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Month: April 2010

A real topic – Politics.

It is time for a first rant, I think.  Thus far I’ve kept things pretty benign.

Today’s topic – Politics.  Let’s talk about the state of politics in the USA, shall we?  In my opinion – they are completed FUBAR.  The levels of deceit, greed and corruption in our Congress is both shameful and ludicrous.  The partisanship and patronism is completely out of hand, and no one is doing anything about it.

On the surface, Health Care reform is a necessity.  The system is broken, and has been for some time.  But the so called ‘reform’ congress passed is pretty much useless.  A REAL solution would not have involved the insurance companies – because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.  No one wants to say that – and the powers-that-be know that they certainly fund those politicians well – but let’s be honest, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.  If congress HAD shown some balls and created a public option, one that would FORCE the insurance companies to offer competitive pricing, THAT would have been reform.  But no – no, that would actually REFORM the system in a meaningful way – and we’d not want to piss off the guys funding our campaigns, right?

So a good idea that has gone nowhere.  Next up – financial reform.  Oh, wait, we have to do this VERY carefully – because those banks we aren’t bothering to completely regulate are ALSO major contributors to our campaign funding.  We don’t want to lose that backing…so we can’t REALLY force them to be accountable.  Let’s come up with something soft and fluffy so the public gets the impression we are doing something – other than throwing rhetoric back and forth in endless debate.

Learn a lesson from history, people – Rome fell.  It got decadent and complacent and corrupt, and it fell.  Look around you.  Look at our so-called leaders.  If you can do that and NOT think a fall is coming – why don’t you go back to the rock you are living under and continue to ignore reality.  Thanks.

There are solutions to this.  But they are drastic.  I believe, with everything I read and the constant battles between the two parties, and the battles WITHIN these ludicrous parties, that the time is LONG past for congressional term limits.  Maybe if these people were not in CONSTANT campaign mode to remain in power, they might ACTUALLY do what they are supposed to do.  Instead you get these entrenched incumbents, from a system with two parties that are largely similar, though one leans left and one leans right.  The party lines, as they are, cause more trouble than guidelines.  It is time to make these people accountable – it is time they were not allowed to just go on and on doing the same job poorly for term after term after term – it is time we return them to doing OUR business as they are SUPPOSED to be doing.

Two terms.  That’s it.  Let’s end the ‘career politicians’ and get people in and out of office more interested in getting the business of the people done than in keeping their jobs.  Let’s make congress the voice of the people again, instead of the voice of their own careers and whatever special interest groups keep them funded.  Let’s remind them that they work for US, not the other way around.

Kiss the electoral college goodbye.  This system serves no purpose anymore, apart from keeping the two-party system in place.  Enough.  The parties are breaking down, they squabble among themselves on all kinds of topics.  It is time to simply elect our officials based on their INDIVIDUAL merits, not the party that supports them.  Accountability – that is the key.

And then there are the REALLY extreme solutions.  The USA is TOO DAMNED BIG, and too diverse.  We can barely agree on anything between the Northeast, the Deep South, the Upper Midwest, the West Coast, Texas, what-have-you.  It may be time for the union to dissolve – and new central authorities to form.  Let’s stop having to fight over the attitude differences between regions – and re-centralize some forms of regional government.  I am not talking about the BS ‘revolution’ the Tea Partiers are calling for – I am talking about the nation admitting that our diversity is TOO great, our divisions too deep, and that we need to split this 50 state behemoth up into more manageable pieces.

We don’t need more government, nor do we need less government – we need SMARTER government.  We need more effective government.  And we need to stop sitting back and letting our politicians and the special interest groups that fund them control the process – we need to take it back!  We need to reclaim our government FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE.  We need to end our complacency, and remind these politicians they work for US.  We need to make it clear to congress that the status quo is NOT quo.

At least think about it.  You don’t have to agree with my every point here – but if you care about the laws they make, and the people making these laws – think about this before you vote in the next election.

End of rant.

Webpage Ramblings

When I got published in the anthology Rum and Runestones, I was given a chance to write a bio about myself.  Well, I did…and in that bio mentioned my personal website, MJ Blehart.  At the time I mentioned my website, it was nothing but a domain I owned – but it was unhosted.  When I learned the actual release of the anthology was days away, I determined that I had better not leave the site without content.

SO – I set out to create content for my personal website.  I determined to reuse the template my friend Mike gave me for Off the Compass Solutions – only I recolored it and made a few other small changes for my other site.  I started out with a front page, a bio page, and then a few random photos.  I then decided to add a sample of the poems I have written over the years.  I also determined that a page of some of my photos might be kinda cool, too.

The next item was what stories do I share?  The Source Chronicles have a web page – and the first 6 chapters of book 1 are there.  So that wasn’t what I wanted to put here.  So I decided to put up some shorter, completed novels – a couple of my NaNoWriMo projects.  In the 5 years I have participated in National Novel Writer’s Month, I have finished 3 stories.

I am pretty sure no one wants me to post a 200+ page story directly to the web.  SO I determined to save them in sections as PDF.  And I chose to put up first Shades of Mediocrity from 2008, and then The Journey of a Thousand Miles…Begins with a Trip to the Post Office from 2006.  Both of these are not my usual sci-fi and fantasy genre I work from.  But I think it’s a good example of the range of my writing abilities (there are plenty of advertisements and press materials I have created in the business world over the years, too).  I also feel both are fairly strong stories.

I had a great deal of trepidation about putting out Journey.  It is NOT the most flattering piece of work – I in fact paint myself as quite the asshole at various parts.  However – I think it is a great piece of dark humor that I created, and while I am semi-embarrassed by it, I am deeply proud of it.  So there it is…I have more or less laid myself open for the world to see.

Now I just need an agent to see this work, and offer to represent me so I can get some stand alone work published.  Or an enthusiastic publisher would be ok, too.

What to share, what to share?

I have a private blog I keep on LiveJournal.  I’ve had that one up and running for a number of years now.  And unless you happen to be a friend of mine, I don’t share what I put there.

But now I have this blog.  And so far…no content.  What do I put here, that I am willing to share with anyone and everyone, versus what I post to my LJ for just my closer friends?

I will start to talk about personal things like writing and my business and stuff like that which I am comfortable sharing.  I might also get into more controversial stuff like religion and politics in a way I don’t on my LJ.  This IS all about ramblings, after all.  And ramble I shall.

Today I added content to my new writing website –  I decided to include one of the stories I did for National Novel Writer’s Month a couple years back.  Not my usual genre – this is a technothriller.  (Think Tom Clancy and the like).  I think this helps provide more depth of my overall work on my new webpage.

Next up, I want to figure out how to do a podcast.  I intend to podcast The Source Chronicles: Seeker.  Working on the exact details…and the HOW of this idea.

So that is where I am at today.  Thanks for reading.  I will work on more interesting content along the way.

What is a titanium don, anyhow?

Not so much a what, as a who, really.

Hi there.  I am MJ Blehart, also known to many as Malcolm Bowman.  MJ Blehart is a writer and entrepreneur residing in New Jersey.  Malcolm Bowman is a persona of MJ Blehart in the Society for Creative Anachronism, hailing from the late 16th Century England, residing in the East Kingdom.  MJ Blehart is a Mister.  Malcolm Bowman is a Don.  And due to a shoulder composed largely of titanium following a serious accident near the end of 1999, a Don made partially of titanium.  And now you know the story behind the name.

Join me as I explore my new business and avenues in writing.  Make sure you have an appropriate beverage and snack for the journey. 


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