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Positivity: Working Together for the Greater Good

People are coming together to help one another.

In the face of difficult times, massive uncertainty, and some scary people assuming power, people are coming together to work with one another to show the world that we will not be intimidated.

Whether the topic is education, science, the environment, awful business practices, general politics, LGBTQ rights, separation of church and state or what-have-you, people are coming together like never before to stand up for the things they believe in.  They are striving to change the conversation, and to make our world a better place.


We are seeing people taking a stand for more inclusion, for protecting our planet from those who do not care if they poison our air and water, for not discriminating based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or other differences, for affordable health care and the education of our children, and more.  We are seeing people trying to build a better world rather than tear down what we have with no plan to create anything that’s better.

There are powerful forces wanting to divide us all.  They want to make sure only a small group of people have power, wealth and influence, rather than spreading it to the masses.  They have convinced many people that they will make their lives better, despite the only work they do benefiting a narrow, heavily biased and self-serving group.  Snake-oil salesmen playing on the fears of the masses to convince them they will help, when most of the actions they intend to take will make their constituents’ situations even worse.

Rather than let them remain dominant, people are changing the conversation, and working to reach out to more and more groups, striving to work together to use inclusion, positive forces rather than negative to change the world for the better.  People are taking actions as never before and participating in our system to improve it, to speak up and not allow the leadership to run all over us without being accountable.  The positivity of these actions is incredible.


We are seeing that coming together to change the conversation and to help one another builds new bridges, opens new avenues of opportunity, and shows the people who would prefer us under their boots that we will not be doormats.  We are coming together as never before to spread hope and overwhelm fear, and that is amazing positivity.

Finding positivity is not hard, but it does require action.  Knowing that people are working together to stand up for equality, freedom and other things that improve the world, we can take heart that we can change the conversation and work to better all of our lives.  When we feel the positivity that comes from all the energy of so many working together to better our world, we each can empower ourselves.  When we feel empowered, we often spread that feeling to others around us, and as such can build more positive feelings in the collective consciousness.  We can use the positive feelings this generates to dissolve negative feelings.  When we take away negative feelings, we open up space to let in positive feelings, and that is something we can be grateful for.  Gratitude leads to happiness.  Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the one hundred fifty-eighth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to share, re-blog and spread the positivity.

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Crossing the Bridges: Health

Like many things in life, health comes in three forms.  Physical, mental, and spiritual.

It is extremely important that there be balance between these forms.  We frequently do not recognize this, and the price we pay is amazingly high.  As I am striving to create the life I most want, I need to take more time in addressing these.

Let’s start with the one I have down, I believe, the best.  Spiritual.  My spiritual health is good.  I know who I am, I know where my faith and beliefs lie.  If you read Pathwalking, you have gotten a pretty good look at my philosophy, and my belief that consciousness creates reality.  Certainly there is room for improvement…there is always room for improvement.  But this is the place I feel most confident, and this is where I think I have the best handle on myself.

This brings me to physical.  If you know me, you know that I am overweight.  You don’t develop a gut like mine without years of work.  I fluctuate between pretty heavy and obese, and I have been struggling with this pretty much my whole life.  Beyond this my cholesterol has been historically high, and heart disease runs in my family.

I am active.  I walk a lot, I fence at least once if not more times a week.  I work to get to the gym, where I do cardio and weight lifting.  I am pretty damned strong, flexible, dexterous, and my endurance is pretty high.

But I still eat larger portions than I should, and I still consume too many things that are not tremendously good for me.  Too much bread, salt, sugar and more.  I am constantly working to improve upon this part.

One of the issues here is my mental health.  My mental health is the matter that causes many of my issues both physically and spiritually.

I have suffered from clinical depression for much of my life.  I have been through therapy, I have taken Prozac, I have worked hard to cope with this and to not let it dictate my life.   Further, I have some anger issues.  No one ever gets hurt, but in my youth I punched a few walls, and I used to get pretty ragey on the road, which has begun to creep back into my being over the past couple years.

I am well aware that these are linked together.


This is, of course, a vicious circle.  I get depressed, I eat, I get annoyed with my body, I get depressed, I eat, I get annoyed with my body, I eat, I get depressed…ad nausea.  To combat this, I have worked on my spiritual health.  I have developed my philosophy to help me better understand the notion that consciousness creates reality, and from there to work on manifesting more things I want for my life.

