How do your beliefs effect the paths you are walking?

Short answer – considerably. Long answer – what do you believe?

First and foremost, this has NOTHING to do with religious, faith or spiritual beliefs. This is all about the specific beliefs we hold when it comes to ourselves, our lives, and our understanding of how the Universe works.

What we believe is often tied into what we think we do and don’t know, and how we are feeling. Unfortunately, we often do not take a close look at our core beliefs, and as such we may not fully know what exactly they are.

Getting straight to the point, what this means is that we may hold beliefs that are contrary to what we are working to achieve, and may in fact be counter to what we need to walk the paths we might choose.

Let me be more specific about what I mean here. The beliefs I am talking about are personal. This isn’t I believe in god or I believe the world is round. This is I believe I am capable or I believe I cannot do this or I am fat or I am thin or I have abundance or I am lacking.

What we believe is often deeply buried in our subconscious. Because of this, we experience a disconnect that can present an obstacle along our given paths. We are striving for one thing, yet because deep down we do not believe we can have that thing we have placed a barrier in our way.

Let me use a personal example. I want to get into better shape, lose some weight. Now to do that, I need to watch my diet, I need to get more exercise, I need to be aware of my sugar and caloric intake and all kinds of other matters along that line.

However, taking that into consideration, I also need to know what I believe. Do I think I am fat? Do I think I am capable of getting into better shape? Do I think I am able? Do I think I am getting older and more damaged or staying young and improving?

What I believe is as important as what I do. As I often point out, manifestation comes from thought, emotion and inspired action. Sure, I can pay close attention to my diet and exercise, I can make a conscious effort to be more aware of and attentive to them. But if I am holding onto the belief that I am fat and I cannot get into shape and I am going to have to struggle…it should come as no surprise that I am not getting the results I want.

This is new-age hippy-crunchy mumbo jumbo. No, the problem is that it’s really not. If consciousness creates reality, then what I believe is going to have a pretty big impact on the reality I am creating.

What is belief? Belief is deeper than thought, because it is a subconscious understanding of the universe. This is the core of how I think the world works. Some of what I believe, for example. I believe that consciousness creates reality, and I believe that I can manifest the life I would choose to have. I believe that Pathwalking allows me to control my destiny, and to choose for myself what I want my life to be.

But these beliefs are surface beliefs. These are the things I am putting conscious work into. What lies beneath? What beliefs are at my core? This can be a scary question, because this often digs into places I long ago abandoned. I am working on changing what I believe on the surface…but what do I believe to my core?

This is a question that, like How am I feeling? goes unasked. I have built my beliefs over my lifetime, and while there are always new beliefs that get learned, the old beliefs long created and ignored are still there, sometimes contrary to the new.

What can you do about that? I am working on this now. The device I am employing is to really consider what I believe, and to give it voice. This is surprisingly simple. Working with this today, two beliefs very contradictory to my current actions surfaced for me – I am fat. I never have enough money.

I used meditation to really dive into the depths of my soul, and used a method learned from Boni Lonnsburry’s The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True. Without giving away her work, to summarize: I visualized written papers with these beliefs, saw them being destroyed and replaced with new papers containing positive new beliefs. I am thin. I always have more than enough money.

Once again I have to stress that thinking things like this are insufficient for conscious reality creation. But thoughts are a big step in the process, and beliefs are deeply rooted thoughts. If we believe contradictions to what we want to create, we make creation far more difficult than it should be.

When we identify the deep, often ignored beliefs we have established, they can come back to haunt us when we are working on new beliefs that are contrary to them. Thus we need to take the time to learn what, deep down, we believe, so that if it is against what we are trying to make manifest we can do something with and about it.

I have been amazed by what I have found as I look into my own beliefs. As much as I have been working on Pathwalking and getting control over my destiny, I am intrigued by how many deep beliefs I possess that are standing against how I want my life to be. This is why being awake and aware and in the moment is so important. You miss quite a lot when you let things just happen, and you forget where you put what you believe. It is almost akin to losing your keys in your own house and forgetting where they are.

How do you think your core beliefs effect the paths you are walking?


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