During the course of Pathwalking, I have frequently spoken about creating your own life.

In walking your own path, one of the ideas is to control your destiny, and manifest the life you most want.

There are obstacles, distractions, problems, complications, bumps and twists and turns along any given path. The journey, I have often stressed, is of equal if not greater import than the goal. Living in the here and now is vitally important to the end goal of your paths.

The Universe is an abundant, impossibly immense, unpredictable place. As we are all one, we are attuned to The Universe, and it speaks to us in many ways. There are messages, sometimes obvious, sometimes softer than a whisper, telling us that we can have the things we want.

As we have evolved, we have actually lost our ability to hear The Universe. We are just tool-using animals, but when all is said and done our basic needs are food, shelter and propagation of the species. All the rest of nature has instincts, which are based in part on the messages The Universe is delivering constantly.

The point I am trying to make here is that we have to be conscious of what it is we really want. We can manifest pretty much anything we desire, but there are several factors we have to take into consideration that are not so much limitations as fixed variables beyond our control.

Most importantly, we cannot change other people. We cannot force anyone to do our bidding, to think as we think. The world is filled with people who want nothing less than to ultimately control every aspect of the lives of others, usually through fear. People want you to be whom they want you to be, and they might even go to outrageous extremes to achieve that.

Whether on a grand scale or a smaller one, we have no control over how other people think, how other people act, and how other people live. Yet we still often want to manifest things that are dependent on the actions of others, and that is the danger I am explaining here.

I can choose for me, and for me alone. I can share my journey as I walk my path. I can make choices on that journey that will undoubtedly change how those around me think, but what I have no control over is the what of that change. I cannot think for anyone else, and I should not be focused on influencing anyone and their choices.

When I share Pathwalking, I am not in any way trying to get you to live as I do. My paths are not your paths. What I do hope is that I might be opening up your mind to all the possibilities I can see with mine.

When I go about working to create my own life, I do have to take into account the people who are in it. My friends and my family have their own paths, and while I would not do anything to interfere with them, I know that some of my choices may be seen as such. I also know that yes, my choices of paths may not align with theirs, and that may be the cause of friction. That does not mean that my choices should be unduly influenced by the choices of others.

It is important to remember that we need to be more tolerant, and frankly more accepting of the differences between us. We all want different things, different people, different goals from one another. It is easy to get caught up in the idea of the “normal” and “society”. But when all is said and done, no matter what the tangible or intangible goal of the path might be, we want to be free. We want to be happy.

I believe that ultimately we seek happiness. Every path, every goal is to find happiness, joy, passion, fulfillment. When the day is done we want to feel successful, we want to feel accomplished, and we want to be happy. That is what we want to feel more than anything else.

Evolution of the species is a good thing. There is always something new to learn, there will always be a way to grow and change. We can think and act and perform way beyond the basic instincts of the rest of the animal kingdom, but in so doing we should also try to keep in touch with the messages that The Universe is trying to deliver to us. The messages for me are not the same as those for you, but in either case they are communicating abundance, hope, love, and happiness.

That is how you know you are on a good Path. You feel it. You know you are receiving that message from The Universe. There is no struggle, within or without. You are energized, content, and happy to be taking on the challenges before you.

When you are working on manifesting your goals, remember to be specific about what you really want. Make certain what you are trying to manifest is about you, and not about other people around you. That will go a long ways towards creating your own destiny, and taking control over your own paths.

Are your current goals about yourself?


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