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Why Don’t I Understand?

There will always be things I just don’t understand.

Some are emotional.  I know people who feel certain ways about certain things that I simply cannot fathom.  No judgements, this is just a statement of fact.

Understand - Crossing the Bridges 58Some are logical.  Some judgement here, given notions like flat-earthers and racists and misogynists and the like.  I just don’t understand how logic and reason can go out the window for easily disproven beliefs.

For a long time I have said that life is about learning new things.  There is always something new to be learned, and mysteries to understand.  Things happen that need to be explored, good and bad, in order to be dealt with, understood, and in some instances prevented from recurring.

Despite this, there are things that I know I just won’t understand.  I can apply all the logic and reason I know, and it still won’t make any sense to me.  Yet because of my empathic nature, I not only want to understand it, but in some cases I want to fix it.

You think the earth is flat?  Let me show you all the reasons why this is untrue.  Do you believe that women are somehow inferior to men?  I want to help you to see how this is not the case.  Think trickle-down economics will work?  Allow me to find you the forty years worth of evidence that this is not so.

Because I don’t understand how people believe these things, I want to help them understand that they need to open themselves up to more reason and logic.  Unfortunately, a closed mind, or a resolved mindset cannot be dissuaded, forced open, or changed without a desire for change.

When I don’t understand, and want to fix that, I have to recognize that I can’t.

Why don’t you understand?

Asking this question can only effect one single person.  Me.  I am the only one who can answer this.  Why?  Because the only person who’s mind I can actually change is my own.  It’s imperative that I recognize that when I don’t understand someone or something else, I cannot change THEM, I can only change me.

I’m going to get really personal here a moment.  My wife’s family has a wholly different dynamic from my own.  It is so different, in fact, that in many respects it feels actually alien to me.  The way they care for one another, how they react to crisis, and how they relate to one another frequently makes no sense to me.

I try to understand this.  Because this is an emotional issue, and I might have a few issues of my own when it comes to emotions, this is often almost incomprehensible to me.  The hows and whys of their dynamic is completely different from anything I have experienced before.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love my in-laws.  Because my own family has a whole lot of different dynamics on all these levels, the way they are is wildly different from what I already know.

This is a key to understanding.  Our experiences throughout our lives are going to color how we perceive the world.  I was raised Jewish in the suburbs of Minneapolis, and my parents divorced when I was five.  My family is small, each parent has a single sibling, and they are not all that close.

My wife was raised Catholic in New Jersey, and her parents have been together for over forty years.  Her family is humungous, one parent has I think five siblings, and her family is very close.  Almost the polar opposite of what I know.

Understanding grows from experience.

The thing to realize is that I simple won’t ever fully understand some things.  That’s the nature of the world.  There are over seven billion people on this planet, speaking hundreds of different languages, coming from countless family dynamics, each with unique knowledge, experience, and their own understandings.

When we recognize this, we can do better with knowing what we understand.  Why?  Because we learn that there are things we just won’t understand.  Further, recognizing that you can’t necessarily make someone else understand what you do, you have more to work with.

As I work on crossing the bridges between my worlds, it occurs to me that the number of worlds I visualize for my life are pretty numerous.  Some of the worlds, those of my own creation, I completely understand.  Others, though, in particular those I share with other people, I will probably never completely get.

One of the most important things to recognize about this notion is that we all understand different things.  We cannot force anyone else to understand what we do.  Even when we are dealing with logical and reasonable matters, our differences will color what we define as logic and reason.

I believe that the more I understand about myself, the more I can help people gain their own understanding via my example.  When I consciously create reality, walk my own path, and manifest the life I desire, in my example I can help others do the same.

There are always new worlds around me.  I can build and cross bridges between them, even when I don’t understand everything about them.  Yes, it can be frustrating sometimes.  Yet, rather than see it negatively, we can see it as a challenge.  This can be a growth opportunity.  It’s a matter of what you understand.

As always, thank you for crossing the bridges between my worlds with me.


GOAL LOG – Week 43:

Diet:  I have not been keeping track yet again this week.

Exercise:  Fenced twice, but that was it.  Knee injury is still lessening my exercise more than I should let it.

Writing:  Three blog posts, and some work on the sci-fi story.

Meditation: Only a couple days this week.  I have to improve on that.

Gratitude:  I was not tracking gratitude again.

This is the fifty-eighth entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

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An open letter to fellow Americans

Dear America,

When did we accept hatred as the standard?  When did we decide that after almost a century of progress it was perfectly ok to allow unrestrained racists, sexists, bigots, misogynists, warmongers and fearmongers to be our leaders again?  When did we decide that it was better to praise and follow the blindly faithful and ignorant rather than the logical and intelligent?

How did we get to this place where our choices for leadership from one party includes a zealot and a narcissist and the other side is a corporate shill and an idealist?

The one side became polarized over the past 30 years or so because they allowed special interests, religious fanatics and closeted bigots gain control.  And they wonder why they cannot stop this monster Dr. Frankenstein has unleashed on us?

The other side became polarized over the past 30 years or so because they allowed special interests, a lack of conviction and an unclear agenda gain control.  And they wonder why so many distrust the party leaderships’ Chosen One and prefer the idealist?

Do you want this country to return to segregation, to the failed principles of separate but equal?  Do you want the corporate bosses to be your slave masters again?  Do you really want to see those who are poor and disabled and hurting simply left to die?  Do you want to allow the greedy to destroy this planet so they can turn ludicrous profits that never trickle down to anyone else?  Do you want to live your life in fear?

This is what you have to take into consideration when it comes to the election this year.  I am not just talking about the Presidency, I am talking about ALL of those up for reelection.  Congress has become an obstructionist mouthpiece of those who pay for their elections.  Special interests and corporate hacks have taken control, and they will not stop until the rich are so rich that they can afford to leave the planet they are destroying, while the rest of us let them take everything we hold dear and wonder where it all went wrong.

Fear is not a healthy basis for a system of government.  Hate, exclusionism, greed, racism, bigotry, misogyny and sexism are all just alternate versions of fear.  Fear enslaves us to the will of others, and those who have the power continue to make it clear that they want only to garner more power.

Please stop being afraid, America.  Please stop fearing change, stop fearing the unknown, stop being afraid of anyone and anything different from you.  Please remember that our Declaration of Independence that was the blueprint for the forming of this nation says,  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

America is not a land of Christians only.  It is not a land of Whites only. America is not a land of men only.  It is not a land of rich only.  It is NOT a nation of exclusion – American was founded on the principles of inclusion.

Building walls to keep out those who are different is not American.  Creating laws that forbid marriage is not American.  Creating laws that belittle ANY citizen, black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, religious or atheist is NOT American.  We are a nation of tolerance, we are a nation of freedom, we are a nation of inclusion…and it is time that we reclaim that.

Please release the fear, America.  Isolating ourselves, registering those who hold different beliefs and limiting resources for only the wealthy is what this nation was founded to stand against.  What we choose this year will reverberate very differently from our past choices.  We can reclaim our nation from the greedy, from the special interests, from those who don’t care about us but only about themselves…or we can give them even more power, and disempower ourselves and let America truly cease to be great.

Fear is not the answer.  Fear is un-American.  Please, please examine this and consider if you want to empower the people who only take, and are giving nothing back to you but fear, death, poverty, and war.

Is being American about being afraid?  No.

Please stop being afraid, America.  For the sake of us all, for the sake of our children, do not let fear make your decision in these elections.

With Respect,

A concerned American.

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