How does consciousness create reality?

When we focus on what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and then taking intentional actions, we become truly aware, and conscious of our decisions.  When we are aware, we take charge and gain control over what we are doing.

Life is too short to not be fully present and conscious of the reality we live in.  We are not on this planet for all that long, so wouldn’t it be better to spend more time being excited about possibilities?

The Law of Attraction, simply put, states that like attracts like.  In other words, what we think about, we can create.  Unconscious thought is how we have created most of the realities we live in now.  Conscious thought, as such, can create the more ideal reality we desire for ourselves.

This is one of those things most people just cannot wrap their minds around.  We each have the power of creation within us.  It is entirely up to us to figure out the best ways to use that.

Conscious reality creation has the following effects on us:

  1. When we think, feel, and act on our hearts’ desires, we are creating joy.
  2. When we create joy, we want to do things that will bring us more joy and happiness.
  3. When we are happy, we are working from a high frequency, and open to attracting more happiness.
  4. When we are happy with our lives, we are more capable of spreading that to others.
  5. We shift to being more excited for every day and the possibilities before us.

It is all-too-easy to believe that we cannot control the world around us.  In part, this is true.  You cannot control any other person and their actions.  You, however, are the ONLY person who can control YOUR thoughts, feelings and actions.  We accept that the reality that has been created by others is the truth.  Yet we are actually able to create whatever reality we most desire for ourselves.  We have that power, even when we do not see it for what it is.

This may seem simple, but if you do not truly believe, really think about what you want your reality to be; seriously feel how that reality will feel as if it is already a done deal; then take intentional actions based on those thoughts and feelings, you will remain in the reality you are in now.

If you are happy in this reality, then you have probably consciously created what you want.  But if you are not happy, not living your life to the fullest you believe you can have, then take the power that is already yours, and work through your awareness to manifest what you truly desire.

Consciousness can create reality, but it takes awareness of our consciousness and that which we desire to make manifest the life we seek.  Even if the process is imperfect, the act of conscious creation is enormously empowering, and that can change your world for the better.