For some time I was able to avoid depression.  I was in a much better space overall, and I lost weight and I got healthy spiritually and mentally.  I saw a great many positive changes, and I even began to create Pathwalking from this.

Lately my mental health has been less stellar.  Why?  Two primary reasons.  One – the season.  It is winter.  Grey skies and cold generally make me feel down.  It is what it is, and so long as I live in the Northeastern US, this is how it will be.

Two – current events.  The political situation alternates between making me sad, making me angry, and scaring me.  The Executive branch is under the control of a narcissistic, mentally unstable billionaire, a white-supremacist hell-bent on destroying the social order and a bunch of sycophantic flunkies.  The Legislative branch is under the control of angry, self-righteous, self-interested idiots hell-bent on lining their pockets, reassuring those who contribute to their campaigns, and obliterating the middle class.  The Judicial branch is in danger of being hamstrung by the other two branches…so overall the republic is looking very, very sickly.

Because I cannot completely stick my head in the sand and ignore what is going on out there, this impacts my mental health…and like a domino, that in turn effects my physical and spiritual health.

What do I do to combat all of this?  This.  I write it all out.  I write Positivity to explore something good and positive in the face of so much negativity, and work on my mental health.  I write Pathwalking to work on my spiritual health, and check in with my conscious reality creation.  Crossing the Bridges checks in with the results of the processes, and my work to land in the place I most want to be.

I need to put more effort into my physical health.  I need to move past planning this and do better with taking action on that end.  Better physical health leads to better mental health and spiritual health.  It all ties together rather nicely.

I know this is a bit rambling, but I need to work through the process.  As always – Thank You for crossing the bridges between my worlds with me.


GOAL LOG – Week 5:

Diet:  Continuing with being mindful about what and how much I am eating, though a couple days went untracked.

Exercise: Two days of fencing, no gym.

Writing:  The three blogs got written, plus an extra blog post.

Meditation:  I did not meditate.  See mental health above.

Gratitude: I wrote five things I was grateful for on two days this week.

Clearly, I need to get back on track here.


This is the nineteenth entry of my personal journey, the Crossing the Bridges series.  My collectively published writing can be found here.

Some thoughts on True Things

Truth.  Most of you reading this know it already.  Those who most need to see this, to fundamentally understand it for what it is, probably won’t.  And even if they did, they would likely dismiss this as liberal bullshit, or some such.

Mexicans are not pouring across our border as though the dam is broken.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Illegal immigrants are not everywhere, and taking your jobs!  This is simply a great big lie.

Refugees are not hiding secret ISIS operatives.  They are fleeing from destruction, murder and worse at the hands of ISIS and their ilk, they are not the problem.

Islam is not so different from Christianity.  The extremists are a very, very small percentage of what makes up Islamic practitioners, and are in no way representative of the religion.  Lumping them all together is a completely false equivalency.

There is no war on Christianity.  I repeat, there is NO war on Christianity.  What there has been is a broader understanding that we are NOT, nor have we ever been, a Christian nation.  That is why saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” has become prevalent – we are acknowledging there are others with different sensibilities out there.

Climate Change is a real, scientifically proven issue.  If we do nothing to arrest it or otherwise impact it, the planet will become increasingly toxic to us, and we will find it harder and harder to survive.  This is not some liberal lie to increase unnecessary regulations, it is the truth about how we have artificially effected the planet since the industrial revolution.

Non-straight people are no threat to anyone.  Sexual orientation and gender identification do not make a person good or bad.  These identifiers are harmful to none, and anyone who identifies as queer, gay, bi, transgendered or what-have-you should not be subject to discrimination on the basis of that.  Period.

President Trump is dangerous to the world order.  He will not make America great again, he will make us a third rate power.  He will make us a laughing-stock, a has-been, an also-ran.  We are in danger of losing our sovereignty over his outright lies and disregard for protocol, tact, and civility.

America is NOT a White nation.  We never were, we never will be.  We are a melting pot of diversity, or at least that’s what we should be.  We have every race, creed, color, religion, and so on represented in our national identity.  And remember, with the exception of the Native American tribes, we are ALL immigrants here.

