Why does anyone want to be wealthy?  What is wealth?

American society, at least, has long believed in the idea that you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps, rise to the top and make yourself into a rich, successful individual if you just work hard enough.  Put your nose to the grindstone, work your ass off, and viola, you will be successful and rich.

Wealth, however, is a much broader topic.  Being wealthy is not achieved by counting the pennies in your pockets, it is much more than that.  Wealth is deeper, more involved than the simple idea of money, having vs not-having, and so on.

Our society puts far too much emphasis on how much money we each have.  This causes all kinds of problems for people, because money is a totally loaded topic.  For some, money is a good thing, and they see it as empowering and helpful.  For some, money is a bad thing, they see it as disempowering and hurtful.  Yet in order to do anything in this world, you have to have money for everything from the basics to the more advanced needs and wants we require.

Money is infuriating, because while it, in-and-of itself, is a neutral thing, people will use it for good and evil.  People will lord their money over those who do not have it, hoard it, and use it for their own greed to keep others down.  People will show incredible generosity, and give donations to worthy charities and people in need.  Most people use money to cover the basics, and with whatever they have beyond that to buy things that we hope will help us to be happy.

This is the biggest matter when it comes to money.  Happiness.  Money is often seen as the key to happiness.  If you have money, you will be happy because you can buy anything you want.  This, in turn, leads to the false belief that being rich and having plenty of money is being wealthy.  But the truth is, there is more to wealth than that.

What is wealth? From all that I have studied, wealth is abundance.  Abundance of not just material things like money and possessions, but also friends, health, loved ones, and awareness.  When you live in abundance, you are never wanting for companionship, love, freedom, or possibility.

Unfortunately, our society has problems with abundance.  We are constantly bombarded by messages of lack.  There is not enough to go around.  Money is scarce, jobs are scarce, your freedom is under attack because there is only so much to go around.  Why is that the message?  Because by keeping our society in a lack mentality, those in power believe this will keep them in power.  They offer to protect what we have, guard it jealously because there is little else to go around.  They convince us that because there is lack and not abundance, greed is acceptable.

This is the biggest lie in our society today.  Because of this lie, we are facing unprecedented levels of greed, of stinginess, but worse than that we have become more accepting of blatant acts of intolerance, cruelty, and indecency.  We see outright lies being told daily by our top government officials, and rather than call them out for it we analyze them, we track them, but we hardly hold anyone to be accountable.

It’s obvious why anyone wants wealth.  Is there anybody that does not want an abundance of good in their life?

So how do you attain wealth?  The key is abundance.  We need to think abundance, we need to feel abundance, we need to act abundant.  And of course, this is so, so much easier said than done.  Just to add insult to injury, it’s even harder given current circumstances.

It is important to note that wealth and abundance is NOT a selfish thing.  Having wealth, being abundant is not selfish.  In fact, the very definition of abundance is more than enough.  We frequently misrepresent the “wealthy” as selfish because we see these rich people hoarding their money, selfishly guarding what they have for themselves alone, and denying empowerment to others.  That is NOT truly wealth nor abundance.  The truly wealthy know there is more than enough to go around, and they share and spread abundance.

How does one apply abundance to Pathwalking in Practice?  This is particularly challenging.  In especial if you have bills to pay, debts owed, or are in any other way feeling lack.  What’s more, this is something that it might feel REALLY selfish to consider, given the state of the world today.  However, if we do not care for ourselves, how can we do any good for anyone else?

To think and feel abundance, you have to convince yourself that your life IS abundant.  You cannot see it in the future, you have to see it RIGHT NOW.  I think the best practice one can do to try and manifest more abundance, and to think and feel abundance, is to write out, first thing in the morning, five to ten times, an affirmation, such as I HAVE ENDLESS ABUNDANCE or I AM WEALTHY or I AM WEALTHY AND ABUNDANT.  Then, write it out again just before going to bed.

I know that this might stretch credulity, and it might feel like an outright lie.  But every single book I have read or listened to on the subject of consciousness creating reality, or the Law of Attraction, or just about any other self-help advice suggests something like this.  We have to alter our thinking to alter our feeling to allow us better actions to manifest the world we want.  It might not be easy, but is anything worth having ever easy?

Do you want to be wealthy?


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