless deadlock, and becoming more and more disagreeable and partisan.  Who is suffering?  The vast majority of us – those of us who make up the so-called ‘middle class’, the ‘Average Joes’, so to speak.

But on the other side – I have seen how much people can accomplish by working TOGETHER.  A community, in every sense of the word.

Following the most intense flood they have seen in 500 years after Hurricane Irene, nearly every business on Broadway in Denville, NJ took flood damage.  A lot of equipment was lost, there was considerable property damage, and very few businesses had flood insurance.  But rather than give up, rather than look for somewhere to cast the blame, the community banded together and vowed to rebuild.

Local citizens, business owners, government officials, everyone who could volunteered to help clean up, vowed to shop at the businesses that were still open, opted to work with one another to restore Denville to how it was.  The true spirit of community is impressive to behold – from the masses of people days after the flood waters salvaging what they could, to the notes of support from local students on every window – the community is working as a single entity to come back from this catastrophe.

Politics do not matter.  Age does not matter.  Class does not matter.  Everyone in the community is working TOGETHER to bring their town back.  And it is quite the site to behold.

This is the perfect example of what the world needs now.  We need to stop defining our differences and refining our separations – we need to find our common ground, and work together for the greater good.  We need to reach out to one another.  We need to remember that community can be both great and small.  But we are not so different from one another – we are all human.

Take a moment and think about the ways we all separate ourselves from one another.  Take a moment and consider how much more we accomplish when we work together than when we work against one another.

We need to remind the media, the politicians, the wealthy, the poor, the well and the sick that we are ALL in this together.  We are a chain, linked to one another – and we are only as strong as the weakest link.  No one is perfect, every link can be cracked and broken – even the strongest.  If we do not work together, we only break apart into useless bits of metal.

We have to reach out to one another, and HELP OURSELVES.  We need to stop relying on the media, stop relying on our politicians, we need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and make the effort to secure the weakest links, rather than watch them crack apart.  We need to find our communities, and come together for the greater good.

This goes against a great deal of mainstream thought these days.  I am suggesting we bypass the institutions that are in place and find our own way.  I am suggesting that we stop casting aspersions and placing blame and we take control of our lives, and work WITH instead of against one another.  It has to start small, but if we can just START, maybe we can spread it.

I am no one of consequence.  In the Grand Scheme of Things™ I am just a guy who is trying to live my life.   But when all is said and done – SO IS EVERYONE ELSE.  I blog these grand commentaries because I want to share the way I see the world with everyone else – and maybe influence people to THINK more.  To SEE more.  And in the end – to BE more.

Our lives are precisely that – OURS.  If we continue to define ourselves by our differences, and look to others to show us the way, we continue to give away our lives.  Working together does not mean waiting for someone else to make things happen – it means WORKING, EACH OF US, TOGETHER, to achieve the goal.  We only get so far as the least effective worker gets us.  But maybe, just maybe, if we try this together, we can improve our collective lots in life.

So before you complain about the state of the economy, the partisan bullshit of the US Government, or the greed of the wealthy corporations – consider what YOU are doing, and what your friends, family, neighbors, and community are DOING to make your own way.

Let’s all do our best, together, to make our own peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Banish the fear

What are your hopes?

What are your dreams?

Who are you?

What do you want from life?

What are you afraid of?

These are big questions we all ask of our friends, our families, and ourselves.

I have been feeling rather introspective the past few days.  Part of this is related to what I am reading – Paulo Coelho’s The Valkyries.  This is causing me to question a great deal about the above questions.  The question, though, causing me the most issues is the last:

What are you afraid of?

This is a rather poignant question I am trying to face.  I do not fear anything traditional anymore – like spiders, heights, closed spaces and whatnot; what I fear are huge abstracts – failure and success.

While I could get into my own view of these issues – I actually am writing this about a far larger issue.  Because I see something that is terribly, terribly wrong in our society, and it is an enormous, faceless abstract that is not being properly addressed.

What are YOU afraid of?

Fear is being used EVERY SINGLE DAY by our business leaders, our politicians, the press, and various other sources of information and authority to keep us in line.  I’ve talked about this before – but not like this.  We are fearful of these immense, abstract things:  terrorism, economic crashes, Republicans, Democrats, communists, socialists, natural disasters, guns, nukes, poverty, wealth…I could go on and on.  Everywhere we turn its fear Fear FEAR!  And we are swallowing that message like the sweetest candy ever invented.

What are WE afraid of?

Living in fear is a dangerous thing.  Fear interferes with forward action.  Fear prevents us from taking risks – good and bad.  Fear does not lead us to success – it leads us to failure.

Fear is not the same as caution.  Caution is an examination of a subject, and judging what action to take based on that.  Fear is not rational – fear is purely emotional, probably the most visceral emotion we are capable of.

And we are being played by so very many entities, based on our fears.  They are using fear to control us, dominate us, direct us, distract us.  Fear is the ultimate weapon, the ultimate means to an end.  Fear keeps our press entities profitable, keeps the politicians in office, keeps people in poverty and sorrow.

