Sourcechronicles dot com was the first domain I ever purchased.

I had no idea what to do with it, but when I determined that the name of my novel series would be The Source Chronicles, I decided I needed to own the domain (domains, actually. I acquired both sourcechronicles and thesourcechronicles dot com).

For a long time, I had nothing there. I parked the domain, and let it be. I had taken a basic HTML class years ago, but I was still uncertain what to do. Then a friend gave me Dreamweaver, and I built my first website.

Screenshot - Seeker

Sourcechronicles was originally rather pathetic. No real architecture, it was just the grand map of the world, and sample chapters. Over time, I altered that, but it was still very basic, and utterly unprofessional looking.

I purchased more domains along the way, and a friend offered me a basic template I could use. From that template, I was able to build mjblehart dot com, the website for my writing overall; vaporrogues dot com, the website for my unique and original Steampunk world; and the currently defunct website for my own small business, Off the Compass Solutions.

With the coming release of Seeker, I determined it was time to revamp the website. I am not savvy enough to make this do what I really want it to, but I have been able to make it look much cleaner and more interesting.

What does The Source Chronicles need a website for?


The world I have created is immense. Three continents, more than two dozen nations, each of those with different governments and exports and degrees of wealth and such. I thought it would be interesting to be able to expand upon these things online, since putting it into the book itself would not serve.

I spent hours rebuilding the web page. Though I intend to have it reflect my more grandiose vision for it down the line, using my own limited skills I wanted to make improvements and thus be able to share it.

I hope that it might generate some excitement for the story, and build anticipation for Seeker’s publishing.

Seeker should be available by Thursday, October 30th. Though it is not a horror story, I want to release it in time for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween, and in support of All Hallow’s Read. No, Seeker is not a scary book, but I want be part of anything that supports getting people to give books and read more!

Keep watching this space for more information. Thank you for your continued support.