Everything is energy.

At its core, in its simplest, most elegant form every single thing you can see, touch, taste, and smell is energy.  Every one of us, no matter our skin color, ethnicity, gender or other chosen identifier is energy.

The earth, the sun, the other planets in the solar system and everything, absolutely everything, is comprised of energy.  Both science and spirituality agree on this point, though they might use different phraseology to explain it.

Since every single thing in the universe is made of energy, that means that every single thing in the universe is vibrating at one frequency or another.  While there are probably infinite frequencies imaginable, still many things will vibrate at like frequencies, and as the Law of Attraction will tell you, like attracts like.  Those things will vibrate towards one another.

We are energy.  Because we are energy, we are vibrating at a frequency.  These frequencies ebb and flow and change, as pure energy ebbs and flows and changes.  Because of our unique consciousness, we humans are capable of recognizing our vibrating energy, and we are able as such to consciously change it.

One of the challenges of this, however, is due to the Law of Attraction.  Because human nature craves acceptance, companionship, and connection we tend to attune ourselves to other people out there.  Unconsciously, we will change our frequency and attune it to others who vibrate as we do.

This is how we get mob mentality.  When a group of people are all vibrating at the same frequency, that energy gains power.  Think of it like this.  If your car is in a parking lot and your radio is tuned to a specific station at a reasonable volume, that’s one thing.  But if every single radio of every car in the lot attunes to the same frequency, the volume will increase.  Instead of one reasonable source of that frequency, there are now many, so the overall volume will go up.

This is why people inadvertently will wind up in “the wrong place at the wrong time”.  They have unconsciously tuned in to the same frequency, which might happen to be a bad frequency.  Because of this they are swept up in the energetic current, and things happen.

Energy doesn’t care if you are male or female, wise or wicked, full of love or full of hate.  Energy in its most pure form is utterly and completely neutral.  It just is.  It cannot be created nor destroyed, it just exists in whatever form it has taken.  Eventually it will transmute to another form.

When we realize that we can consciously create our own reality, we have taken control of the radio, so-to-speak.  We can choose whether we want to tune it into NPR, or the local Rock station, or just listen to the static of unused frequencies.  We make the effort not to unconsciously attune to the random frequencies of those around us, and instead choose for ourselves of our own accord.

Pathwalking is about recognizing that we can choose what frequencies to vibrate at.  And yes, I do use the plural because we are not static creatures with static frequencies.  We often would like to think that we are.  We find moments that we want to stretch on and on for as long as we can….but they will change, because energy is always changing.

It is easy to get caught up in the massive energies groups can produce.  All you have to do is watch or read the news.  Between terrorists creating chaos, a surreal Presidential election, epic corporate greed and everything else of that nature being reported on, it’s really really easy to tune into that frequency.  As such it’s all too easy to get angry, indignant, even enraged by what is happening out there.  But like all the cars in the same lot tuning their radios to the same station, we cause the volume of those things to increase, and as such gain momentum.

To some people this idea may seem like utter bull.  Nobody wants to create bad things for themselves, or for the world at large.  That’s true, but energy in its most pure form has no desire, is neither good nor bad, it only takes the forms we assign it.  If we all focus on something negative, we get more of it because we’ve raised the volume, despite not consciously choosing to do so.

I know that we are all busy.  We all have our obligations, our jobs and families and time committed to various and sundry things.  But if we take just a minute here and there throughout our day, and consciously consider what we are thinking and feeling, and how we are acting, we can change our frequency to something we desire.

Because we all have things to do, it is unbelievably easy to let our subconscious drive the bus.  We go with the flow, we do the thing.  We get up go to work or school, go home, veg in front of the TV or online for several hours, go to bed, rinse, repeat.  It’s really easy to lose ourselves in the patterns of our day-to-day, but if we fall too deep into our subconscious, when we become dissatisfied it can be a greater effort to consciously take the wheel.

If, like me, you want to walk a path of your own choosing, it’s important to recognize that your energy flow needs to be addressed.  Simply asking yourself “how am I feeling”, or “what am I thinking”, or even “what am I doing” from time to time will bring your attention to conscious creation.  I’m fairly surprised by how seldom I ask this of myself, and yet it’s vitally important to getting control over my energy, and allowing me to consciously create the reality I want.

Last but not least, we need to acknowledge that we cannot control anyone else’s energy.  We can influence it, certainly, but we cannot direct it or otherwise control it.  It’s not like being the passenger in the car, where you can reach to the stereo and change the frequency even if you’re not driving.  Each and every one of us is able to tune our own frequency, though our individual frequencies sometimes do align with one another.

Consciousness creates reality.  What frequencies do you want to tune in to?


GOAL LOG – Week 38:

Diet:  I continue to mostly avoid sugar, and I am doing better with portioning.

Exercise: Fencing happened three days last week, and I got to the gym three days.

Writing:  Four days of writing.

Meditation:  I meditated every day but one last week, for a minimum of at least 4 minutes.

Gratitude: I wrote five things I was grateful for six of seven days last week.


This is the two-hundred forty-eighth entry in my series. These weekly posts are ideas and my personal experiences in walking along the path of life.  I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.

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