We are letting fear destroy us.  We are letting fear change how we live, who we are, and where we are going in this life.  Fear is dictating our actions, our motions, our plans.  And fear is dividing us, destroying us, and tearing us apart on almost every imaginable level.

It’s not enough to speak the Litany against Fear, or something similar.  We have to face our fear.  We have to look at what fear makes us, and we need to recognize that unless we overcome our fear – it will continue to obliterate us.  We need to acknowledge that fear is a feeling – and we can change it.

You control how you feel.  Period.  You are in control of this.  Yes, things will make you angry, happy, sad, frustrated, excited, fearful, horny, anxious, apathetic – but YOU choose how long you will FEEL this.  YOU choose how you will let that feeling hold onto you.  YOU choose how that feeling will affect you, your actions, etc.  It is on YOU to control your feelings.

Which brings me to my point.  What are we afraid of?  And the reason I ask this question is because unless we answer it, and answer it soon – there isn’t going to be much left of our lives EXCEPT for fear.

Take a look around at the media, the messages delivered by our politicians, and everything else trying to play on our fears.  Really try to notice just how dominant fear is in every aspect of our lives.  And when you see it – THINK ABOUT IT.  Rationalize it.  And try to break away from the emotional reaction it causes.

If we can stop the fear, if we can ignore the deluge of messages commanding us to be fearful of all these abstract things – we can make this world a better place.  We can solve our economic woes, we can fight the greed and corruption, we can work TOGETHER to improve our collective lot in life.  But until we acknowledge, and then displace the fear – we’re only spinning our wheels.

Fear mongering is not an acceptable way to control people.  We are not incapable creatures who can be victimized by those in power – and we need to show them that!  We need to use our free will to recognize, confront, and ultimately BANISH fear.  And when we stop living in fear – I think we will all see a better way, a better life, a better existence.

Please consider my words.  Consider what it is you are fearful of – and think about how your life will be WITHOUT that fear!  Don’t just ask the question – give it some thought, and replace the fear with courage.

What are you afraid of?

An open letter to the President of the United States

Dear Mister President,

The odds of you actually reading this letter yourself are slim, I’m sure.  But I still feel this urge to write to you, and hope that maybe, just maybe, you will see this.

When you ran for office just a few short years ago, your message was hope.  It was a message of change.  A message that if we elected you, you would change the course of our nation, get us out of this downward spiral, bring us to a better place.  A message of coming together.

You chose members of your cabinet from both parties.  You showed that you wanted to bridge the divide, work with both sides of the political aisle, and strive to make things better.

What happened?

You have been sabotaged.  Sabotaged by three entities, really.  The first, and easiest target, is the Republicans.

I do not recall the members of the other party actively calling for the ousting of the sitting President.  Not like this.  I don’t recall such vehemence, such opposition.  I do not recall this kind of obstructionism.  Let’s not do anything useful – let’s just sit on our hands, hope it makes the President look bad so we can get our own guy into the office.

The second target is the Democrats.  They had control of the House and the Senate while you sat in the White House – and got NOTHING done.  They have stood against you, they have pandered to the Republicans and to big business and bickered amongst themselves.  They can’t agree on the color of the sky, I have no doubt – let alone actually pass a useful bill.  We don’t need REAL health care reform OR sensible taxation OR jobs.  We need our own job security!

Yes, I believe the political parties share that blame.  But there is a third entity that has sabotaged you.

That would be you, President Obama.

You are the leader of the United States of America.  You are our President.  You should be choosing our direction.  You should be leading us.  You should be setting the tone.  You should be showing us the way.

And so far – all you’ve done is show us how quickly you will back down.  You’ve shown us that you will compromise to the point of nothing really useful getting done.  You’ve gotten to the point where you are constantly reacting to Congress and the two parties and all the partisanship – and looking weak and easily swayed.

I do not believe that is who you are.  I still believe in you.  I still think you can do something, something AMAZING.  I still think you can make the direction of our nation, and you can LEAD us, ALL of us.

And this is how:

Rise above the politics.  Stop pandering to the parties and take the reigns.  LEAD us.  Lead the nation.  Lead the congress.  Show us the way.

Berate the partisanship.  Express displeasure at the state of the people of this nation.  If we are so great – how can 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty?  In what way is that acceptable?

This is your chance.  Yes, the election year is coming – and have you seen what is being run against you?  Fear mongers.  Haters.  People who put their faith ahead of reason and logic, people who will only divide us further.  And your silence, your inability to speak out for fear of political reprisal just gives them strength.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, the saying goes.

Before it is too late – before the government truly collapses, before the nation divides and we find ourselves in a class war or civil war  – PLEASE take the initiative, rise above the politics, and show us WHY we elected you in 2008.  Stop taking the middle road, stop trying to please everyone and take the position of authority you hold and LEAD THE WAY.

Unite us.  You have the ability.  Don’t let the dividers, the haters, the fear mongers break us apart and instigate a societal collapse.  Give us hope again.  Please.

With hope,

MJ Blehart

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