What happens next?

Accept what has happened, go passive and wait to see what happens next?  No.  It is because we have been too passive that the bigots, the racists, misogynists and homophobes now feel empowered.  Every time they march, we need to counter-march.  Every time they spew hate, we need to spew reason and love.  Because we were passive they think they now have a voice.  We can no longer be passive, we need to take the fight right to them, and get in their faces just as much as they have gotten in ours.

There are people we cannot reach.  They will shout down all reason, spouting platitudes from a lack of research and knowledge.  But further isolating them and allowing them to shout unanswered will not do anything.  They think that by repeatedly spouting their hate and their closed-mindedness we’ll roll over for them…but no, we need to calmly reply until they go hoarse and cannot speak but listen.  We need to show them that hate is not greater than reason.

Assume the worst?  No.  Look, Trump used deplorable means to win, but now that he has it IS possible he will not be the worst.  I am not saying we can be passive here, either…and we need to REALLY keep our eye on Congress…but before we climb into our bunkers and prepare for the end, let’s work to change the conversation.

We have TWO YEARS to change Congress.  THEY are the lawmakers.  They are the ones who will take away the hard-earned rights of the people we love, the health insurance we desperately need, and harm the environment in the name of the almighty dollar.  We need to find people NOW we can put out there, who can raise the funds needed to compete and who actually represent change.  We need to start that ball rolling IMMEDIATELY if we want to take back control from these spineless politicians who care for nothing but their power.

Be active, not passive, in your actions.  I know this could get risky, the armed and ignorant may get violent, but we need to stand up to the bullies and show them THEY are the minority, and they may be loud, but they are few, and they cannot disempower us.

I am a white cis male (and being Jewish in this situation seems not to make me part of the targeted).  I will stand with and for ALL of my friends, no matter skin color, religion, gender, sexual preference, etc.  I will stand by your side and support you in whatever ways I can.