Trying to align my beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions is an interesting challenge.

In order to manifest anything, I know that I have to combine thought with feeling and then take intentional actions.

That’s a major oversimplification of the process, however.  It is much more involved, and the pitfalls can be overwhelming.

What am I going on about?  Let me explain.

I have successfully manifested things in my life.  I have managed to make things happen through a combination of factors, but I know that I was still at the core of the manifestation of these things.

I healed fully from injuries that didn’t just leave me scarred, but could have left me disabled.  I was able to get a car when it looked from every angle like that would be impossible.

These are, admittedly, two very different things – yet they are still connected.  It is in figuring out HOW they are connected that I can work on manifesting again.

Recently I came across a new resource, which takes a more in depth look at Universal Laws.  I don’t need to get into detail about that here, but there was one point in particular that struck a chord with me.

Manifesting things is not what anyone really wants.

As I analyze the unconnected healing and acquisition of my car, how are they related?

When I was injured, I did not accept any outcome but total recovery.  I would get back full usage of my body, I would be as capable as I was before I was hurt and partially made out of titanium.  I persevered, I pushed, and I made a recovery so complete that unless I show you the scars or tell you what happened to me, you would not know.

Here’s the new factor in this.  Why did I accept no other outcome?  Because I wanted to feel good.  I wanted to still have the freedom to fence, to hike, to explore the world around me.  I wanted to have experiences similar to those I was able to have before I was badly injured.

When I needed to replace my dying car, I knew that I could make it happen.  Despite financial woes, despite no apparent way to make it happen, I knew without a doubt that I could.  And as such I wound up with a newer, more efficient and mechanically sound car, and payments not much higher than I’d been making for the dying car.

Here’s the new factor to this.  Why did I know I could make this happen even when it looked impossible?  Because I wanted to feel free.  I wanted to be able to go to work, go to spend time with friends and go places I needed to go without concern.  I wanted to be free of an unwanted association the old car trapped me in.  I wanted to experience things that a lack of reliable transportation would deny me.

What I am seeing anew is that it was not about acquiring the thing nor about recovering from the injury so much as it was about what having those things would mean.  I didn’t just want to heal completely because I wanted to be without the injuries I had taken, I wanted to remain capable of being free and able to have new experiences I might not otherwise be able to have.  I didn’t just want to replace my car for the sake of a newer car, I wanted to remain capable of being free and able to have new experiences I might not otherwise be able to have.

The connection, ergo, is that manifestation is not about the material or immaterial thing I am trying to manifest.  It goes much deeper than that.  It is really all about underlying feelings, desires, and actions.

Why do I want the things I want?  Because having them will offer me more freedom, joy, happiness, contentedness, space for creativity and building positivity.

For example – I would like a new job.  On the surface this is because I want to earn more money, and I want to work somewhere that utilizes any number of my skills and where I feel appreciated.

Why?  On the surface because I will be more able to pay bills and contribute to my household, and I will experience being part of a team, making use of my abilities and taking pride in my work.

But when I go deeper, the why leads me to being freer to create, being more able to do things I enjoy with friends and family, and have new adventures and explore new experiences on any number of levels.

Even knowing this, however, the challenge of aligning my beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions remains.  But knowing that the end result is by no means the end, maybe I can better coordinate my process.

I have done this before successfully.  I know I can do it again, I just need to consider the pieces on the board, and move them around in the best way I can to achieve my goals.  Knowing that the goals are themselves steps to new goals and ideas and options, I think I might have more to work with.

Have you manifested things material or immaterial for your life?


GOAL LOG – Week 10:

Diet: I am keeping with tracking my diet.  I can see where I need to make changes, now it’s just a matter of making them.

Exercise: Fencing happened, got to the gym only once, but I took a 2.5 mile walk on one day and did some pretty aerobic hiking on another.

Writing: Four days of writing.  A day short of my goal, but writing happened.

Meditation: I spent at least 3 minutes meditating five days last week. This is a good thing.

I need to continue to work with using the goal log to improve my choices and get into the mental and physical shape I want to be in.


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