I started to write fantasy and sci-fi when I was nine years old.

My first completed work was 50 pages, illustrated sci-fi. I still have the original and a color copy around here somewhere.

I have numerous other projects that have been started, some finished, some not. These span across elementary school, middle school, high school, college and beyond.


I have been an active writer for over 30 years. I have written a vast amount of fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, Steampunk, poetry, philosophy, political and social commentary, business works and more. I have had two short stories published in anthologies, and self-published the first year of Pathwalking in book and e-book form.

My first love has always been sci-fi and fantasy. Back in 1998, I had a scene pop into my head. I wrote it, then a follow-up, then another, and another. Before long it was a story. Soon that story evolved into a novel, and the novel would in time evolve into an entire series.

The Source Chronicles came into being, and I plotted out a prophecy that drove the series, broken into four parts, one for each book. I completed the first book, and the second, then reached a point where the third was so large that I decided to split it in half, and re-wrote the prophecy into five parts to accommodate the added book.

To set the world upon a course,

to free these lands of War and Strife,

Comes the finding of The Source,

for which The Seeker comes to life.

Wizardry and Sorcery forthwith return,

though seemingly forgotten, they hath yet endured.

Before the Falling, when the lands did burn,

long ago was The Source made thusly secured.

Order of Chaos is the rite of The Source,

Chaos of Order brings neigh but remorse.

And only the Seeker shall know it Discovered,

for only The Seeker may wield The Source.

Knowledge of Wizardry will be recovered,

returned to the world with great show of force.

The Source is Knowledge,

and Knowledge is The Source.

The first book, Seeker, was professionally edited several years ago. Since then, I have submitted inquiries to numerous agents in the hope of finding representation. This was the way I was told was best to become published professionally. It is a slow, often frustrating process, and you have to have a pretty thick skin to accept the mostly impersonal rejections you receive.


Times have changed. The ability to self-publish one’s work has not only become easier, but frankly with print-on-demand and e-publishing, it is almost unbelievably simple.

I have been sitting on Seeker for a long time now. It has been mostly ready for an audience for many years.

I have determined that the time to self-publish my work is here.

I am going over the proof of Seeker – The Source Chronicles Book I, intent on its publication at the end of October. It will be available exclusively via Amazon.com, both in book and Kindle form (to open it to an even wider audience would make the purchase of the book cost-prohibitive, hence the exclusivity).

I am publishing this under my own imprint, Argent Hedgehog Press.

Argent Hedgehog Logo


I have loved this story since I began it so many years ago, and I think the time has come to share it. Seeker is fantasy suited for Adults and Young Adults, age 15 and up.

If you have enjoyed Pathwalking and Positivity, as well as my social and political blog posts, I think you will find my fiction an exciting and interesting escape. I hope you will enjoy reading this fiction as much as the rest of my writing, and that you will support my commercial endeavors as much as you have supported my weekly writing here.

I will post updates as I get closer to the publication date.  Thank you for your support!