Are you concerned about the actions President Trump is taking?  Do you worry about his possible conflicts of interest, and his ties to Russia, and their hacking of our electoral system?  Are you worried about the apparent instability of President Trump, and his unpredictability, utter lack of tact and decorum, and total disregard of protocol?  Are you concerned about the choices he’s made for his cabinet?

If you answered yes to ANY of these question – it is time to reach out to Congress, and demand they take action!  Call, e mail, write letters, do all of the above!  Remind them that they work for US, not the party and their special interests.  Only Congress can call for an investigation into the ethics and potential conflicts of interest.  Only Congress can either enact the 25th Amendment or begin impeachment proceedings.  Yet they have taken no actions, and thus far only have worked in pursuit of their limited agenda, not doing their job as a check and balance of our governmental power.  The longer they wait to do so the more Mr. Trump can corrupt, disrupt and defy our representative democracy, and erode our republic.

The time has come to remind Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, that they work for US.  We, the People.  The parties are not who they serve, the investors and financiers who fund their campaigns are not their true constituents – WE ARE.  Let’s inundate them with phone calls, e mails and letters reminding them that they serve US, not their self-interests, and we DEMAND that they do their JOBS, and act as a check and restore balance to our government.

Let’s do this!  Feel free to share this call to action.