Dear haters, bigots, misogynists, and homophobes,

Congratulations – you are on the wrong side of history.

I am sorry to tell you that your hatred will not change public policy. Blacks, women, homosexuals, Hispanics, Hindis, Muslims, transgendered, fat and thin people and everyone else all will win equality, because that is what is right.

There is no “gay agenda”, except maybe they want to be treated like everyone else. There is no Muslim world take-over conspiracy, the vast majority of Muslims think about their religious beliefs the same as everyone else. Women should be paid the same as men for the same jobs. Transgendered people have the right to use whatever bathroom they choose. Black, Hispanic and Indian people are not trying to push out white people.

There IS a war on women and their rights to choose how to treat their own bodies. There ARE religious extremists out there who want their intolerant ways applied to all – and not just Muslims, there are plenty of Christian and even Jewish extremists out there. There ARE haters who fear change and dislike seeing women and homosexuals and anyone who is not white and male in positions of power or as major characters in books, TV, movies and other media. There are nut jobs running for office who deny science and logic and reason in favor of extremism and their own power.

I cannot speak for everyone who feels as I do, but let me just tell you this: We are all one. Stop hating, stop being afraid of change because change is going to happen, you are simply in the way. Let go of your hatred, because it is irrational and useless. You aren’t going to keep the “status quo” because it’s not. Everyone deserves equality, everyone has a right to live the life they would choose, and intolerance and hatred won’t stand.

Those of us who feel this way need to speak up. Stop letting the haters spread their hate unanswered. Spread inclusion instead of exclusion, unity instead of division, peace instead of war, love instead of hate, education instead of blind faith, logic instead of extremism. Stop letting the fear mongers win supporters – Let’s work on spreading truth over irrationality.

Maybe I am espousing a hippy-crunchy love-over-hate message, but I see nothing wrong with that. The world needs less fear and hate and more rationality and love. I’m doing my part – what else can we do to change the world for the better?