Action with intent or purpose is far more powerful than action for the sake of itself.

Consciousness creates reality.  In order to use this to manifest the end goal or desire, we need to think, feel, and then take intentional action.  I have spent a lot of time writing about thought and feeling, but less on action.

Action needs to have intent.  It needs to be done with a purpose in mind.  Action simply to complete the trifecta with thought and feeling does little to energize conscious reality creation.

Why does this matter?  Because in order to manifest our destinies, we have to energize the process.  If we do not give it energy, we haven’t gotten all that far past the thought.

Everybody gets ideas.  The range in size, shape, color, usefulness, and so on.  This is how things get created to make the world a better place.  Idea is another word for thought.  Thought is the starting point for creation of any kind.

Some people, however, over-power thought itself.  We get caught up in the idea that positive thinking will make our lives better, or that we can think ourselves to a better place than we already are at.  Thought gets treated as a quick fix.

While it’s true that positive thinking matters, and we are able to think things into being, it is only one step in the process.  It is the starting point for everything else to work off of.  This is the first step in a multiple step process.

Modern society has become obsessed with quick-fixes.  We want to lose weight now, get rich quick, connect online instantly, go zero to sixty in less than three seconds, and so on.  One step is all we want, requiring more takes too long.

Acting with purpose drives our manifestation ability.

The notion of intent can feel challenging sometimes.  You need to intend a result, and sometimes in the process of conscious reality creation you just don’t know what you will get.  This is why thinking about intent as purpose or an objective might feel more empowering.

So we have to take steps.  First, yes, there is thought.  Once the thought has come into existence, you need to feel it.  Thought by itself is merely a notion, speculation, or something equally interesting, but ultimately powerless.  But when you attach feeling and emotion to the thought, now it gets energized.

I think I can provide a really clear analogy of just how this works.  Thought is a lamp.  Feeling is plugging the lamp into a power source.  Action is not just turning the lamp on, but the flicking of the switch to turn it on.  That is intentional action; taking an action with purpose, with the goal in focus.

Due to the instant gratification/quick fix society we live in, this can feel like a lot of work.  I had an idea, and now I need to feel it and do something to make it happen.  How the hell do I figure out what that something is?  I think this is why many good ideas never get realized.  We know the what, but not the how.

I have previously written about getting caught-up in the how of things.  Conscious reality creation for manifestation of any given goal often hasn’t a clue about how to make this happen.  But this is part of why action with purpose matters.  You’ve had the thought, you are feeling it out, and from there some logical, intentional action may come to mind.

Action with purpose might be smaller than you think.

I know that I frequently think that the things I want to manifest are pretty big.  Let’s face it, becoming a best-selling author and high-demand self-help personality are pretty large goals.  The very notion of creating this feels enormous, somewhat overwhelming…and possibly impossible.  And don’t even get me started on the how.

The thing to keep in mind (yes, I am in part reminding myself here) is that everything big starts out small.  The Universe is getting bigger every second, but it began mind-numbingly smaller.  Yoda said it well when he said, “Size matters not.”  As such, a purposeful action to empower manifestation might take far less effort than we think.

How so?  Let me get personal.  I desire to become a best-selling author.  The books have been completed and I have published them.  Now it’s a matter of getting them to sell.  This is the path I desire to walk.  I have only the vaguest idea of how to do this.

Thought: I AM a best-selling author.  If I keep saying “I want to be” that puts it ALWAYS in the future.  That’s the nature of conscious reality creation.  So now I need to change the thought to the here-and-now, and bring it into the present.  I AM a best-selling author.

Feeling:  With those words on my mind and in my heart, what does this feel like?  How does it feel to be a best-selling author?  I need to visualize my name on a best-seller’s list, feel how excited that makes me.  I need to feel how it will feel to be in demand to do signings and talk about my work.  In the here-and-now, I need to feel how wonderful this achievement feels.  Not down-the-line, not eventually…I need to feel it, right here, right now.

Purposeful action is empowering.

Action: I need to write, not type, the phrase “I am a best-selling author” over and over.  I need to fill a page with this.  As I write it out, I need to feel it, as though it really is happening, here-and-now.  I could write out an interview about my process and my work, explaining how I have made this happen.  Maybe I should brainstorm ideas for marketing my books.  All of these are intentional actions.  All of these actions have a purpose, and are a step in the process of manifestation.

If this feels foolish, ludicrous, or like total hooky-spooky crap…then this won’t work at all.  I recognize that this might not work.  But every step counts.  Doing these small things have the potential to lead to bigger and better things.  These actions with purpose could open channels I have not considered before that will help me along to my goal.

Thank you for walking the path with me today.

What actions with purpose are you taking for your goals?


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