Manifesting frequently happens subconsciously.  This is why being present and aware in the here-and-now is so very important.

I know that on more than one occasion, I manifested what I wanted without giving it much thought.  Sometimes this was a thing I desired, other times not-so-much.  What I can tell you is that conscious reality creation is the most ideal form of manifestation.

ManifestingWhen I was younger, I was pretty high-strung.  I was frequently tense, subconsciously anxious, often unsure of myself.  What I wanted from life was a mystery.  Part of that was because who I wanted to be was an unknown, too.

It was at the end of college that I began to understand the concept that we are all energy.  Everyone and everything at its most base root is energy.  Energy produces vibration, and vibrations have frequencies.  All the energy in the universe vibrates at frequencies all across the spectrum.

The Law of Attraction posits simply that like attracts like.  Energetically, a like frequency attracts a like frequency to itself.  Hence, manifesting when consciousness creates reality.

If you are logical and scientifically minded, this may seem like just a new-agey notion with spurious scientific backing at best.  While I am a tremendous supporter of the sciences, I still believe there are inexplicable aspects of our reality, beyond the scope of science.

Let me make one thing about my personal beliefs clear.  Any higher-power, if there is such, doesn’t just make things happen.  Good and evil are human constructs, despite what religions postulate.  People gain the most when we are empowered, and our empowerment derives from the self.  Empowerment comes from within, not from other people, leaders, or some God/Goddess or such.  When we empower ourselves, we become capable of manifesting all sorts of possibilities.

Manifesting happens, consciously or subconsciously.

As I strive to be more aware of myself and the world around me, I am frequently astounded by how many people make no effort in this area.  I mean, really, how can so many people support liars, cheaters and outright scum if they are at all aware of the world around them, and themselves?  Because the subconscious is doing the work, they’re reaching a given frequency aligning with a portion of the collective consciousness.

Everyone needs a break from time to time, to escape from responsibilities and stressors and the like.  While remaining aware of the here-and-now can seem exhausting, it beats being a victim of circumstance.  Because that’s what letting your subconscious manifest your reality tends to get you.

Manifestation of reality can be epic or microscopic.  For example, in my life I’ve created both wanted and unwanted realities.  When I am conscious I tend to manifest what I want.  Yet when my subconscious is driving, it’s much iffier.

For example, I knew my last employment was going to end.  The writing was on the wall.  Sure, it got dragged out for several months, but it wasn’t a surprise that it came to an end.

Had I chosen to take conscious actions in regards to that job, likely I could have made it stick.  I could have kept it, probably even improved it.  But I chose not to.  I kept in the back of my mind that the job was going to be lost, and because subconsciousness creates reality as much as consciousness does, I ceased to be employed there.

That job didn’t make me happy.  Overall, wasn’t all that fond of the people I was working with and for.  I could have consciously chosen to leave, or I could have chosen to fix it.  I chose neither.

Am I manifesting what I want for my life?

This is a work in progress.  Last week I wrote all about change, because we moved to a new home.  With this change I have a real home-office space to work from.  I have a much better set-up to create and write and edit with fewer distractions.

Yes, I have some concerns about my ability to succeed at this.  Do I have sufficient discipline to make the most of my time?  Will I take advantage of this space to be more creative and prolific as a writer?  Am I capable of manifesting more than enough money to pay bills and live with the abundance I desire?  Will I actually get caught up with my daily reading, resume meditating regularly, and catch up with my online coursework?

Nobody has the answers but me.  I am empowered to be successful on whatever level I choose to measure success.

That, by the way, is as true for me as it is for you.  Manifesting reality is arguably our greatest gift as human beings.  The other animals on this planet follow their instincts to survive, while we can build amazing tools to not just survive, but thrive.  It is not just the purview of the “great minds” or inventors of the world – every single one of us has conscious reality creation ability.

I think I can manifest the life I want to have.  I need to believe it, feel it as if it’s already done.  Then, with intentional actions, I will be manifesting the amazing life I know I can have.

Thought, feeling, action.  Awareness of the here-and-now.  I have the tools.  Now it’s time to use them.

As always, thank you for crossing the bridges between my worlds with me.


GOAL LOG – Week 48:

The goal log was not at all maintained.  It may be done for the time being.


This is the sixty-third entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

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