The Ramblings of the Titanium Don

Explorations of Conscious Reality Creation and Other Matters

What is a titanium don, anyhow?

Not so much a what, as a who, really.

Hi there.  I am MJ Blehart, also known to many as Malcolm Bowman.  MJ Blehart is a writer and entrepreneur residing in New Jersey.  Malcolm Bowman is a persona of MJ Blehart in the Society for Creative Anachronism, hailing from the late 16th Century England, residing in the East Kingdom.  MJ Blehart is a Mister.  Malcolm Bowman is a Don.  And due to a shoulder composed largely of titanium following a serious accident near the end of 1999, a Don made partially of titanium.  And now you know the story behind the name.

Join me as I explore my new business and avenues in writing.  Make sure you have an appropriate beverage and snack for the journey. 



What to share, what to share?


  1. owynn

    I like it, but now I think i need

    • That would be amusing. Maybe we should acquire, and auction it off to whomever wants it. 🙂

  2. Jody

    WooHoo! It’s the blog of Titanium Lad! Look forward to reading your ramblings.


  3. Judy

    Wow, Boss, very impressive…good luck with all of your endeavors, and I’ll be checking up on your blog to make sure you only put nice things about your cadet in it…(key the threatening music – just kidding)

    And once they finally fix my knee, I’ll be a titanium cadet, too.

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