Today is.  That’s all, today is a day.

The question is, what will you make of today?  How will you treat today differently from how you treated yesterday and how you will treat tomorrow?

As we enter into the new year, and we prepare to celebrate the transition from the one to the other, we should all take a moment to consider what last year wrought, both good and bad, and what we might want for next year.


This past year was, for many, deeply depressing.  Too many popular celebrities left us too soon, we experienced an utterly distressing election, and have watched a world stage grow increasingly disturbing and more and more uncertain.  But beyond those big-picture matters, 2016 was a year like any other, full of personal ups and downs, wins and losses, good, bad and otherwise.

What do you want for the new year?  I know we all have concerns, fears, and interests in the coming year.  But if consciousness creates reality, then we need to find good things for ourselves, first in the today, then for tomorrow.

There are only three questions we need to ask ourselves to start better consciously creating our reality.

Question one: How are you feeling?  Asking this awakens your awareness, and lets you assume control over your thoughts and emotions.  Question two: What am I grateful for?  Finding things, no matter their size or shape, for which to express gratitude will put you in a more positive mindset, and help further your awareness about how you are feeling.  Question three: What do I want for the new year?  Not the bad things you DON’T want, do not give them any additional focus or attention – examine those things which you DO want.  The things that will help you to live the best life you can.

Today is.  What today is is wholly yours to determine.  You, and you alone, can create your life, and this is an opportunity to create one that is what you want.  New Year’s Eve brings out resolutions in many to improve their lives – but I would suggest we take this chance to instead look closely at the day, and not just make a resolution to do some thing or other next year – but instead find the awareness of TODAY, of this moment, and use that to start off the new year with the most positive emotional ammunition we can horde for a better year.

Happy New Year to one and all!