Manifestation can be quite the paradox.

On the one hand it is astoundingly simple. On the other hand, it is intricately complex.

It is in fact both. I believe, however, that the hardest part of manifestation is the basic idea of what it is you want.

I know that a lot of people see this hooky-spooky bs. New-agey mumbo-jumbo. However, I have first-hand experience with making this actually work, and I know that it is more than just possibility, but reality.

The first and most important fact in manifestation is the simplest, but hardest to grasp. What is it you really, truly want? What do you desire to have in your life?

A lot of what we THINK we want are in fact abstracts. They are grandiose ideas that in and of themselves will not grant us what it is we really want. We want these huge, all-encompassing things that on the surface seem to be our desire, but in truth are actually either the result of what we really want, or only a lesser part of the greater aspiration.

Most of the things we really, truly desire are simple. Amazingly simple. We want to be happy. We want to love. We want to be loved. We want to have material things that ultimately make us feel good. We want good things in our lives to make life better, more efficient and/or more convenient.

The other important thing about what we want to manifest is this: We can ONLY manifest for ourselves. We have no control over the lives or actions of others, and as such we cannot make their lives for them. It can be surprising how often the thing we think we want is not actually about us, but about someone else and how they play in our lives.

Once you know what it is you want, the thing you truly want to manifest, there are three things that have to occur:

One. You have to put the thought into it, you have to see it as a part of your life.

Two. You have to desire it, you have to feel how its presence will make you feel on an emotional level.

Three.   You have to take action, doing things in a manner that will both bring that which you desire to you, and taking actions to help bring it about.

You cannot just pull things out of thin air. Manifestation does not work like that. There has to be a base, and that is why there has to be thought, emotion and action.

There are grand and glorious things some people want. You cannot be President if you do not get involved in politics. You cannot be a best-selling author if you never write a word. You cannot be a singer in a rock band if you are not creating a band.

There are simpler, more practical things some people want. You cannot acquire a new car if you are not looking for one. You cannot find a lover if you are not putting yourself out there. You cannot have the job you desire most if you are not seeking one out.

These are the necessary actions. The Universe will provide, but not from a pure vacuum. You can’t just think it, you can’t just feel it. You have to take action.

I healed from severe injuries FAR beyond and far faster than expected. If I do not show you my scars, you would never know what happened to me. I didn’t just believe I’d heal completely, I didn’t just feel that I would get well, I took action. I pushed through all of the physical and occupational therapy they gave me, and demanded more. I took every action available to me to mend, and thinking, feeling and acting upon it succeeded.

I didn’t just find the car I am currently driving. I needed a new car, I started looking into it, I started making inquiries. Yes, I believed I could make it happen, despite the obstacles in the way of it. Yes, I felt what it would be like to have a more fuel-efficient and sound vehicle. But I also sent e mails and took phone calls and visited the dealership to make it happen. I took actions to make it manifest.

These things I made manifest were both simple and complex on a number of levels. But that is the way the Universe works. I can manifest what I need and what I want, but I can only do so if I employ thoughts, feeling and action together. Alone, none of these will manifest anything but dreams. You must awaken from the dreams in order to think, feel and act upon your desire to make them manifest.

This brings up my final point on this topic. You can dream big, you can dream small, but unless you are awake and aware, you cannot manifest any reality. No matter how simple, complex or both, dreams cannot be reality without being awake and aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

What do you want to manifest for yourself?


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