Seeker – The Source Chronicles Book I was published by my Argent Hedgehog Press in November of 2014.

It is my pleasure to announce – Finder – The Source Chronicles Book II is here!  The sequel to Seeker is live for purchase.


Five thousand years ago, a comet was on a collision course with t’Thera. To stop it from destroying life across the planet, all of the wizards and fully realized sorcerers and sorceresses combined their power to arrest its descent, destroying themselves in the process. With their passing, no wizards would rise again, and no sorcerer would ever claim the strength of those lost in The Falling of The Skies.

The Seeker has endured a number of trials, from which he has emerged stronger. Three years after he took part in pivotal events in the Kingdom of Sharron, he has resumed his quest to resolve the prophecy that drives him. The Seeker knows that his destiny is swiftly coming upon him.

In the nation of Vilcarr, The Seeker encounters the last Order of Sorcerers, as well as new allies and new opponents as he feels his destiny drawing him to find the long lost Source. Whatever it may be, The Seeker knows it will change not only sorcery, but the course of all the world. If Order is to overcome Chaos, The Seeker must succeed in his quest and become the Finder of the Source.

Finder – The Source Chronicles Book II is available for Kindle now.  It will be available on book form and for wider distribution soon!

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Finder is suitable for Young Adults age 15 and up.