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Month: June 2010


Last entry I wrote about energy.  Building on that – today I am going to write about intent.

And just what is intent?

in·tent [in-tent–noun

1. something that is intended; purpose; design; intention: The original intent of the committee was to raise funds.

2. the act or fact of intending, as to do something: criminal intent.

3. Law . the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object.

4. meaning or significance.

Ok, you’re probably wondering why I am going to write all about intent, and how it’s connected to the previous topic of energy.

It is typical to just allow things to happen.  It’s really easy, in fact, to just plod along, do what you do, and just let the chips fall where they may.  Most people go about their lives in this way, and it’s not so much wrong or bad as it is reactionary.  Living like this means we are constantly REACTING to whatever is happening around us.  You react to your bills, you react to people, you react to emotions, you react to weather…seldom do we choose to take a PROACTIVE position, so that we have more control over a given situation.

The opposite of this is to live with intent.  Intent means you don’t just let your day happen to you, you don’t just let the chips fall where they may – you set out with a plan, a goal, a path of your own choosing – and you work to make things your way.  You focus on how you want things to be, and you focus on making your life happen as you would most desire.

Yes, I recognize again I may be speaking in tree-hugging hippy speak – but let me just give you an example.  Let’s say you are traveling across the country – and you expect that at the end of the journey, things are going to be bad.  You’ll have a lousy time, the weather is gonna suck, and Murphy will have his way with you.  And what usually happens when this is the case?  Now, conversely, if you go into the exact same situation expecting things to go well – even if there ARE issues, isn’t it far less troublesome?

How, you may ask, is that being intentional?  As per the above definition – intention is “the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object.”  Rather than just going about and letting the powers-that-be have their way with you, you make a CHOICE, you make a plan – and you consider how what you do will affect the outcome.

One VERY important thing about intention – you cannot control the things you cannot control.  You cannot control traffic, the weather, or other people.  What using intention controls is your REACTION to these things you cannot control.  Rather than get upset, or angry, or frustrated…don’t just let the gut reaction have control…take ahold of your reaction.  Find an alternative.  Intend to make the best of a situation you cannot control.

Obviously this is NOT easy…but I know that for me, I find whenever I stop to redirect my energy, and redirect my reaction…I wind up FEELING better.  If I work on my intent rather than just going with negative gut reaction, I find coping is FAR easier, and I wind up more able to handle the given situation.  And the end result is that I am finding I am less stressed, less flustered, more content and even HAPPIER.

Last time I offered up a challenge.  I am going to make a similar challenge, but alter it slightly :  For the next week  – when you find yourself focusing on woes, when you find yourself getting angry or frustrated or flustered or otherwise wrapped up in negative emotions – catch yourself.  Take a moment to get ahold of the thought and the feeling – and then think about how you WANT to feel, send out your intent, and LET IT GO.  Don’t dwell on the negative, don’t give it any energy – let it pass, and replace it with your intent.  Take control and be intentional in your thinking.

This takes practice – but I know for me, I am finding that the more I work on being intentional in my thinking, the more contentment and happiness I am finding.  Even with situations that I cannot control – I am finding my headspace has remained positive, and I am a much more content person.

Do you have anything to lose by trying this?  Now…join me in finding a tree to hug!


Today I am going to talk about energy.

I believe, and science largely confirms, that EVERYTHING in the universe, from the largest black hole to the smallest electron, is made of energy.  And energy cannot be created nor destroyed – it always IS, always will be, it just moves in and out of form, between the visible and the invisible, constantly moving, constantly shifting, both in synch with and apart from everything.  When Yoda stated that “luminous beings are we – not this crude matter” he was absolutely correct.  We are made of energy, and as such we are ALL connected.

So what, you may be wondering?  That is the key – so what?  The answer is that if we are ALL energy, and ALL connected – then everything we do has an effect on everyone and everything around us.  So if you are constantly putting out negative thoughts and negative feelings – negativity begets negativity.

I have seen for myself that you really do get what you put out in this life.  Sometimes that seems like a total crock of BS – but I really do believe that consciousness creates reality.  As such – when we are full of negative thinking and expectation of bad results – guess what you get?

