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Why the “How” of things trips me up.

Why does the “how” of it all continue to get in my way?

Two weeks ago I discussed the block I encounter between idea and end goal.  I want to be a bestselling author.  The “how” of the process is what keeps tripping me up, and I think it’s time to dig deeper into why that is.

Conscious reality creation works.  I’ve done it many times, and I intellectually understand it.  One of my greatest issues, though, is emotions, which is part of how I keep stumbling.

exploring the howIn no regard do I blame my parents, certainly not after all this time.  When they divorced nearly four decades ago, to protect myself from feeling hurt and taking undue blame for their divorce, I shunted off my emotions.  I was a smart enough kid to tell the psychologist what the feelings should feel like…but I didn’t actually feel them.  This would go on for over twenty-five years, until a different therapist and I unlocked this matter.

Feelings…nothing more than feelings.

Once I recognized my intellectualization of emotions, rather than feeling them, I was able to start changing things.  Thus I began to work on actually feeling, and from there my life changed.  I started to feel a passion for manifesting what I wanted, I started to approach relationships differently, and this is where I began to build the life I have today.

I have come to believe that while thought and intentional action are important to manifesting things, the key is feeling.  You can’t just think and act on something, you have to FEEL it.  You have to feel certain, sure that it will be.  It is necessary to feel that my thought has been made manifest, and let the Universe deliver.

I always want to know how.

I am a curious person.  Understanding how things work has always been a part of my nature.  There has always been a drive to uncover the truth of things, and to really know “how” the universe works.

There are any number of instances where knowing how things work is useful.  I like knowing how an airplane flies, how my circulation system works, how to change a tire and other information.  But when it comes to manifesting through conscious reality creation, figuring out “how” it works gets in the way.

Simply put, every single book I have read or listened to says the same thing.  You begin with thought, then give that thought feeling, and from there take intentional actions to move things forward.  Simple enough, except often exactly HOW this will work is unknown.

I want to be a bestselling author.  That’s my thought.  I strive to feel what that will feel like, feel how it will affect my life, my moods, my thinking, my finances.  I work to feel it in the now, to really be truly aware of what it feels like.  Then, I take actions that tie in, with the intent of making it manifest.

Questioning how.

How is this going to work?  Then how will I turn my existing work into bestsellers?  How do I make money from this?  Then how do I promote myself to get known?  All of these questions begin with the same word – HOW.  Because I cannot see how to get from where I am to where I want to be, I move forward at a snail’s pace, or less.

The Secret sums up the conscious creation process thus: Ask, Believe, Receive.  Ask for what I want, Believe I already have it, and then Receive it.  I know this is how manifestation works…but I still seek to know more detailed HOW.

Is this a lack of faith?

I am a proponent of logic.  Science and reason offer truth.  However, I am all for faith, but not to the exclusion of reason.  Blind Faith was a great band, but is not a great way to approach life, the universe and everything.

The universe is full of infinite possibility.  My faith in this comes from proof I’ve witnessed with my own eyes, and is not blind.  But my need to understand how, seeking logic and reason in the illogical, causes a paradox that complicates my work to live the life I most desire to.

It all ties into my need to feel more thoroughly.  Faith is a feeling.  I need to have faith that this is possible, and that how it will come about is not something to concern myself with.  I need to feel that this is real, that I have achieved it, and believe that it’s mine.  There needs to be faith that I am capable of manifesting this.  Conscious reality creation.

I know that this will not supplant my need to understand how.  That’s a part of my nature.  But knowing that my preoccupation with “how” interferes with my paths is an important step.  I have become aware of this matter.  Awareness is part of conscious reality creation, so I can work with this to move forward.

Think.  Feel.  Actions.

More meditation.  I need to take more pauses in the day to be truly aware of what I am thinking and feeling, and work on keeping my eye on the prize.  I know I can do this.  There is no need for me to know how, I just need to feel it through.

As always, thank you for crossing the bridges with me.


GOAL LOG – Week 31:

The goal log has not been fully maintained this week, as I am attending the Pennsic War.


This is the forty-fifth entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

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Pathwalking 143

Why are you on this path?

The path you are on, right now, as you read this, why are you on it?

Did you choose this path for yourself? Did someone else choose it for you? Did you stumble upon this path, or was there effort and conscious direction when you decided to travel upon it?

I have probably asked all of these questions before. If they are being repeated, that is because they are so deeply important. If you want to be a conscious Pathwalker, then these are questions you need to ask.

Everybody is a Pathwalker. Yes, everybody. We are all on paths, sometimes singular, sometimes numerous, but everyone everywhere is on a path.

The difference between calling yourself a Pathwalker and being a pathwalker is choice. Did you make a conscious decision about the path you wish to be on, or did the path choose you? Are you the architect of your own destiny, or are you letting life live you as it will?

This is the reason it is so important to ask – Why are you on this path?

The notion of Pathwalking is to choose your destiny. It is about choosing what you are doing in this life, where you are going to, and more importantly where you are now.

It is so very easy to just let life live you. Go with the flow. Fall into the pattern. Find and live the routine. Choose your own paradigm or metaphor, but making the conscious choice for your own path is difficult. There are more challenges, and more obstacles, and more complications when you choose your own path.

At least, that is how it seems. The truth is, there are fewer challenges, the obstacles are less seemingly insurmountable, and the complications are more manageable when you are choosing your own path. Why? Because when you have chosen a path for yourself, you know what it is you want, and you know why “this” path in particular.

