Writing makes me feel good.

It doesn’t seem to matter what I write.  It can be words for business, it could be web content, it could be this blog, or it could be my next great work of fantasy.  Whatever it is, writing grounds me, centers me, makes me feel good and opens the channels of creative energy.

Not everyone is a writer.  But everyone has a thing, or even more than one thing, that produces this sort of feeling.  We all have actions available to us that will help us to feel good when we are feeling down or otherwise negative; we all have actions that provide us comfort.

Unfortunately, we frequently are made to feel that we have to deny ourselves these things.  Certainly some may not be appropriate at certain given times; but that does not lessen their importance to us.

When did we decide that living in joy was not important?

Seriously, how many people are almost constantly doing things that make them happy?  We believe that happiness comes in small doses.  While this might be true, it doesn’t mean that the small doses cannot be frequent and regular.

Except that we have accepted that small doses of happiness are just that…small.  Short times, bits and pieces here and there.  But overall, we have to be “responsible adults” or “contributing members of the society” or “grown-ups” or any other trite statements to the effect that happy is less important than acceptable to the norm.

Why is it that we accept it as duty or obligation to spend so much of our time doing things that don’t make us happy?  No, I know I am not writing for everyone here – lots of people get to do their dream jobs, or live the life they most desire…but for every one of those people I suspect there are at least three people who don’t.  Based on an utterly unscientific survey and reading of my friends and their jobs, I would even submit my 1 to 3 ratio is pretty conservative.

To some degree, this is simply the nature of our society.  When you have to work to live, in-as-much as it’s accepted that you need to work to earn money to have food, shelter, clothing and transportation, let alone anything above and beyond that, it’s often easier to work a job that might not make you happy, but pays enough to cover your expenses.

To some degree society says that work shouldn’t be fun.  How many TV shows and movies have come out where work is the enemy, the killer of joy and happiness and fun?  How many times when we were growing up were we told we could play only after our chores and homework were done?  Is it any wonder we don’t equate working with being happy?

One of the main reasons for Pathwalking is to find and make my own destiny.  I want to make my way in this world, and live life…not let life live ME.  Because consciousness creates reality, I need to shift my thoughts more consciously towards what I actually want, rather than allowing myself to just accept what is.

Present reality, I have mentioned before, is the result of past thoughts, feelings and actions.  That can be a hard truth to believe, but if you are not seeing your present as what you wish it to be, you need to create a better one.

Hooky-Spooky Mumbo-Jumbo?  No, this is conscious reality creation in action.  If I get all hung up on things as they are, lamenting them, focusing on them, being displeased or otherwise unhappy with them, then I am subconsciously creating MORE OF THEM.  Why?  Because I am not working on conscious creation.

That’s how this works.  If you don’t do it consciously, you do it in your subconscious, and you get what you get and life lives you.  Think of what you want, feel what it feels like to have it, and take actions that are inspired and intentional to help it along.  That, or keep allowing your subconscious to drive the bus, and hope you get lucky or fate intervenes or you stumble upon it.  I know what I would rather do.

I want to be happy more than I am sad, depressed, or unhappy…don’t you?  How come we are so quick to accept that we only get to be happy on occasions few and far between, when it’s clear all of us would want much more than that?

Pathwalking is ultimately about being happy.  I used to say that content was good enough, but frankly content IS happy.  If I am content then I am happy.  Happy is not this big, unattainable thing that eludes us like a needle in a haystack…happy is what I believe, ultimately, each and every one of us desires from anything and everything we do.

Writing makes me feel good.  When I get to write I feel grounded, I feel centered, and I feel good and productive.  Knowing this, I want the path I walk to involve more writing, and with that abundance on every level, be it financial, physical, spiritual or otherwise.

What things make you happiest?  How often do you make them a part of your everyday life?


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