Pathwalking is more an emotional journey than a physical one.

This is the part that I find I have the hardest time with overall. I can intellectualize the philosophy and I can give deep thought and a loud voice to the concept, but the necessary emotion behind it is a challenge.

I have met many people along the way for whom emotion comes first. They can cry at the drop of a hat or they feel pretty much everything around them. The let their emotions dictate their life, and they often have problems when it comes to reason and intellect in opposition to their emotion.

Of course there are many who are the opposite, where intellect comes first. They shed no tears, they are often looked to as robots incapable of feeling anything around them. They let their intellect dictate their life, the often have problems when it comes to feeling and emotion in opposition to their intellect.

Like almost everything else in nature, there needs to be a balance struck between these two extremes. We need to be able to make use of both emotion and intellect in order to not only find, but to feel and walk the path we might choose.

My issue has always been in the emotional. I have a particular talent for shutting down my feelings, and allowing my intellect to dominate how I move myself through this life. This is particularly ironic since I am something of an empath, and I can see and feel emotions from other people more easily than I can feel them for myself.

I have stated here before that in order to manifest anything you need to not only think about it, you need to feel it. You cannot simply will something into existence, you have to put feeling behind it, you have to feel it into existence. And you cannot simply feel something into existence, either…you need to intellectualize it in order to realize with any precision what you want.

Hooky-spooky mumbo-jumbo. You cannot just think and feel things into existence. There have been numerous works written about this subject. A lot of spiritual and psychic and even intellectual guides have put this idea to paper. It is not just some abstract idea that only a truly gifted person can realize, it is right there for all of us. Pathwalking is my own take on this idea, but it is not a wholly original or unique concept. My philosophy is very open ended, offering, like the paths available, numerous approaches.

I can prove that this is real. I have experienced it for myself. When I was severely injured years ago, and the doctors told me my recovery could take years and may never be total, I did not accept that. I was told I should be walking with a limp the rest of my life, that I may never regain full use of my arm following some extreme nerve damage.

This is in no way a dig on medical science – medicine and science have made this world a far better, healthier, more complete place. But medicine alone does not do the job. Doctors were able to take the steps to repair my badly broken leg and take the pressure off the nerve bundle in my arm so I might recover.

I know that by thinking about nothing but totally healing completely, and that I would be back to normal function just like before my accident, combined with FEELING what it would be like to be whole and accepting no other possibility made it happen so swiftly and completely. I know because even the doctor was surprised by the speed and extent of my recovery. Unless today I show you the rather impressive scars, you would have no idea how damaged my body is.

I walked the path to total recovery. Despite what was believed to be possible, I KNEW, intellectually, that I could take it further. To make it happen, I FELT, emotionally, the power of being whole and healed and well again.

A decade and a half later I am walking my own path. I am sharing that process with you, and I can explain in great detail the intellectual aspect of this philosophy. However, that is insufficient. There needs to be emotion on this. There has to be feeling.

As often as I point out that positive begets positive, and that you can build better things through positivity, it is important to note this is not simply thought, this requires feeling. If you think positive thoughts you will not feel better about much of anything. See, the key is that word – FEEL. You need to also FEEL the positive thoughts, or else you are, to all intents and purposes, simply spinning your wheels.

I have chosen to walk my own path in life. I have thought through this choice…but I have not done so well with FEELING through my choices. That is my new challenge – working on not just seeing, thinking, and attempting to walk a path…I need to better FEEL the path I am on. It is time to start working on the feeling portion of these choices, so that I can once again manifest my life.

I have done it before…I can do it again. I can always do it.

So can you.

Are you feeling as well as thinking about your path?


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