Why are you on this path? The answer is usually because you want to take control of your life, and you want to ultimately be happy. No one would consciously choose a path that will deny them control of their life and ultimately make them miserable. Even the most self-sacrificing person doesn’t truly want that for themselves. The self-sacrificing do what they do in the interest of the happiness of others, that’s true…but the happiness of others, they believe, is what, when all is said and done, will bring THEM happiness.

You cannot make other people happy when you are not happy. It really is that simple. Again, this is why no one would choose a path to misery consciously.

There are as many paths as you can conceive. Pretty much any limitations you encounter are there because you have allowed them to be.

You cannot just have, be or do ANYTHING. There are ALWAYS limits. Not everyone can be President of the United States!

This is totally true. But that is because not everyone wants to BE President. Very few people well and truly want the grandiose. Many people say they want to be famous, or they want to be someone everybody knows. But I believe that what most people want is, relatively speaking, simple. We want to be comfortable, we want to be loved, we want to be happy.

Pathwalking is about figuring out what it is you want. If you want something grandiose and incredible, if you really want it and can put the effort and the energy and the passion and desire and willpower into it, it is possible. Easy? Probably not. But that does not mean it is not worth having – if that is the path you want to take.

Why are you on this path? Is the journey satisfying you? Is the path you are walking across now leading to a goal or goals you truly wish to achieve? These are the questions we must ask ourselves, to truly find and walk the trails we most desire.

There are days this is really hard. There are days where I question everything, I debate if I have chosen well or poorly, I wonder why I am on this path. When I ask why, I give myself the necessary nudge to contemplate and analyze my path, and determine if the answer continues to suit me.

When you can answer why you are on the path you are on, and you find that the answer makes you feel content, makes you feel right, seems to be correct…you have chosen a good path. When the answer makes you feel distressed, makes you feel wrong, seems to be off…you may not have chosen a good path for you, and it may be time to reevaluate, and consider another option.

Why are you on this path? The answer will be different for everyone, but chances are the bones remain the same. You want to choose for yourself, you want to take control over your own destiny, you want to ultimately enjoy your journey and find happiness along the way.

Why are you on this path?


This is the one-hundred forty third entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog and share.  Thank you for joining me.

The first fifty-two weeks (Year One) of installments of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

Pathwalking 114

No matter how many answers you come up with, there are always more questions.

This, however, is a very good thing.

Life is constantly changing.  There are always new things to discover, to learn, to experience.  Even when day after day is largely similar, there are always going to be moments where there is new and different and unique.

Thus there are always questions.  Even when you find answers to your questions, you still get more questions.  I am going to state again – this is a good thing.

Why?  Why are more questions a good thing?  Because more questions mean more opportunities to learn, to grow, to change.  Life is not meant to be stagnant, unchanging and totally constant.  Every time you have a new question, you have a new opportunity to experience this, and to discover new things.

I am constantly stating that change is a good thing.  Change is necessary for life, for growth.  A part of that is questioning what you experience, questioning what you learn and as such learning more and newer things.

Pathwalking is about gaining better understanding and control of your personal world.  Pathwalking is making your own goals, choosing your own paths and destiny.  In order to know what makes up your path, you have to ask questions.

Even when you find answers to your questions, things change.  As such, that means there must be more questions.  More questions means more opportunities to make changes, and to direct your own life as you would most desire to have it.

I believe that there are too many people in the world today afraid of asking questions.  Rather than ask questions, they prefer to just accept what other people give them, what others tell them.  They absorb information, but do not question it…and we wind up with too many people who are dissatisfied and distressed with their lives.  And rather than ask the necessary questions that would help them learn how to find a path out of the situation they would rather not be in, they continue to seek out others to do the questioning for them.

It is increasingly easy to put the proverbial horse before the cart, and just take the answers we find.  Many people are unwilling to question the answers they are presented with, and accept things at face value that they might otherwise not if they were willing to do some analysis.  Its easy to let someone else give you answers, but wisdom is borne of questioning even the answers, to make sure they sit with who you are and how you think and live your life.

What is right for me is not right for you.  Even when we ask the same questions, our answers may be very different.  But more importantly than the answers, the process we take to get to them will help us to determine the path we would choose, and how we go about choosing it.

As a Pathwalker, I work to choose my own way, to make my own destiny.  It is a process, and there are good days and bad days.  Sometimes I question if I am making the right choices.  And that is ok.  Asking questions is the only way to analyze the path, and to determine what is and is not working, and how to make necessary adjustments along the way.

Nobody knows everything. There are certainly experts on various topics, but even the experts had to ask questions to learn what they know.  Questions are essential for knowledge, for prosperity, for understanding, for every aspect of life you can think of.  The only way to learn new things is to ask questions in order to find the answers.

Questions.  Always it comes down to questions.  The right questions, the wrong questions – this is in many ways of more import than the answers.  Without questions we are incapable of knowing ourselves, and if we do not know ourselves, how can we know other people?  How can we know our desires?  How can we know our goals?  All of these questions and their asking are incredibly important to any path we may desire to choose.

Without more questions, there cannot be more growth.  Do not let seemingly endless questions daunt you, or throw you from your path.  Know that Pathwalking is constant questions, without which you will be unable to discover new things and new paths and choose the best life you can make for yourself.

What questions are you asking?


This is the one-hundred fourteenth entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Thank you for joining me.

The first year of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

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