Thank You are two of the most powerful words available to us.  Thank you is one of the most powerful phrases we can employ.

We frequently neglect just how powerful the words we use are.  Words matter.  What we say has an enormous impact on the world around us.

When we recognize how powerful our words are, we develop the power to make more of the world around us.  We can choose to alter our feelings, perspective, and world view with words.

This is true whether our choices are conscious or subconscious.  What we think about frequently develops feelings.  When we combine thought and feeling together, we can manifest almost anything we can think of.

This is why recognizing powerful words and phrases is important.  Because there is so much power within them, we need to use caution in our self-expression.

Awareness here is important, because when we are aware of our conscious thought in the here-and-now, we are better at having control over our lives.  When mindful of our conscious thought, we make choices about the words and phrases we energize, and that in turn effects what we manifest.

What are the most powerful phrases we have?  I certainly could not rank them, but in addition to Thank You, they include I Am, Please, You’re Welcome, I Love You, I Can, and I Do.  All of these are empowering phrases, capable of creating amazing things.

Gratitude is the keystone to conscious reality creation.  When we have gratitude for that which we have, material or immaterial, we let the Universe know we are appreciative.  Showing appreciation opens channels of positive energy, and empowerment, and that can create almost anything.  Gratitude for what we have creates room to bring in other things we want.

Thank You feels good, and shows appreciation.

Saying Thank You makes me feel good.  Hearing someone thank me for something makes me feel good.  Thank You generates positivity.  Gratitude for people, places, things, tangibles and intangibles alike says to the Universe, yes, I appreciate what is in my life.  Appreciation is both recognition and understanding.   Recognizing things for which to be grateful opens us to more understanding.  Consciousness creates reality.

When we are aware of this power, Thank You becomes a powerful phrase.  Everything in this universe at its core is energy.  Energy vibrates at a frequency, and like attracts like.  When your frequency of appreciation is high, you draw more things to you to appreciate.  You gain the ability to make more things to express gratitude for.

Because Thank You is so powerful, it is important to use this for the expression of genuine gratitude.  How frequently has Thanks Obama been used as a negative connotation?  Thanks for nothing is a statement of disempowerment.  As such, anytime we use Thank You in respects to things we DO NOT want, guess what we wind up attracting?

All of these powerful phrases work in this way.  When you say I Am Stupid it’s just as potent as saying I Am BrilliantPlease leave me alone carries a different energy than Please when asking for another cup of coffee.  You’re Welcome to do it better is equal in power to You’re Welcome spoken in gratitude.  I Can Do Nothing disempowers, whereas I Can Do Anything empowers.  I Do Not Know carries a different weight from I Do Know.  Even I Love You, while an expression of the most powerful energetic force in the Universe, can turn to negative when it is mistaken for obsession or possession.

Use Thank You to invoke empowerment.

As one of the most powerful phrases we have available to us, we are responsible for its use.  Using Thank You for genuine gratitude invokes empowerment.  We empower ourselves by expressing gratitude, and we empower those around us by giving it.

Human beings often fail to realize how much power we possess.  Because our society gets so caught up in fear and lack, we don’t see that the reality of the situation is one of joy and abundance.  We can choose how to feel, whether we let the fear overwhelm us or seek joy.  The Universe is abundant, the only lack we have is what we create for ourselves.

Employing these powerful phrases we have for empowerment can change the world.  Perpetuating the fear, anger, hatred, greed, corruption and intolerance we deluge our social mediascapes in only creates more things to feel negative towards.  Yes, there are bad people out there doing bad things on all kinds of different levels, and we cannot just ignore them.  But we can choose to change the conversation, direct it away from negativity, single-mindedness and lack to positivity, open-mindedness and abundance.

Thank You redirects the conversation.

This is why employing such a powerful phrase to express gratitude is so important.  When we are grateful we are more open, more positive, and better capable to see those who would disempower us for what they are.  When we recognize them as such, we are better equipped to resist them.  Because we cannot undo what is done, we need to work on being grateful for the material and immaterial we HAVE, while expressing thanks for those which we desire.  In this way, consciousness can create a better reality.

What are you saying Thank You for today?


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