Intention requires attention.

The power of intent is something we take for granted.  We fail to see that we have the ability to manifest not just once in a while, not just on a special occasion or due to a dire need, but all day, every day.

IntentionOne of the key elements of manifestation is intention.  Intent is not the starting point so much as it is the direction.  What begins as an idea becomes energized when you add an intention to make it more than just a thought.

This process works on a lot of different levels, great and small.  Trouble is, because we allow our minds to wander and our subconscious to do the driving, our intent to tracks to the negative.

If we get caught up in negativity, our intent is often to get out of negativity.  This can be a problem, because our dominant thinking is on negative things.  As such, we are putting our energy and our intentions into trying to undo, rather than do.  This gets complicated, since the Universe doesn’t receive the “not” and “no” and “don’t” attached to the thing(s) we do not want.

I feel sad.  I intend to stop feeling sad.  Ok, great…but you have just stated that you are all about feeling sad.  This means that you have already limited your emotional response, and you are trying to undo what is already about.

Truth be told, this does not work.  Don’t believe me?  How well did Prohibition work?  The war on drugs?  Violent upheaval in answer to violence?  Never does what it intends to do, because the intent makes manifest the thing you don’t actually want.

Intention should be focused on what you want.

Change your intent not to stop or undo or reverse what you have, but to focus on the opposite.  I feel sad.  I intend to feel happy.  It’s best to make a strong statement, not simply I intend to feel better, which is kind of mushy and rather subjective.  Also – better than what?  This statement lacks clarity, and clarity in intention helps make the intent manifest.

Intention attentionThis may strike you as overly simple, but you’ll be surprised how much more powerful creating a new and positive intent is over trying to un-make what you already have.

This is not just spiritual mumbo-jumbo, this is science.  How?  Science tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form.  Intention is energy, so what kind of energy you are playing with and putting out to the universe matters.  When what you have is not what you want, focusing on undoing it just keeps it around.  Change the intent, change the focus to the things you DO want.

What you intend will go a long ways towards creating Positivity.

Today is Christmas day.  Whether or not you celebrate this particular holiday, especially in these trying times, the intention of peace and joy for the world is a worthwhile cause.

Finding positivity is not hard, but it does require action.

Knowing that you can choose your intention, you can use this to manifest more and greater positivity in your life.  When we use intention to give energy to the good things we desire and the way we want to feel, we empower ourselves.  When we feel empowered, we frequently spread that feeling to others around us; as such, we can build more positive feelings in the collective consciousness.  We can use the positive feelings this generates to dissolve negative feelings.  When we take away negative feelings, we open up space to let in positive feelings, and that is something we can be grateful for.  Gratitude leads to happiness.  Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the two-hundred and third entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.

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