Its been a while since my last post here.  Life has been a tad busy – and my internet connectivity at work is no longer any good.  Gotta love over-enthusiastic security.

Anyhow…I have been debating what topic to cover next, and I think I shall choose one near but not so dear to me.  Choice.  Decision.  Action.

All things in life, I believe, come down to this.  Choices.  Decision.  Action.  Every day we ware faced with choices, have to make decisions, and take actions…or not.  Sometimes this is easier, sometimes this is much harder.  And there always seems to be something requiring these three ideas.

I have often found that, rather than make a hard choice – we sometimes choose to make no choice at all.  And the inaction borne of this action will usually come back to haunt.  But the choice of making no choice at all is still a choice – but in a lot of respects, it’s sort of a coward’s choice.

Indecisiveness is sometimes far easier than making a decision.  In especial if someone stands to be hurt by a decision when made.  So no decision is made, and in deciding not to decide, we continue to take the action of inaction.

And inaction is STILL an action.  We have choices.  We have decisions.  And these lead to actions.  Or to inactions.  And that is a trap it is FAR too easy to fall into.  We often think that by not taking an action, we are better off.  But the truth is, inaction is far more problematic than most actions.

Of course these are not hard and fast rules.  Sometimes indecision, making no choice, and inaction ARE valid and even practical responses.  But they should not be the dominant choices – they all imply that you are allowing someone ELSE to choose, decide, and take action – instead of doing so for yourself.

And this all falls under the same thing I have been arguing for YEARS now is the number one problem in the country today.  ACCOUNTABILITY.  Choice, Decision and Action are all a part of accountability – and when we do not use them, we take less accountability for our actions, decisions and choices.  And then where does that put us?  It puts us where we are now.  We have a justice system out of control, politicians and business owners taking zero ownership or responsibility for the things they should be – all because no one takes accountability for anything.

The blame game dominates too many of our public institutions.  Government, business, schools and such all place the blame for their woes everywhere else – and rather than be accountable and make decisions, choices, and take action – they throw up obstacles and barriers and blame and nothing gets done.   If they took action, took responsibility and made things happen – I think the world would be a FAR better place.

What if, instead of indecision and inaction, everyone owns up to their accountability?  Instead of blame, we take responsibility, and then take action to correct the mistake if it’s a mistake, or continue to perpetuate what we have done if its something good.  What if all the spurious law suits were instead forced to find the accountable party instead of pointing fingers and trying to establish blame?  Wouldn’t it be better to give our energy to responsibility and accountability instead of finger pointing and blame?  Which do you think is the better, more productive action?

Coming back full circle, I said that this is a topic near and not-so dear to me.  Why?  Because as often as I plan out things and figure out what I want to do and where I want to be, all too often I am indecisive, make no choices, and take no actions.

And then I wind up where I am.  Again.  Oh, look, once again I have a bad job, and my financial situation is less-than desirable, and I am fighting depression and blah blah blah blah.  Shampoo.  Rinse.  Repeat.

So what would be so terrible if I actually MADE decisions, MADE choices, and took actions?  Why should I allow fear to color my decisions?  Why should anybody?

AND SO – from my own perspective – I am going to work with my choices, work on my decisions, and work on my actions – and be more mindful of what I do, what I am thinking, and being more proactive.  Action, not inaction or reaction.  Decision instead of indecision.  Choosing instead of making no choice.  And working on being mindful and conscious of this CONSTANTLY.