I have a private blog I keep on LiveJournal.  I’ve had that one up and running for a number of years now.  And unless you happen to be a friend of mine, I don’t share what I put there.

But now I have this blog.  And so far…no content.  What do I put here, that I am willing to share with anyone and everyone, versus what I post to my LJ for just my closer friends?

I will start to talk about personal things like writing and my business and stuff like that which I am comfortable sharing.  I might also get into more controversial stuff like religion and politics in a way I don’t on my LJ.  This IS all about ramblings, after all.  And ramble I shall.

Today I added content to my new writing website – mjblehart.com.  I decided to include one of the stories I did for National Novel Writer’s Month a couple years back.  Not my usual genre – this is a technothriller.  (Think Tom Clancy and the like).  I think this helps provide more depth of my overall work on my new webpage.

Next up, I want to figure out how to do a podcast.  I intend to podcast The Source Chronicles: Seeker.  Working on the exact details…and the HOW of this idea.

So that is where I am at today.  Thanks for reading.  I will work on more interesting content along the way.