Everyone needs to escape from the everyday now and then.

We all need escapes. We all need to get away. This takes different forms for different people, and can be achieved through means both great and small. Escapes can be both short and lengthy, but they can be a very positive thing to make use of.

I don’t know anyone who does not need to take a “time out” once in a while. Whether they are stopping to meditate for ten minutes, read a book, hike the woods, swim in a lake, or go on a vacation away from the everyday, there is nothing like the positive energy escape provides.

me fighting cut and thrust

As you are reading this, I am away from my everyday life. I am more-or-less off-the-grid, enjoying time amongst friends and offline. I will call loved ones to check in from time to time, but I have escaped my e mail inboxes, work, and commuting. I am recharging, enjoying a break from my regular routine, and gaining new experiences, perspectives, and energy.

There is nothing as refreshing and revitalizing as a good escape. We need to take time outs for our own sanity. There is nothing wrong with always being on the move, constantly connected, and always on the go. But I have yet to meet anyone who does not NEED and relish in an escape.

Even standing in the sun with your eyes closed, letting the solar energy wash over your face can provide a perfect escape. There is no rule book saying escape needs to be for long, or needs to be complex. It can be simple, it can be short and sweet, and it can take any form that allows you to recover from anxiety and disquiet, and to gain insight and focus and generate positivity.

Some people get caught up in large, diverse and complicated escape mechanisms. If it works for you, and helps you to find and generate positivity, then more power to you. But this can be as simple as stopping what you are doing to spend time petting a cat or a dog, or watching fish swim circles within their tanks.


The danger of this is that some people would prefer to live in their escapes than in the real world. Escaping reality from time to time in whatever form it takes is healthy, and positive, but like many things in life requires at least a modicum of moderation. In the right dosage, escapism is a huge shot of positivity.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action. Knowing that finding an escape, great or small, can help with perspective, you can make use of escapes to create positivity. When we take a moment of time to escape, however long that moment may be, we can escape negativity, and enjoy a more peaceful and positive sense of self. Escapes are a great means to finding, creating, and ultimately experiencing positivity. Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the twenty seventh entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to re-blog and spread the positivity.

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