How clear is your vision?

This is the question I have been contending with for a while now.  It is, to some degree, due to a lack of clarity in my vision and my end goals that I find myself not achieving them as I most desire.

Part of my problem is that I sometimes want to hedge my bets.  I have a Plan A, a Plan B, and maybe even a Plan C.  The best part is, none of them are fully formed, either.

How does that work?  Well, I have a partially-formed notion of the path I want to walk.  This is Plan A, the main path I want to traverse.  Nearly parallel, though, I am also jumping from time to time to a different path or two, Plans B and C.  So rather than traverse one path and see where it is going, I am trying to travel along two or three.

It’s important that I pause and add some specificity here.  Yes, you can be on more than one path at a time when the goal at the end of the path differs with little difficulty.  I can be on one path with regards to career and another with regards to relationships, and not have the same difficulties.  Of course they can intersect and even parallel, but the difference in result does not lessen either’s clarity.

Is it possible to take two or three paths to the same place at a time?  Of course not.  Yes, you can often move along more than one road to get from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’.  They might even cross one another or intersect from time to time.  But it is impossible to travel on an eight-lane interstate freeway at seventy miles per hour while simultaneously rolling down a two-lane residential road at thirty-five with traffic lights every couple miles.

This is part of the problem in trying to negotiate more than one path towards similar goals at the same time.  Let’s look at my specific issue, being career.  As I have been discussing in my Crossing the Bridges posts, I have two distinct worlds I want to work in full-time when it comes to my writing.  One is the world of fiction, where I create and share my sci-fi, fantasy and other works.  The other is this stuff, Pathwalking, Positivity and my self-help philosophy stuff.

In trying to reconcile my two different worlds to a singular vision, I began to digress.  Rather than just looking at ways to expand and promote my writing, I started to consider how I might go about coaching.  Part of why I have begun to work on Pathwalking in Practice is to create something I can give instruction in to more people.

As I have been considering creating a coaching practice of some sort in order to share Pathwalking, I started to shift my focus towards steps I might need to take to get certified as a coach.  Classes, study so that I can do professional life and corporate coaching, and getting necessary certifications and recognition.

Not so long ago I began to receive corporate/life coaching.  I determined this was a step towards helping me work out just how to walk the path I want to the career I want.  One thing she pointed out to me was this – all we have talked about since we began to work together was my desire to write professionally.  Never before had I mentioned a desire to go into coaching.  Did I really want to take the steps involved, and was this really what I am after?

Almost instantly, I realized that, no, this was to some degree me hedging my bets.  I am unable to trust in and fully embrace and believe in my vision of myself as a best-selling author, and from there an inspirational speaker.  I lack the necessary clarity to realize my goal.

This is why clarity of vision is important.  This is why I have succeeded at manifesting my dreams and consciously creating my reality.  I was clear on the end result, I had a clear vision, and it came into being.  There was no question in my mind what the end goal was, and I got onto the path fully aware of where I intended it to end.  I will heal completely; I will replace my dying car; I will get that girl; and so forth.

The vision I need to place in my head, and more importantly KEEP in my head, is what I want at the end.  In this case, for this path, it’s this: I want to be a best-selling author.  From there, I want to sell screen rights to my work, and/or start creating movies and TV.  Alongside these, I want to become a public speaker on creating inspirational empowerment and conscious reality creation.

The other important point of clarity I need to work on is this: I cannot view this end goal as ahead of me, as down the line, as coming soon.  I need to see it as HERE AND NOW.  I need to keep this goal in mind as part of my present, not as my future.  So long as I keep seeing it as before me or coming up or eventually or even soon, that sends a definite message to the Universe.  I need to believe and feel this as if it is already my life, in order to truly draw it to me.

As a step towards adding greater clarity in my process, I am adding a fourth question to my daily awareness questions.  Joining How am I? and What am I thinking? and How am I feeling? I am adding Am I thinking about things ahead of me, or in the now?  This is yet another awareness checker, in order to better know my own mind, so that I can work on consciously creating the reality I most desire.

There are days this is more challenging than others.  But having clarity of purpose goes a very long ways towards building the life I want for myself, manifesting my dreams, and truly walking paths that I have chosen.

Are you clear on the goals of your life paths?


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