This crosses into that whole hooky-spooky realm, and there are a lot of people that will consider this to be totally BS.  So let me ask you this, if you consider this a crock – how often are you FULLY conscious of your own thought process?  How often do you put intent in your thoughts, intent in your process, actions – versus how often do you just live life and let things HAPPEN?

Most of us just go with the flow – you get up, you go to work, you go home, you chill in front of the TV.  You let the pattern carry you along – you let life cycle YOU through your day.  And we watch the news, and listen to them tell us how awful the economy is, how lousy the job and housing markets are, how terrible the oil spill is – and as we cycle through the day with all these negative thoughts swirling about our heads and into our energies – negativity begets negativity.  So if we focus on the bad things happening around us, and the bad things we do not want – we get MORE, and they pile on.

This can be VERY hard to accept, frankly.  I mean, c’mon, really?  My inner skeptic calls shenanigans on this assertion.  Negativity begets negativity?  What kind of hippy-speak tree-hugging crap is that?

Ever notice that when you are in a good head space, and thinking about good things, good things come and happen?  Ever notice that when you are in a bad head space, and expecting bad things to happen, they usually do?  Consciousness, my friends, creates reality.

If we are all focusing on negative things, and all focusing on bad outcomes – do we not draw more of the same?  It is SO EASY to think negatively.  It is almost too easy to think about bad things, problems, complaints…and when we start down that path, its hard to get off of it.

What if we all think more positively?  What if we are more intentional in our thoughts, and work together to create more POSITIVE energies?  What if we focus on the good things we have in our lives, and not let the bad things happening in the world dominate our thought process?

I am going to issue you a challenge.  For the next week  – when you find yourself focusing on money woes, job woes, the destruction in the Gulf, or any other negative thing – catch yourself.  Take a moment to get ahold of the thought – and then LET IT GO.  Don’t dwell on it, don’t give it any energy – let it pass.  And then replace it with a GOOD thought – something that makes you happy.  Something that makes you feel good.  Take control and be intentional in your thinking.

I won’t lie to you – THIS IS HARD!  But I also believe that nothing worth having is easy.  I believe that if we think more positively, and more intentionally – we can make this a better world.

Thank you.  Someone pass the granola while I go hug a tree.  🙂

No complaints!

The original topic planned for this space has been postponed.  Today I present you with a new and different topic instead.

We all know that we live in an imperfect world.  VERY few people have EVERYTHING they want, and from there few people know how to GET what they want in a proactive/productive manner.  So what do we do when things don’t go as we’d most desire?  We complain.

Complaining is EASY.  It takes little to no effort to examine what is wrong with any given situation, and to complain about said wrong.  There are even whole departments in various companies whose sole purpose is to take on complaints.




an expression of discontent, regret, pain, censure, resentment, or grief; lament; faultfinding: his complaint about poor schools.


a cause of discontent, pain, grief, lamentation, etc.


a cause of bodily pain or ailment; malady: The doctor says I suffer from a rare complaint.


Law. the first pleading of the plaintiff in a civil action, stating the cause of action.

All of these definitions point to the same thing – a complaint is a negative thing.  No solution comes of complaining.

There IS a point to this.  I, like everyone else, complain.  My job is imperfect, my relationships have issues – and I complain about these things.  Does it make me feel better to complain?  Not in particular.  Does it make anyone ELSE feel better when I complain?  Nope, not so much.  Does complaining about anything provide any insight or solution? Not that I have ever encountered, no.  Does a complaint produce any result?  I have to continue to go with no.

So this raises the unasked question – WHY DO I COMPLAIN?

I find myself asking that question very seriously – and the answer I have is – I don’t know.  Because complaining about things is EASY, because complaining allows me to express discontent, because if I complain it makes others aware.


Seriously – does anything productive come of complaining?  All sources point to the answer being NO.  If I complain about my job – does that in any way solve the issues I have with my job?  Again – the answer is a resounding NO.

Why am I complaining about complaining?

THAT is the key – this is not a complaint about complaining – this is an observation – and a change of approach.

As of today, I am vowing to go this ENTIRE WEEK without complaining.

Complaining is no help to anyone – it does not give us solutions, it does not provide us with ideas or positive approaches – it is nothing but a source of negativity.  And negativity begets negativity.  ]

SO – let the experiment begin!  Let’s see if a week without complaint makes a difference.  I have a feeling it WILL.

Care to join me?

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