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Why Create Reality?

I love to create.

I began to write fiction when I was nine.  Even with some breaks here and there along the way, I have continued to create characters, worlds, and stories to tell about them.

Why Create Reality?Then, about six years ago, I began to post to this blog weekly.  Pathwalking on Wednesdays was the starting point.  Two years later, I added Positivity every Monday.  Just over a year ago, these posts called Crossing the Bridges came into being.

All three of these posts cover different things.  Pathwalking is my personal philosophy for living the best life I can.  Through Pathwalking, I discuss striving to choose the life I desire most, and consciously create reality as I most want to see it manifest.

Positivity was in reaction to an abundance of negative posts to social media.  With everyone feeling down on a Monday morning, I wanted to post something upbeat to change the collective consciousness towards something better, and positive.

Crossing the Bridges came into being as sort of a self-check-in.  I view my life to some degree as existing on these separate islands.  One is the real world, trying to earn money in a desirable fashion to cover living expenses and more.  The next is the fantasy world I spend most of my weekends in, running around the Kingdom of the East and fencing, heralding, and hanging out with friends.  Then there is my creative worlds, the writing I want to spread further and sell more of.

An online course I took about six months ago changed how I view this blog overall.  Instead of three individual posts that are unrelated, now they are part of the greater package.  The Ramblings of the Titanium Don took on a new direction, a blog exploring aspects of working on consciously creating reality.

There is always more to create.

I am exploring new creations all the time.  Whether I am composing a blog post, writing my sci-fi novel, or even working on a resume or other business copy, I enjoy the creative process.  When I get to create, I am enormously alert, aware, and content with the life I have.

Even when I struggle with a topic for one of the three weekly posts, the process of getting to create something still keeps it worthwhile.  I am making something new, and sharing it with you.  The positivity, joy, and wonder in that is rather awesome.

All three posts this week have been focused on the main orientation of the blog.  Consciousness Creates Reality.  I believe this.

Consciousness can also be defined as awareness, recognition, or even realization.

Create stands on its own, but could also be interpreted to mean to build, discover, or even establish.

Reality is the trickiest.  Yet without going into a philosophical debate about it, reality can be defined as existence, actuality, or even tangibility.

Why do these redefinitions matter?  If consciousness creates reality, then that means awareness discovers tangibility; recognition establishes existence; realization builds actuality.  We can even rearrange them to fit in any way.  Awareness establishes actuality.

When we are conscious of the thoughts, feelings and actions we take, we can create, build or establish a tangible reality.  This is manifestation of dreams into reality.  It is from this we can have virtually anything we want.

If this is so simple, how come everyone isn’t doing it?  Because we live in fear-based, lack-mentality society.  We are frequently told there is not enough to go around.  Then the greedy hoarders constantly paraded before us add to the negativity, causing us to second-guess if we can have the things we want, and remain a good person.

It takes effort to create.

We are a society of easy.  It has to be fast.  Instant gratification is barely fast enough.  Consciously creating reality can be quick, but seldom instantaneous.  Taking thought, putting feeling behind it, then intentional action requires some processing.  Thus, in order to manifest reality, we have to expend some effort.

This can cause any number of frustrations for people.  When we don’t see the results quickly enough, we get frustrated, and our power to manifest weakens with our resolve.  To consciously create reality, we have to believe it, completely, and know without doubt that it is come to pass.

It is hard to believe that right now we have what we desire.  In especial when, in the current illusion of our reality, we don’t.  Conscious reality creation works best when we presuppose the desired outcome is in the now.  See it as ahead, not quite there yet, it tends to stay ahead and not quite there.  A further challenge to the process.

I have made this work.  When the outcome was the only reality that could be, I achieved the goal intended.  I healed, got the girl, got the car, etcetera.  If I can apply my love to create things to the reality I most desire, I will be capable of crossing any bridge I encounter.

Consciousness creates reality.  I know this to be true.  Anything I want to create is mine for the making.  It’s up to me to use this and manifest the life I most desire to live.

Let’s see what I do next.

As always, thanking you for crossing the bridges between the worlds with me.


GOAL LOG – Week 44:

Diet:  I resumed mostly tracking my food intake this week, and was more conscious of it.

Exercise:  Fenced twice, did a bunch of walking.

Writing:  Three blog posts, and some other writing work.

Meditation: Three days this week, never less than 5 minutes.

Gratitude:  I was not tracking gratitude again.


This is the fifty-ninth entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

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Some thoughts on True Things

Truth.  Most of you reading this know it already.  Those who most need to see this, to fundamentally understand it for what it is, probably won’t.  And even if they did, they would likely dismiss this as liberal bullshit, or some such.

Mexicans are not pouring across our border as though the dam is broken.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Illegal immigrants are not everywhere, and taking your jobs!  This is simply a great big lie.

Refugees are not hiding secret ISIS operatives.  They are fleeing from destruction, murder and worse at the hands of ISIS and their ilk, they are not the problem.

Islam is not so different from Christianity.  The extremists are a very, very small percentage of what makes up Islamic practitioners, and are in no way representative of the religion.  Lumping them all together is a completely false equivalency.

There is no war on Christianity.  I repeat, there is NO war on Christianity.  What there has been is a broader understanding that we are NOT, nor have we ever been, a Christian nation.  That is why saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” has become prevalent – we are acknowledging there are others with different sensibilities out there.

Climate Change is a real, scientifically proven issue.  If we do nothing to arrest it or otherwise impact it, the planet will become increasingly toxic to us, and we will find it harder and harder to survive.  This is not some liberal lie to increase unnecessary regulations, it is the truth about how we have artificially effected the planet since the industrial revolution.

Non-straight people are no threat to anyone.  Sexual orientation and gender identification do not make a person good or bad.  These identifiers are harmful to none, and anyone who identifies as queer, gay, bi, transgendered or what-have-you should not be subject to discrimination on the basis of that.  Period.

President Trump is dangerous to the world order.  He will not make America great again, he will make us a third rate power.  He will make us a laughing-stock, a has-been, an also-ran.  We are in danger of losing our sovereignty over his outright lies and disregard for protocol, tact, and civility.

America is NOT a White nation.  We never were, we never will be.  We are a melting pot of diversity, or at least that’s what we should be.  We have every race, creed, color, religion, and so on represented in our national identity.  And remember, with the exception of the Native American tribes, we are ALL immigrants here.

Civility, kindness, compassion, understanding…what happened?  When did it become ok to be an asshole?  When did we let go of loving our neighbors, looking out for our brothers and sisters, and trying to help one another?  This is not what we should ever be about.  We should be trying to help each other be better people, not divide ourselves so that a small group of people can maintain a choke hold on power.

Consider that.  All of this is the truth.

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