Civility, kindness, compassion, understanding…what happened?  When did it become ok to be an asshole?  When did we let go of loving our neighbors, looking out for our brothers and sisters, and trying to help one another?  This is not what we should ever be about.  We should be trying to help each other be better people, not divide ourselves so that a small group of people can maintain a choke hold on power.

Consider that.  All of this is the truth.

Pathwalking 266

One of the hardest questions for many people to answer is – what do you want?

For some, the reason this is difficult is because of fear that if they answer wrong, they’ll be unhappy with the outcome.  For some, there are many things they want and that is causing them to waffle.  For some they sincerely do not know what they want.  However, in all probability, it’s some combination of all of the above.

Decision making can be surprisingly challenging.  Some people just know what they want, make a choice, process complete.  Some people need to sleep on it, think it over, explore multiple angles, and have as complete information as they can get before deciding.  Some people get so flustered by choices before them, they frequently make no decision at all, or when they do there is so little conviction behind it that they might as well have not bothered.

Why are we so afraid to choose wrong?  Very few decisions are truly life or death, and while many do have consequences, few are irreversible.  Certainly we might find ourselves somewhere we would prefer not to be because of a choice we made, but there are times when the unexpected consequence of a choice turns out to be even better than what we were deciding on in the first place.

Let me clarify here that this in reference to the very personal choices we make in regards to what we want for our own lives.  Yes, the world today is full of people who make decisions without any thought behind them, and they appear to end up in ludicrous places or cause other issues.  This is a far broader matter, though it is in part a reflection of the inability of many to know what they want and choose as such.

Pathwalking is about seeking out and choosing my own destiny, my own path in life to achieve the things I want.  I have, over the five years of this process I’ve shared, expressed that there will always be multiple paths, because life is not so simple or one-size-fits-all.  Once the goal of an intended path has been reached, there will be a new goal and a new path to travel.

That’s also a scary thing for many.  You go through all the trouble of doing all the things to get what you want…and then once you have it, how long do you get to enjoy it before you need to choose again?  Why bother if every time you succeed at reaching the completion of the path you have to start again?

That’s the thing – it’s actually a GOOD thing to have more paths to choose.  Whether we like it or not, life is always in motion, frequently shifting, changing, ever forward.  We will encounter new people and experience new things, and this in turn will change us.  When we change we have new goals, new values, new ideas to explore, and unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, we frequently get to partake in creation.

Most of the rest of the animals on this planet have only one goal.  Survive.  They do not care about ambitions, success and failure, how other people think of them, fun, stress, and so on.  They simply live life, strive to survive and thrive, and that’s the long and short of it.  Humans lead far more complex existences.

In regards to Pathwalking in Practice, how does one explore and take some form of action in regards to the decision making process?  This can take several forms, so I want to address one that is specific, and one that is broader.

On the broad choices – the original question I asked is, What do you want?  What are you seeking from this life?  There are certainly many different things, tangible or intangible, that this applies to.  A job, finding a lover, a home, a friend- these are all goals we want to achieve.  One of the challenges for me on this end, personally, is clarity.  I need to be clearer, more definite about the end result I desire.

SO – I am writing it down.  That is my action – answer the question.  What overarching thing is it I want from a given path I am walking?  What end result am I desiring?  I have a vague idea of the answer, but I think one reason why I have yet to accomplish it is that I am not totally clear.  I will write it out to create that clarity.

On the subject of specific choices – there are always decisions to make.  Every day we get to ask questions like what do I want to do for dinner; do I go to the gym; what shirt should I wear today; and so on.  For many, even these simple, day-to-day questions can cause paralysis.

The action I will take is to not answer with “I don’t know” or “Why don’t you choose?” or the ever popular, “Well what do YOU want?”  I can take a moment, and by a moment I mean less than a minute, but I then have to choose something.  I need to be decisive rather than indecisive, and take action.

Thought is where every path begins.  Then you feel it out.  Then you act upon it.  As I am looking to show others my methods for walking one’s own paths in life, putting matters into practice are how I will take this to the next level.  That’s one of MY chosen paths.

What’s your Pathwalking in Practice plan?  What do YOU want?


This is the two-hundred sixty-sixth entry in my series. These weekly posts are ideas and my personal experiences in walking along the path of life.  I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.

Thank you for joining me.  Feel free to re-blog and share.

The first year of Pathwalking, including some expanded ideas, is available here.

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