You can think positive all you want.  However, if you put nothing behind it, no energy, feeling, or action, it will be ineffective.

ThinkI am pretty sure that everything has at one point or another been exposed to the notion of the “power of positive thinking”.  On the surface, the idea that if you think good and positive thoughts, life will be better in numerous ways.

Too easy, right?  Well, that’s not untrue.  Think whatever you want, positive or negative, but without corresponding feeling, you can’t manifest anything at all.

When I began writing positivity almost four years ago, it was in reaction to posts all across social media of almost hopeless negativity.  I wanted to offer a different, positive perspective, in order to provide an alternative to the prevailing attitude.

Positivity follows the basic principles of conscious reality creation.  THINK positive, yes, but also FEEL positive and make an intentional ACT from there.  Thinking positive is a third of the equation, and if you do not feel it, you won’t act on it, and positivity will not be generated.

In the current climate of our world, this is really hard.  Our government is doing unspeakably awful things against the people they are supposed to be representing.  Corporate greed is surreal.  The world stage is fairly messy, and let’s not even go into any detail about climate change, revelations of sexual harassers, and so on.

Pretty daunting, right?  It is.  Yet still, finding positivity among all of this negativity is imperative.  I am in no way advocating ignoring these issues.  But rather than give them a ton of attention and endless focus, we need to seek positive things to think and feel about.  Like attracts like.  Want more good things, or bad?  I know which I prefer.

Think, feel, and act on positivity in the here-and-now.

Society has an unhealthy obsession with the past and the future.  I am unsure why, but that’s how we operate.  When we place our energies in the here-and-now, though, we gain awareness of the world around us, but more than that we become aware of ourselves.  This is where generating positivity is most important.

Think, Feel, ActWhen you ask yourself How am I feeling? or What am I thinking? or the like, you immediately become aware of the now.  When you are aware of the now, you know what your prevailing thoughts are.  It is here-and-now that you can at least take a moment to think, feel, and act on positivity.

It may not seem like much, but every major change begins with a single, small step.

Think and feel positivity.  Action will come of that, and we can improve the world around us in this way.

Finding positivity is not hard, but it does require action.

Knowing that to think positive is just the beginning, we can work from there to feel it as well.  When we take the thought of positivity and feel it, then act upon it, we can make it manifest, and with that we empower ourselves.  When we feel empowered, we frequently spread that feeling to others around us; as such, we can build more positive feelings in the collective consciousness.  We can use the positive feelings this generates to dissolve negative feelings.  When we take away negative feelings, we open up space to let in positive feelings, and that is something we can be grateful for.  Gratitude leads to happiness.  Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the two-hundred and first entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.

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